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STE car cover manufacturer produces the best price outdoor vehicle covers, with premium-quality workmanship. We have good control of the fabric material to make the cost lower. At the same time, we’re experienced in using the maximum fabric by accurately calculating the size of each part of a car cover. We save the materials and save the cost for you.

We manufacture universal fit outdoor car covers; you can trust STE as your best supplier in China.

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Variety of sizes S / M / XL / XXL

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Accurate size for your Pickup truck covers

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Universal fit motorcycles – max 108 inch

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Waterproof, dustproof outdoor bicycle cover

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PE plastic transparent car cover

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STE – Your Reliable Car Cover Manufacturer

If you are just entering the Car Cover industry and would like to find a China manufacturer, we’re a good choice to become your supplier.

As a leading car cover manufacturer in China, we know which material suits your market. If you buy the wrong material car cover, the complaints come to you very quickly because of broken car covers. The fabric material ages very soon in the areas of the hot region.

If you wholesale car covers for years, you must have the issue of late delivery. We have 100 experienced seamers and three sub-factories with 150 workers, that can ensure you on-time delivery. You won’t miss the sale season.

By the way, we are also professionals in car interior accessories like car mats, car seat covers, car steering wheel covers, and car sun shade. We can offer you a one-stop solution for all interior car accessories.

  • Choose the right fabric material of car cover
  • Last at least 2 year under the right command
  • Variety of sizes to fit most of your vehicles
  • Waterproof & dustproof
  • Always on-time delivery

STE Car Cover

All Kinds Of Car Covers

There’s a wide range of car covers for all the vehicles. So, which size to start first? STE will suggest you import universal-fit car covers, truck covers, and motorcycle covers.

They can fit most of the vehicles in the market, and the sale quantity is increasing every year.

The Best Price You Never Know.
Custom Car Cover with Small Quantity Order Acceptable.

Specific Fabric

Don’t buy a car cover if without knowing which fabric material suits your market. The car cover cloth is easy to get broken or aged if you don’t choose the right material.

There’re many materials like non-woven polyester, PP or PVC, PEVA + cotton, Dupont, etc. Also, they have different costs.

STE has manufactured hundreds of thousands of car covers all over the world. All these years we received the most complaints and all kinds of records. We not only improve the material case by case but also turn them into valuable lessons to make us professional in the market.

Outdoor or Indoor Car Covers

Whether your car sits outside or inside, it needs a suitable car cover. Even if it’s in the garage, it’s easy to get dusty in several months.

Of course, there are different types of outdoor or indoor car covers.

The outdoor covers, they’re mainly designed to prevent sunlight, rain, dirt, or debris. They are made of heavy-duty material to last for the whole summertime.

As it will be used very often, you should have to consider if the car body will be scratched when putting or taking off the car cover. Don’t worry, all STE car covers are scratchless. There’s soft cotton back to protect your car paint. But also noted that you should wash and dry your car first.

Universal or Custom-fit Car Cover

We produce a large number of car covers so that we can make the cost as affordable as all drivers can buy one for their vehicles. We mainly manufacture the universal-fit car covers with steady quality and quick delivery.

We also accept orders of custom-fit car covers as if you can offer the right measurements.

Car Cover | The Complete FAQ Guide

Car covers are one of the most used accessories in the world. In big cities, almost every car owner uses a car cover. Even most famous brand cars come with their own custom-fit covers.

Car covers market size is more than $650+ million and will increase a lot more in upcoming years.

In this article, you will learn about car covers benefits, prices, sizes, installation, cleaning, and many more.

Let us discuss car covers in detail:


   ✔  What is a car cover?
   ✔  Are car covers worth it?
   ✔  Do car covers fit all cars?
   ✔  Do car covers ruin paint?
   ✔  Can car covers be washed?
   ✔  Are car covers waterproof?
   ✔  How to use a car cover?
   ✔  How long do car covers last?
   ✔  What is the price of car covers?
   ✔  Will there be mirror pockets on the car cover?
   ✔  What is the function of a reflective tape and a zipper in a car cover?
   ✔  For what kind of vehicles do we manufacture covers?
   ✔  How to choose the right size cover for your car?
   ✔  Can you customize your own car covers?
   ✔  What are HS codes for car covers?
   ✔  How urgent can we deliver car covers for your emergency orders?
   ✔  Why choose STE car covers over other local ones?

What Is A Car Cover?

A car cover is simply a sheet of fabric precisely sewed to fit your car or a wide range of vehicles.

Car covers are used to protect vehicles from all kinds of natural and artificial elements, such as rain, sun, human accidents, and a lot more.

Car covers come for outdoor use or indoor use, or both. Car covers come in many sizes, colors, fabrics, safety features, and a lot more.

Car covers are essential if you want to maintain the look of your car scratchless and colorful, just like brand new.


Are Car Covers Worth It?

Yes, car covers are very beneficial to your car. A little investment in car covers can save you from a lot of repairing costs.

Below are some of the advantages of car covers;

⦁ Car covers save your car from scratches
⦁ Car covers keep your car clean and presentable
⦁ Car covers protect your car paint from dust and dirt
⦁ Car covers save a lot of hours while cleaning snow off your car
⦁ Breathable car covers keep your car cool in a garage and direct sunlight
⦁ Outdoor car covers keep your car rust-free because they are water-proof
⦁ Car covers save your vehicle from liquid spills, rain, frost, moisture, dew drops, e.t.c.
⦁ Breathable car covers avoid mildew and fungus growth by allowing moisture to escape
⦁ Outdoor car covers are UV-resistant and prevent the fading of car paint, upholstery color, e.t.c.
⦁ Car covers save your car paint from biological elements such as bird drops, acid rains, tree saps, bird nestings, e.t.c

Do Car Covers Fit All Cars?

Car covers come both in two fittings;

⦁ Universal fit car covers
⦁ Custom-fit car covers

Universal fit car covers: Universal fit car covers are sewed for a wide range of cars. They can fit almost any company car model and year. Although, universal fit car covers do not fit precisely on your vehicle and may not have mirror pockets. But they fit enough to keep away rain, dust, dirt, e.t.c. Universal fit covers come for all kinds of vehicles such as cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, cycles, e.t.c. They come in all sorts of fabrics. Universal fit car covers are way cheaper than custom-fit car covers.


Custom-fit car covers: Custom-fit car covers are sewed specially for your particular car by keeping every corner and angle in mind. They can also be customized for your unique modified vehicle shape. Custom-fit car covers fit your vehicle like a glove on a hand and hold their position better than universal fit car covers. They are sewed from cheap to expensive fabrics according to customer needs. Custom-fit car covers also come with stretchability, mirror pockets, and a lot of other features. They come in both outdoor and indoor options. Custom-fit car covers are more expensive than universal fit car covers.



Do Car Covers Ruin Paint?

No, car covers do not ruin car paints as long as you use them with precautions. Most famous brands such as Tesla, Audi, e.t.c, offer free covers with their vehicles.


Most car covers have a cotton fleece lining on the inside that is non-abrasive and can slide over your car paint without scratching it.

Car covers can also ruin your car paint if you put a clean car cover on a dirty car or a dirty cover on a clean car, e.t.c.

The dust, dirt, waste, e.t.c trap underneath the car cover can scratch the paint whenever it is moved. So, it is vital to clean both your car and cover before putting the cover on the car. Also, buy a cover that fits your vehicle as precisely as possible to prevent unnecessary movements, especially in a windy environment.

Moisture trapped beneath a car cover can also do a lot of damage to your car. It can cause rusting, mildew growth, fungus growth, and a lot more damages to your vehicle. So, always buy a breathable car cover that allows the moisture to evaporate and keep your car dry and healthy.

Car covers with grommets keep your cover in place and on the car, especially in high winds, to avoid scratches on your car paint. But metal grommets may help themselves scratch car paint. So, it is best to buy rubber grommets car covers.

Overall, car covers are safe to use and save a lot of repairing and cleaning costs that may happen due to UV rays, rain, dust, mildew, e.t.c. You can put a car cover on and off without any worry of ruining your paint with it.


Can Car Covers Be Washed?

Yes, car covers are hand washable and can also be machine washable in most cases.

For hand washing of car covers:

⦁ Put the cover on the car
⦁ Use water to clean
⦁ Scrub with detergent
⦁ Invert the cover if needed
⦁ Let it air dry

Put the cover on the car: Place the cover on your vehicle. Stretch the cover to ensure all of its sides are exposed completely.

Use water to clean: Use a bucket or a hose to rinse the cover with cold water. If you are using a bucket, put a mild detergent in it. Keep the settings of the hose on gently to avoid ripping the cover with water pressure.

Scrub with detergent: Prepare a mild detergent solution ( bleach-free) and cold water in a bucket. Use a foam kind of sponge and soak it in the bucket. Now, gently rub the sponge on the cover to remove dirt, stains, e.t.c. Ensure that you clean the whole surface with a sponge. At last, rinse the cover with water again.

Invert the cover if needed: If you want to clean the underside of the car cover, then invert it and repeat the above steps. However, if your car cover is made up of fleece on the inside, then avoid washing from inside.

Let it air dry: Do not let it dry on the car because it can increase rust on your vehicle. It is best to air dry it on a line or something else for 4 to 5 hours.



For Machine Washing:

Most car covers are machine washable but always check manufacturer recommendations to avoid any damage.


See the below guidelines for proper washing in a machine:

⦁ Fill the machine with water
⦁ Put detergent in it
⦁ Set the wash cycle setting
⦁ Extra Rinsing
⦁ Drying

Fill the machine with water: Fill the washing machine with cold water to avoid damaging a car cover with hot water.

Put detergent in it: Put a mild detergent ( bleach-free) in the cold water and fully dissolved it before putting the car cover in. Do not use a softener or car cover will lose its water-resistant properties.

Set the wash cycle setting: Set the machine on a gentle wash to avoid any ripping or other damage to the car cover.

Extra Rinsing: Give an extra rinse cycle to remove all the detergent from a car cover.

Drying: Only dry a car cover in a machine dryer if the manufacturer recommends it. Otherwise, let it air dry on a line or something else for 4 to 5 hours. Do not dry the cover on your vehicle to avoid rusting of metal.

Are Car Covers Waterproof?

Yes and no. There are two kinds of covers in the market;

⦁ Indoor car covers
⦁ Outdoor car covers

Indoor car covers: As there is no rain in the garage, indoor car covers are designed not to be 100% waterproof. But they are water-resistant to keep cars safe from accidental spills. In the garage, moisture trapped beneath the vehicle can cause rust and mildew growth. So, indoor car covers are designed to be more breathable to allow moisture to escape. They keep your car safe from dust, dirt, accidental scratches, e.t.c in the garage. They are mostly made from a thin stretchable material and are not UV-resistant.

Outdoor car covers: There are many agents in the open environment which can damage your cars, such as rain, UV-rays, frost, dew drops, animals, tree saps, dust, dirt, and many more. So, outdoor car covers are mostly 100% waterproof as well as breathable. They are made from thick, durable material to avoid harsh environmental conditions.


How To Use A Car Cover?

Installing and getting off a car cover is a very easy process.

For Installation:

Identify the front side: Most vehicle covers have a front side marked on them. Identify the front side.

Place on the front Side: Place the cover under the front bumper.

Side mirror pockets: If your cover has pockets for side mirrors, then first install a cover on side mirrors before securing the cover beneath the rear bumper.

Place cover from the rear side: Now place the cover under the rear bumper and, using webbing straps, firmly secure the cover from the front and back sides.

Grommets: Pass ropes from grommets ( if available ) to secure a cover firmly, especially in windy conditions.

For Removing:

Unsecure all straps and ropes: First of all, un-secure all webbing straps of the cover as well as all ropes from grommets.

Fold the cover from sides: Now fold the cover from sides onto the top of a vehicle in 2 feet lengths.

Fold the cover from the front: Now fold the cover from the front to the back in 3-feet or fewer lengths.

Put the cover in the bag: Now put the cover in the bag and place it in the car back.

How Long Do Car Covers Last?

Depending on the lifespan, car covers come in two kinds

⦁ Disposable car covers
⦁ Long-term car covers

Disposable car covers: If you do not like washing and only need a car cover to save it for a short period of time from rain, dust, e.t.c, then disposable car covers are for you. But they do not give protection against sun rays. Disposable car covers are cheaper than long-term car covers. They are mostly made up of plastic and are mostly transparent. Use can only use a disposable car cover for 1 time or a few times.

Long-term car covers: Long-term car covers are made from fabrics that protect against almost all environmental conditions such as rain, dust, UV-rays, animals, snow, and many more. Long-term car covers are more costly than disposable car covers, but they can last for a minimum of 2 years.


What Is The Price Of Car Covers?

The price of a car cover depends upon the features of fabric as well as on sewing methods.

Universal car covers are cheaper than custom-fit car covers.

Car covers made from synthetic fabrics are cheaper than covers made from natural materials, especially silk.

All STE vehicle covers are made from premium materials by 250 workers on advanced machines to lower the cost of production.

The price of STE vehicle covers ranges from $10 ~ $50



Will There Be Mirror Pockets On The Car Cover?

Mirror pockets do not come with all vehicle covers.

Most universal car covers do not have mirror pockets because they are made for a range of cars, and different cars have their side mirrors at different distances.

We offer mirror pockets if you want to with any car cover if you want to.

Mirror pockets add a little more cost to the cover, but they can make the cover fit more perfectly on your car and avoid scratches due to unnecessary movements.


What Is The Function Of A Reflective Tape And A Zipper In A Car Cover?

Reflective tape is a simple strip on your cover front, back, corners, and mirrors.

During the night, it bounces backlight from whoever is passing near your car and saves your car from accidents. It is a very cheap modification in car covers compared to the costs of expensive repairs from accidents.

Sometimes you need to get something from your car or just want to sleep in it, but it is challenging to get in or out of the vehicle with the cover still on.

So, a zipper is given on the driver’s side to get into or out of the car without pulling the whole cover off your vehicle. Just unzip the zipper, and get into or out of the car, and zip it again.

For What Kind Of Vehicles Do We Manufacture Covers?

STE vehicle covers come in many sizes to fit all kinds of vehicles. All of these covers can be customized for indoor use or outdoor use, or both.

The various sizes of STE vehicle covers are given below:

⦁ RV covers
⦁ Car Covers
⦁ Truck Covers
⦁ Bicycle Covers
⦁ Motorcycle Covers

RV Covers: RVs are one of the giant vehicles when it comes to covering them. We can sew covers for RVs in any size and fabrics according to user needs.

Car Covers: These covers are most common and come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes for universal fittings. They can also be customized to a specific car.

Truck Covers: These covers are also common and come in both universal and custom fittings.

Bicycle Covers: These are waterproof and dustproof. They are cheaper than other covers overall.

Motorcycle covers: STE produces motorcycle covers for a maximum of 108-inch size. We can also make other sizes if required by the customer.

How To Choose The Right Size Cover For Your Car?

You can choose the right size cover for your vehicle by finding your vehicle in the chart below. If your vehicle is not mentioned in the chart, you can simply measure from bumper to bumper and choose the right size cover.

You can also contact us if your vehicle is modified or you want covers for vehicles other than cars.

S( Up to 13’1” )M(13’2” – 14’2”)L(14’3” – 16’8”)XL(16’8” – 17’6”)XXL(17’7” – 19’2”)
AcuraIntegra, Legend, Vigar, CL, NSX, RL, RSX,TL,TSX
Alfa Romeo1600 Coupe, 147 GTA, Alfetta,
GTV & Spider,
Sprint Veloce
2000, 2600, 164, 166, 156 GTA, Alfa GT, Sport Sedan, Berlina
AMC/ RenaultLeCar/RSAlliance & Alpine, Eagle SX/4, Encore & Fuego, GTA & Gremlin, Pacer, R8, R10 & 18i, Spirit & Spirit AMXCaravelle, Concord, Eagle, Hornet, Javelin/ AMX, Marlin & Medallion, All othersAmbassador & MatadorRambler
Aston MartinRoadster 60 – 65,
V8 Vantage, V12
D89, DBS, Rapide, V12 Vanquish, VirageLagonda Sedan
AudiCabriolet, Fox, TT, A3, TTSA4, A5, A6,R8, RS4, S4, All OthersA8, RS-6
AustinCooper & 850 SED, Healy, Sprite & MiniAmericaMarina
AvantiAll Cars
BentleyM1, Z1, Z3, M 00, 1600, 507, 2001, 2002, Z4,
Z8 00- 01
Alpina Roadster1 Series,
3 Series,
Alpina B- 7, 5, 6, 7 and
8 Series, Bavaria and 3.0, M3, M5, M6
BricklinAll Cars
BugattiAll OthersSports Saloon, Veyron
BuickCentury 78-06, Electra & Park Eve 85 – 90, LaCrosse, LeSabre 86-91, Reatta,
Regal 88-12, Riviera 86-94, Skyhawk, Verano, Skylark, Somerset, Ultra, Verano Sedan
Century 75-77, LeSabre 77-85, 92-02,
Lucerne, Park Ave 91-06,
Regal 73-87,
Riviera 63-65, Riviera 77-85, Riviera 95-99, Roadmaster, Skylark 64-72
Electra 69, Electra & Park Eve 77-84, LeSabre 59-76, Riviera 71-76
CadillacAllante, Catera, Cimarron, Eldorado 86-03, XLR/XLR-VCTS, CTS-V, DTS,
Luxury I, II, III and Performance, Eldorado 79-85, Seville/ STS/STS-V / SLS, Touring Sedan
Deville & Fleetwood, Eldorado 64-78,
All other models before 86
CheckerAll Cars
ChevroletSpark, SprintAvero, Cavalier, Chevette, Citation, Nova 80-90, Spectrum, Vega, All OthersBaretta & Camaro, Cavalier 91-06, Celebrity, Chevelle, Malibu 78-11, Chevy II, Cobalt, Corsica, Corvair, LS, LT, 5S, Corvette, Cruze, Impala- 2011, Lumina & Monza, Monte Carlo 00-04, Nova 68-79, SonicCaprice 76-96, Chevelle & Malibu 64-77, Impala 77-10, Laguna 75, Monte Carlo 77-88, Monte Carlo SS Coup 87-05/ Monte Carlo SS 83-05Caprice 65-75, El Camino, Impala 60-76
FerrariDino246, 348, 308, 328, 365, GTO360, 575, All Others
Honda600, CRX, CVCC, Del Sol,Accord-hatchback, Civic, Hx, Prelude 79-89, S-2000,Accord All other years, Civic 99-09, Prelude 90-01
ToyotaCorolla 80-97, Corona, Echo, GT, MR2, Paseo & TercelCamry, Corolla 98-10 & Celica, Cressida, Crown, Prius, Solara, Supra & All OthersAvalon
LamborghiniGallardo, All OthersDiablo, Espada, 400 GT, Murcielago, Reventon, Aventador
ChryslerCrossfire300M (99-04), 300-LX, Cirrus, Eagle, Fifth Ave. 90-97, Landau, Lase & Medallion, New Yorker 85-93, Sebring, TC/Maserati200 Coupe/Convertible, 300M-05 and up, 300LX, Concorde, Cordoba, Fifth Ave. All others Years, LeBaron 77-79, LHS/300, New Yorker 94-97, Sebring 1997Imperial, Newport, New Yorker All Others Years
Citroen5M MAserati GTAll Others
DaewooLanosLeganza, Nubira
DaihatsuCharde CSX
DaimlerSP-250 Roadster
DeLoreanAll Cars
DeTamasoMangusta, Pantera 71-72 & 81-89Pantera 73-74
Diamond StarAll Cars
DodgeCharger 82-87, Colt, Conquest & CSX, Shadow400, 600, Aries, Aspen & Avenger, Challenger, daytona, Dynasty & Lancer, Monaco 90-92, Neon & Omni, Shelby, Spirit, Stealth & Stratus ViperSiplomat, Interpid, MiradaCharger All Others Years, Monaco, Royal Mon, All Others Years, St. Regis
Summit & TalonMedallion & PremierVision
English FordAnglia & Cortina
FiatAll OthersBrava of Strada, Spider 2000
FordAspireEscort & EXP, Focus 01-06, Pinto, Thunderbird 55-57Contour, Escort 2X2, Fairmont, Fiesta & Fetiva, Focus 07-12, Fusion, Granada 2 Door, Maverick, Mustang, Shelby GT500 60-70 & 74-09 & 11-12, Probe, Tempo & TaurusThunderbird 83 & 85-97 & 02-05Fastback, Five Hundred, Granada 4 Door & Futura, Mustang 71-73, 2007 Mustang Roush, Ranchero, Thunderbird 77-82 & 84
GeoMetro-2 doorMetro – 4 door, Prizm & Storm
HyundaiAccent, All OthersAzera, Sonata & Elantra, Genesis, Equus, XG300 & XG350, Tiburon
InfinitiQ45, M30, M35, M37, M56, J30, I30t, G20, G35 & I35, G37, G, M
IsuzuAll Cars
JaguarXKE All Others Years & D Type, XK Coupe, XK Convertible, 120, 140XF, XKE 72-74, XKE 2 + 2, XK 150, XJS, All Sedans, XK-8, XKR, S-Type, X-Type, Mark IIMKX, XJR, XJ Sedan, XJXJL
JensenHealeyInterceptor & FF
KiaRio, Sephia, All OthersAmanti, Cadenza, Forte, SpectraOptima
LanciaAll Cars
LexusGS, ES. IS250, IS350, GS450h, GS460, HS250h, ISF, SC430, SC400, LFALS SERIES
LincolnLS, Zephyr, MKZContinental 88-03, MKS, MK VII, LSC & VersaillesMark V & Continental 62-82, Town Car, MK III, VI & VIII, MK IV
LotusElan, Elise, Europa, & Sport Elite, ExigeAll OthersEsprit Turbo w/ wing, Evora
MaseratiBoraBI Turbo, Coupe, SpyderQuattroporte, All others
Maybach5762, Landaulet
MazdaMiata All Others Years, R100Miata 05-09, Familia, MX3 & 323, RX2, RX3, RX7, RX8, GLCCosmo, 626, & 929, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, MX6 & Millenia & Protege
Mercedes-Benz190SL, 230SL, 250SL, SLK Roadter & SLK Class240 D Class, C-Class, E-Class, CLK Class, Cl CLass, CSL Class, SL Class, SLS AMG R, CLA, CLS280S, 280SE, 300SD, 300SDL, 300SE, 300SEL, 350SD, 350SDL, 380SE, 380SEL, 400SE, 400SEL, 420SEL, 450SE, 500SEL, 560SEL, 600SEL, S320, S350, S-Class
MercuryBobcat, Capri 91-95, Cornet, ZephyrCapri 79-90, Cougar 99-03, Merkur & Merkur Scorpio, Milan, Mystique & Monarch, Sable, TracerCougar 67, 73-98, LN-7 & Lynx, MarquisGrand marquis, Marauder, Meteor 63, Montego, Monterey (64-74)
MGAll OthersMGB Roadster w/ spoiler, MGC Roadster w/ spoiler
MiniAll Cars
MitsubishiMirage & Precis, All OthersConquest, Cordia, 3000GT, Diamante, Galant, Lancer, Lancer Evolution, Eclipse 00-07, Eclipse Spyder, Eclipse 97, Mirage w/ spoiler, Tredia & Starion
MorganAll Cars
Nissan/DatsunPulsar & Roadster360Z, 350Z, 370Z, All Others240SX, 260Z 2+2, 280Z 2+2, 300ZX, GTR, Altima, Stanza, Sentra & Maxima,Versa 06-08 (not hatchback)
OldsmobileAchieva, Calais, Alero, Ciera & Omega, Cutlass All Others Years, Intrigue, Ninety-eight 85-90, Regency, Toronado 86-92 & Trofeo 86-95Aurora, Bonneville 77-06, Cutlass 64-77, Delta 88 77-99, Ninety-eight 91-97, Toronado 66-83Delta & Firenza, Newport, Ninety-eight 49-84, Starfire
OpelGT, Manta & IsuzuAll Others
PeugeotAll Cars
PlymouthChamp & Colt & Arrow, Conquest & Cricket, Duster 92-95, Horizon & Horizon America, Laser, Neon & Prowler, SundanceAcclaim & Breeze, barracuda & Caravelle, Duster All Others Years, Reliant & Scamp, Sapporo, Turismo & VolareFury, GTX 1970, Roadrunner 71-75Gran Fury, Roadrunner 68-70, Satellite
PontiacAstre, Fiero, Solctice, LeMans 83-95Firebird Trans Am, Grand Am, G8, G6, G5, Grand Prix all Others Years, GTO 2004-2006, LeMans 78-82, Phoenix, Sunbird & Ventura, SunfireBonneville, Grand Prix 63-77, LeMans 67-77Grandville/GTO All Others Years, Parieienne
Porsche356 & 914911, all Others928, Boxster, Carrera, Cayman, 911 w/ whale tail, Panamera
Rolls RoycePhantomAll Others
RoverAll Cars
SoabSonnetSeries 9-2, 9-3, 9-5, 9-6, All Others
SaturnSkyAura, Saturn, ION, SL2
SterlingAll Cars
StudebakerAvante Coupe-82, Avanti-63-05
SubaruJustyImpreza, Legacy, Outback Sedan, All Others
SunbeamAlpine, Aroow & TigerGazelle
SuzukiSwiftEsteem sedanAerio, Forenza, Verona, Reno, SX4, Kizashi, All Others
TriumphTR4 67, All OthersTR6 75-76Stag
VolkswagenBeetle 46-79 & CabrioletBeetle 98-14, Corrodo, Dasher & Fox, Golf, GTI and GL Series, Rabbit & Scirocco & CabrioPassat All Others Years, Phaeton, Quantum, CC, Eos, GLI, Jetta & Karmen Ghia2013-2014 Passat
VolvoC30, 480ES & P18007 series, 60 series, and 70 series, 240, 740, 850, 940, 980, C70, 540, 560, 570, 580, 590
YugoAll Cars


Can You Customize Your Own Vehicle Covers?

Yes, STE is the original manufacturer of many brands in the market. We at STE have 250 workers and 3 sub-factories to customize your vehicle covers according to your needs.

You can see the chart below to customize your own vehicle cover;

STE SpecificationsYour Requirements
Material⦁ Silk
⦁ Dupont
⦁ Polyester
⦁ Polypropylene
⦁ PEVA + Cotton
⦁ Weathershield
⦁ More…
Let us know
Color⦁ Red
⦁ Grey
⦁ Navy
⦁ Black
⦁ White
⦁ Green
⦁ Yellow
⦁ Orange
⦁ Any Combination
⦁ More…
Let us know
Inside Lining⦁ Fleece
⦁ Standard
⦁ More…
Let us know
Logo⦁ Printed
⦁ Embroidery
⦁ More…
Let us know
Size⦁ Universal fitting
⦁ Custom fitting
Let us know
Additional Features⦁ Grommets
⦁ Elastic ends
⦁ Stretchability
⦁ Mirror Pockets
⦁ Webbing straps
⦁ Driver Side Zipper
⦁ Reflective Tape for safety during Night
⦁ More..
Let us know

What Are HS Codes For Car Covers?

All STE vehicle covers come with specific HS codes.

HS codes are 6 to 10 digit long codes used to determine the import duties on your specific vehicle covers in your particular country.

Import duties are different for each country and vary constantly.

We have shipped our covers to many countries and will help you find custom duties on your unique vehicle covers in your country.

HS codes for STE vehicle covers are: 6307900090 or 3926909090

How Urgent Can We Deliver Car Covers For Your Emergency Orders?

We at STE have 3 sub factories with 100 skilled seamers and 150 different skilled workers to manufacture any vehicle cover design.

We have the fastest production time and can sew 60,000 plus car covers per month.

We also have a custom logo option on the vehicle covers.

You can customize your car cover into your fashion and color, and we will send you a sample in 7 days for checking.

Then after that, the making time of your order depends on order volume.

Besides making time, it consumes up to 30 days for cargo. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, freighting may take a longer time.

If you have an urgent order, let us know beforehand, we can increase our working moments and meet your order deadline.

Why Choose STE Car Covers Over Other Local Ones?

STE car covers have the following features, which makes them one of the best in the market;

⦁ Breathable
⦁ Easy to install
⦁ Budget-Friendly
⦁ Come in all colors
⦁ Easy to clean and wash
⦁ Soft scratch-proof bottom
⦁ Can fit on the car properly
⦁ Double-needle sewing at seams
⦁ Outdoor covers are UV-resistant
⦁ Have no minimum order quantity
⦁ Waterproof except indoor car covers
⦁ Have elastic ends and webbing straps
⦁ Manufactured from best quality material
⦁ Come in customizable ergonomic designs
⦁ Are manufactured by 250 skilled workers
⦁ Fewer seams to make it more water-proof
⦁ Are inspected after every step of production
⦁ Do not curl or crack at extreme temperatures
⦁ Come in both universal and custom fit options
⦁ Defected pieces are rejected during production
⦁ Have quickest production period, 60,000 / month
⦁ Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
⦁ We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need
⦁ Custom-fit covers are made by measuring every angle and corner of a particular vehicle

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