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Every Month Manufactures 15,000,000 Rolls of PBT Bandage
Strict Control System From Raw Material to Finished Bandages

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Best Price PBT Bandage Manufacturer

STE has a one-stop production system of raw material for PBT bandages and finished products with packing, which makes our cost much better than other suppliers.

We focus on only PBT bandages, we’re one of the best PBT bandage manufacturers in China. 80% raw material from a bandage is produced by our own factory. You can see the production in our factory and you can get good price STE bandages.

Let’s talk about your purchase plan for elastic bandages.

Elastic PBT Bandage

STE has an exclusive technology to improve the elasticity of filament and produce softer and denser yarn. Our elasticity can be 1:1.9 ~ 1:1.23. Our PBT bandages have better elasticity, but less cost. We still keep improving our machines and manufacture the best elastic bandages.

Medical Wound Care Bandage

High-quality bandages protect elbow, knee, ankle, foot for any medical wound care service. It clings to itself and suits difficult-to-dress body contours. STE bandages are prepared for sports, outdoor activities, traveling, hiking, or other emergency conditions.

First Aid Bandage

The bandage is a must for first aid kits in the office, home, or vehicle. The premium quality PBT bandage is packed in a polybag which ensures a very long lifetime. STE first aid bandage roll is very compact and saves space for the first aid kit. 50,000 stocks of PBT bandages are available at any time.

Custom Size PBT Bandage

Variety sizes cover all your needs from 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm, or any custom width. STE can ensure the accuracy within ±0.3cm in width. Length can be 3 yards, 4 yards, 3 / 4 / 5m within 5% accuracy. We make the roll dia. as compact as possible for easy storage.

Crepe Bandage

The latex-free crepe bandages have a width from 5cm to 20cm, and there’s a different weight for your choice, 65 / 75 / 85gsm for different applications. The length can be as long as 20 meters as per the customer’s requirement. We can add the blue or red line in the crepe bandage which helps to distinguish between different specifications.

Custom Packaging Bandage

When you have a large number of bandages, we can custom the packaging for each bandage, candy poly bag, poly bag with designed printing, color box, etc. If you have your own packaging machine, we can provide semi-finished bandages in a large plastic bag. All bandages are well protected against moisture.

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STE – Your Professional PBT Bandage Manufacturer

PBT bandages are low-cost, but we spend a lot of money on technology improvement. That’s why we can manufacture high-quality bandages at a lower cost than other bandage suppliers.


There’s a 5-engineer team to improve the quality of the bandage based on the last version. Every year we inspected our 200 webbing machines, 3 texturing machines, and 7 warping machines and improve them, it helps us increase production efficiency per day and lower our cost.


Focusing on PBT bandages, we are manufacturing the raw material by ourselves. You can trust us and buy our premium quality bandages at a very competitive price. We do our best in the bandage industry and hope we could become one of the largest PBT bandage manufacturers in China.


Any bandages request, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we could offer you a one-stop solution for your bandage business.

  • One-stop manufacture system from the filament to weave
  • Large production capacity 15 million rolls each month
  • ISO13485, FDA, CE approved
  • Super-fast delivery time, within 7 days.
  • Exclusive technology to produce the best bandages

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