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As a leading bungee cord supplier, all our bungee cord products are GS TUV approved. Every STE bungee cord is made of high-grade rubber. You don’t worry about the quality and you will have a warranty. We manufacture 3 x stronger and 4 x stronger tensile force elastic cords to give you extra safety.

With the precision manufacturing of steel or plastic hooks, STE bungee cords provide extra higher breaking strength than those bungee cords from the market. Our elastic cords are 3 times stronger to meet the GS standard.

Bungee Cord Set

A variety of size, from 10” to 40”

Flat Bungee Cord

4 x stronger tensile force

Bulk Bungee Cord

Cut any size & Includes a reel

Heavy Duty Bungee Cord

Max. 12mm thick cords

Bungee Cargo Net

All sizes fit full-size Pickups, motorcycle, trailer

Carabiner Bungee Cargo

Easy to connect the anchor point

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STE – On-time Delivery Bungee Cord Manufacturer

There’s plenty of use for the shock cords, it has a large volume of sales and you need a manufacturer who can produce more quantity than you expected. STE bungee cord manufacturer owns 70 automatic machines in two locations. Each machine can produce 10,000 meters of webbing per day. STE can meet any of your order requests, no matter you need us to custom the braid color, length, or thickness. We can ensure on-time delivery for your urgent orders.

Besides, STE has strict production management from raw material purchasing to finished product inspection. Every STE elastic cord is made of high-quality material. And, we applied for the GS certificate to ensure the best quality.

  • Premium quality rubber core
  • Anti UV ray braid construction
  • Super-strong steel hook
  • Variety of size for your choice
  • Visible color cords for easy selection

STE Bungee Cord

You’d never guess one car accessory product has so many sorts of functions. Bungee cord is one of them. It is a necessary product for cargo management on vehicles. Good elasticity can be used as a stretch rope to tie up anything.

STE is one of the best bungee cord manufacturers in China. We produce high-quality bungee cords, rubber cores, steel or PP coated hooks, stampings. It looks like a simple item, but it is not so simple in production. We are the professional supplier you’re going to buy bungee cords.

You can use the bungee cords to fix the cargo on motorcycles, truck beds or trailers, boats. For outdoor use, you can use elastic cords to secure the tent when camping.

You can use it to protect the trees in your garden against Tornado weather

Bungee Cord | The Complete FAQ Guide

In this article, you will learn everything you want to know about bungee cords before buying them.

This FAQ guide will cover the definition, price, applications, sizes, styles, hooks kinds, stretchability limits, and many other aspects of bungee cords.

Let us learn in detail below about bungee cords;


   ✔  What is a bungee cord?
   ✔  What are the applications of bungee cord?
   ✔  Are bungee cords waterproof?
   ✔  Are bungee cords UV-resistant?
   ✔  How do I choose a bungee cord?
   ✔  How much do bungee cords cost?
   ✔  How do you connect bungee cords?
   ✔  How long does the bungee cord last?
   ✔  How much can a bungee cord stretch?
   ✔  How do adjustable bungee cords work?
   ✔  What is the best way to store bungee cords?
   ✔  How do you keep a bungee cord from fraying?
   ✔  Does the length of a bungee cord include the hooks?
   ✔  What are the manufacturing kinds of bungee products?
   ✔  What are the various styles of hooks for bungee cords?
   ✔  What are the standards of heavy-duty and light-duty STE bungee cords?
   ✔  What are HS codes of bungee cords?
   ✔  Can you customize your own bungee cords?
   ✔  How urgent can we deliver bungee cords for your emergency orders?
   ✔  Why choose STE bungee products over other local ones?


What Is A Bungee Cord?

A Bungee cord is also known as a “ shock cord” is simply an elastic rubber cord covered by nylon or cotton sheath. These cords can stretch to great lengths and absorb shocks.

Bungee cords are widely used for fastening and shock absorbing purposes due to their elasticity properties.

Bungee cords are used in homes, offices, camping, workplaces, and especially in vehicles to secure various objects.

Bungee cords come in various sizes, colors, shapes, styles, and many other features. They are very durable and can be used again and again under extreme environmental conditions.


What Are The Applications Of Bungee Cord?

You can use bungee cords for various applications to fast and secure objects due to their extraordinary elastic and durability properties.

A list of where you can use bungee cords is given below;

⦁ Yoga mat carrier
⦁ Hang paper towels
⦁ Use to fasten sleeping bags
⦁ Hand baby objects in your car
⦁ Secure grocery bags in the car
⦁ Secure large objects in the trunk
⦁ Secure dustbin bag in the dustbin
⦁ Use bungee cords to fasten shade sheets
⦁ Secure objects at the back of your truck bed
⦁ Secure trees and plants from extreme weather
⦁ Use bungee cords at a camping site to fasten a tent
⦁ Secure small dangerous or brittle objects in the vehicle
⦁ Can be used to fasten boxes or various objects in a boat
⦁ Can be used to secure different thing in racks in a storage area
⦁ Use bungee cords to temporary hold car parts after an accident
⦁ ½” inch marine-grade, UV-resistant shock cords are best for your boats in salty and freshwater


Are Bungee Cords Waterproof?

Yes, all bungee cords are made of synthetic or natural rubber, a naturally waterproof material.

You can continuously use bungee cords in extreme rains or muddy environments without any worry about them getting damaged.

Neither bungee cords, rubber strands, nor sheath will absorb any water.

But moisture can increase the deterioration of a frayed end. So it is necessary to fix the frayed end of your bungee cord in order to extend the lifespan of your bungee cord.

It is best to leave bungee cords in an open, airy environment for drying rather than stacking them up in a closed container.


Are Bungee Cords UV-Resistant?

Yes, bungee cords have a nylon or cotton sheath to protect the inner rubber from UV rays.

The sun rays contain UV light which can cause the inner to get brittle and crack easily.

So, all bungee cords sheaths are not only UV resistant but are also non-abrasive to withstand harsh conditions without any damage to the outer sheath surface.

All bungee cords are durable, and you can expect them to last for years with proper care.

How Do I Choose A Bungee Cord?

Bungee cords come in various styles, sizes, colors, load limits, and other features.

Also, the hooks on bungee cords come in various styles according to different needs.

Choosing a bungee cord is not rocket science. You just need to keep your needs in mind while selecting a bungee product.

It is best to buy mini bungee cords for securing small objects. In contrast, choose large size single bungee cords, arm bungee cords, or bungee cord nets to secure large objects in place.

Also, compare your required load capacity for heavy objects while choosing a heavy-duty bungee product for ensuring safety.

Choosing adjustable hooks coated with sturdy plastic coating is preferable if you want to use your bungee cord for various light uses.

How Much Do Bungee Cords Cost?

The price of a bungee cord depends upon the diameter, length, load capacity, elasticity, hook style, and a lot of other factors.

Heavy-duty bungee cords are more costly than light-duty bungee cords due to their diameter to load capacity properties and strong hook material.

Adjustable and carabiner hooks bungee cords are more costly than simple hooks bungee cords of the same quality.

Plus, bungee products with unique styles such as arm and net style are definitely more pricey than single-piece bungee cords.

The wholesale price of STE bungee products ranges between $5 to $50.


How Do You Connect Bungee Cords?

Bungee cords are not easy to connect together with simple knots because they are slippery due to rubber, and when they stretch, the knots can loosen easily.

It is best to use carabiner hooks to connect two or more bungee cords strongly.

It is advised not to cut and join bungee cords because the cut ends can be frayed easily and decrease the lifespan of bungee cords.

Using carabiner hooks can save your bungee cord from fraying, and the connection can remain in place without any worry of loosening or breaking.

How Long Does A Bungee Cord Last?

The bungee cord’s lifespan depends upon its material quality and usage conditions.

The bungee cords can last for up to 5 years if cared for properly.

STE bungee cords are made up of the best quality rubber and are covered with a protective sheath to protect the core rubber from abrasion, UV light, moisture, e.t.c.

Heat can cause the rubber to go brittle and crack, thus decreasing the lifespan of bungee products.

It is best to store the bungee products in a cool, unstretched environment and fix the fraying ends to increase the lifespan significantly.

Bungee cords are highly durable with excellent elasticity and tensile strengths to fulfil your everyday needs in fastening and securing different objects.

How Much Can A Bungee Cord Stretch?


Most Bungee cords can stretch double their length without breaking.

Bungee cords have excellent elastic and tensile properties. They can stretch without any permanent change in their length.

All STE bungee cords are 2 times stronger than GS standards to ensure your safety.

However, bungee cord’s stretchability can decrease with usage.

UV rays can cause the rubber to be brittle and lose its elasticity causing it to break without reaching its full stretching length limit.

All STE bungee products are UV-resistance, but storing bungee cords unstretched away from direct sunlight will surely help maintain rubber elasticity for years.

How Do Adjustable Bungee Cords Work?


Adjustable bungee cords come for both heavy-duty and light-duty purposes.

Adjustable bungee cords are equipped with special hooks from where you can change the usable length of the bungee cord.

Adjustable hooks come in various designs for different purposes.

It is very easy to adjust the required cord length; in most designs, you just need to pull the cord, fold it, and secure it in place.

Some heavy-duty cords also have a locking clip to secure the excess cord.

Adjustable bungee cords are beneficial in fastening the object tightly in the place. Also, you can use one bungee cord for different size objects because the adjustable bungee cord’s length can be changed to 1/10 of their total length.


What Is The Best Way To Store Bungee Cords?

Storing a bungee cord carefully not only avoids the tangling of cords but also increases the lifespan of cords.

You can use your bungee cord in any condition, either in extreme rains or intense sunny days. But storing them in a cool environment unstretched is necessary to save them from losing elasticity and getting brittle.

You can follow the below guidelines to store your bungee cords in a home or during trips;

⦁ Fold them in a specific pattern to avoid tangling
⦁ Store them away from direct sunlight
⦁ Keep them unstretched during storage to prevent permanent resizing
⦁ In a home, store them in an airy environment to prevent absorption of moisture.

You can use the following procedure to fold bungee cords fastly;

⦁ Untangle the cord completely
⦁ Hold both hooks in one hand
⦁ Circle the other end of the line over the hooks until only a small portion remains
⦁ Pass the remaining part of the cord from the eye and secure it



How Do You Keep A Bungee Cord From Fraying?

Fraying is the unravelling of a bungee cord, and it increases at a fast rate leaving your bungee cord useless.


Although when factories manufacture bungee cords, they are not frayed, cord ends weaken and start unravelling over time. Plus, most adjustable bungee cords come with plastic sleeves to prevent fraying.

You can use heat to stop the fraying of your bungee cord quickly. Cut the cord a bit and use fire from a lighter or burner to fix the fraying end.

Also, save your bungee cord from unnecessary moisture and sun rays to lessen the weakening of the cord overtime to delay fraying from happening as long as possible.

Fraying mostly happens in non-sleeve, and adjustable cords where ends are open are prone to damage.

Does The Length Of A Bungee Cord Include The Hooks?

Yes, all bungee cord’s total lengths are measured from the ends of the hooks.

It means if you are buying a 48″ long bungee cord, it will include the length of the bungee cord cable and the length of the hooks.

This is the standard when measuring bungee cords, and it is in practice worldwide.

What Are The Manufacturing Kinds Of Bungee Products?

STE produces its bungee products in many varieties for different uses.

The list of STE bungee products is given below;

⦁ Cargo Bungee Net
⦁ Arm Flex Web Bungee Cord
⦁ Single Piece Flat Bungee Cord
⦁ Single Piece Round Bungee Cord

Cargo Bungee Net: This is more advanced than arm bungee cord design. In this style, a lot of bungee cords are fixed in the form of a net. The size of the net in each section is adjustable. It is used to efficiently secure the cargo at the back of a vehicle, even small objects.

Arm Flex Web Bungee Cord: In this design of bungee cord product, various bungee cords are passed through a ring and folded. It is very useful to secure large size objects in their place on the back of a vehicle.

Single Piece Flat Bungee Cord: These cords have a flat surface instead of a round surface to provide more area for fastening and securing without cutting into the objects.

Single Piece Round Bungee Cord: These are the cords style which you can see everywhere. They are multi-purpose and can be used to fasten, hang, secure, shock-absorption, and many more purposes.


What Are The Various Styles Of Hooks For Bungee Cords?

The bungee cords come with various hook styles to satisfy different kinds of daily needs.

The most popular kind of hooks styles are given below;

⦁ Carabiners
⦁ Adjustable hooks
⦁ Heavy-Duty Hooks
⦁ Plastic Coated Hooks

Carabiners: These are the hooks with a lock mechanism. They are very useful for connecting a bungee cord to a part or connecting two or more bungee cords securely.

Adjustable Hooks: They are mostly made up of plastic. They are used to change the usable length of a cord to secure different size objects firmly in their place. With adjustable hooks, you can decrease the length of a bungee cord to 1/10 of its total length.

Heavy-Duty Hooks: These are mostly made of dichromate or stainless steel. These hooks are used only in pairs with heavy-duty bungee cords. Heavy-duty hooks are mostly non-coated, but they have a tip guard for safety.

Plastic Coated Hooks: Vinyl is mostly used to coat the metal hooks. They are used mostly for light-duty purposes. Plastic coating helps save metal hooks from moisture and sunlight, thus increasing the lifespan of the hooks.


All of these hooks come in all sizes and colors for various requirements.

What Are The Standards Of Heavy-Duty And Light-Duty STE Bungee Cords?

STE bungee cords come for both heavy and light purposes. Each of the cords has different load and extension properties according to diameters.

You can see the chart below to get an idea about light-duty bungee cord standards for “ LOAD to Give Extension OF “;



3 mm6 N8 N8 N10 N120%
4 mm8 N15 N15 N19 N120%
5mm15 N23 N23 N30 N120%
5.5 mm18 N27 N27 N39 N120%
6.5 mm26 N37 N37 N52 N120%
8 mm38 N54 N54 N79 N120%
9.5 mm55 N77 N77 N113 N120%
11 mm71 N103 N103 N152 N120%


You can see the chart below to get an idea about Heavy-duty bungee cord standards for “ LOAD to Give Extension OF “;



5 mm19 N30 N37 N51 N64 N104 %
6.5 mm39 N57 N75 N101 N129 N104 %
8 mm59 N87 N115 N151 N195 N104 %
9.5 mm79 N121 N169 N211 N279 N104 %
12.5 mm149 N211 N279 N371 N479 N104 %
16 mm239 N351 N459 N601 N499 N104 %
19 mm339 N501 N649 N851 N1099 N104 %
22 mm459 N661 N879 N1151 N1499 N104 %
26 mm639 N931 N1239 N1601 N2099 N104 %
28 mm739 N1081 N1424 N1851 N2424 N104 %
32 mm969 N1411 N1874 N2426 N3201 N104 %


What are the HS Codes of Bungee Cords?

HS code is a 6 to 10 digit code that is internationally accepted to determine duties on import products.

All STE bungee cords come with HS codes to determine the import duties on your specific bungee cords in your country.

We have contact in every government and will help you find duties on your bungee cord order.

The HS code of STE bungee cords is: HS CODE: 5604100000

Can You Customize Your Own Bungee Cords?

Yes, STE has two factories with over 70 automated machines to produce your bungee cords in any color, size, elasticity, design, and various features.

You can see the chart below to customize your own bungee cords according to your business or personal needs;

SpecificationsYour Requirements
Diameter⦁ 3 mm to 32 mm
⦁ Changeable
Let us Know
Surface Shape⦁ Round
⦁ Flat
Let us Know


⦁ 2 color pack
⦁ 3 color pack
⦁ 4 color pack
⦁ 5 color pack
⦁ Multi-color pack
Let us Know
Length⦁ 12” to 48”
⦁ More…
Let us Know
Hook Style⦁ Plastic Coated
⦁ Heavy-Duty
⦁ Adjustable
⦁ Carabiner
Let us Know
Design⦁ Single Cord
⦁ Cargo Net
⦁ Arm Style
Let us Know
Use⦁ Heavy-Duty Use
⦁ Light Use
Let us Know
Pack Set⦁ 1 piece
⦁ 2 piece
⦁ 3 piece
⦁ 5 piece
⦁ More…
Let us Know
Packing Medium⦁ Box
⦁ Plastic Bag
⦁ More…
Let us Know
Logo⦁ Your Logo on Hook
⦁ Your Logo on Cable
Let us Know
Other Features⦁ Color coded according to lengthLet us Know


How Urgent Can We Deliver Bungee Cords For Your Emergency Orders?

We at STE have 70 automated machines which can manufacture about 700,000 meters of webbing each day.

All of these machines can work 24/7, which decreases a lot of production costs.

Besides making time, which totally depends on your order volume, it took up to 30 days for shipment.

If you have an urgent order, you can inform us in advance, and we will improve our working moments to satisfy your deadline.

Why Choose STE Bungee Products Over Other Local Ones?

STE car microfiber towels have the following features, which makes them one of the best in the market;

⦁ Fray-proof
⦁ Waterproof
⦁ UV Resistant
⦁ Easily cleanable
⦁ Wholesale Price
⦁ Come in all colors
⦁ Have GS certificate
⦁ Last for up to 5 years
⦁ Do not scratch vehicle paint
⦁ Have no minimum order quantity
⦁ Are designed by the best engineers
⦁ Manufactured from best quality material
⦁ Come in fixed and adjustable length styles
⦁ High Elastic and tensile strength properties
⦁ Are inspected after every step of production
⦁ Defected pieces are rejected during production
⦁ Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
⦁ Are manufactured by 70 automated high standard machines
⦁ Have quickest production period, 700,000-meter webbing/ day
⦁ Come in various hook designs for light and heavy-duty purposes
⦁ We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need
⦁ Made up of high-quality rubber threads enclosed in a non-abrasive sheath

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