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150W High Power Car Heater Manufacturer

2 in 1 car heater & fan is a useful automotive tool. It delivers the heat immediately when plugging in the 12V cigarette lighter. With the 150W high-power ceramic, it is easy to defog and defrost in the winter season.

The temperature from a high-power car heater can reach 80 degrees. We use thick copper cords and a professional cigarette lighter. It can be bellowing hot air continuously all the time.

You can get the right answer from STE, a professional car heater manufacturer.

12V Car Heater

Easy to use the electric car heater, just plug in the 12V / 24V vehicle cigarette lighter and turn on the switch. The working current is small, but delivers heat continuously, without any damage to your car battery. With the base, it mounts onto the car dashboard and blows to the windshield.

Auto Heater Fan

2 in 1 car heater fan is a useful car accessory. With the heating function, you can defog, defrost the windscreen in seconds in cold winter. With the fan function, it blows out cooling wind in the driver’s direction.

Portable Car Heater

It equips an ergonomic handle and you can carry the portable heater anywhere. The handle is foldable into the body to a compact size. The mini-size body won’t block the driver’s sight and ensure you safe driving in the winter season. Also, you can use the portable car heater as a hairdryer.

Ceramic Car Heater

With the premium quality ceramic, our car heater can deliver warm air quickly and blow out the air where it needs. The temperature at the outlet can reach 80 degrees, it can reduce the glass fog in seconds. The ceramic material is durable and it has a long-year warranty.

150W 300W Car Heater

The rated 12 V 150W and 24V 300W high power car heaters have really fast heating after plugging in the cigarette lighter socket. In 3 seconds, there comes out the hot air and it defrosts the windscreen immediately. It’s a necessary winter car accessory.

LED Light Car Heater

When comes to a cold winter night, you need an extra function of the LED light. You can see the defrosting process. When in an emergency, it can be used as a torch since it has a foldable handle. With the long cord, you can reach anywhere from the windshield to the rear seat.

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STE – Your Professional Car Heater Manufacturer

STE car heater manufacturer is established in 2009 in Zhejiang. We’re one of the largest factories to produce all kinds of auto heaters, car fans.

Our manufacturer is certified with BSCI, Sedex, and ISO9000, our car heaters can meet customer requirements like CE, RoHS, CA65, etc

With an area of 500 m² workshops, there’re 5 auto lines and 50 skilled workers. We can produce daily 2,000 units daily for each line, and the max production capacity is 300,000 units per month. We have the ability to manufacture your promotion orders in large quantities since it’s a seasonal product. We can ensure you the on-time lead time.

Also, we have rich experience in OEM & ODM service. STE can custom the car heaters with your logo, color, and design.

We go ahead and keep developing new models every year. If you have a good idea, we can help you make it a real product in weeks.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for a car heater manufacturer. STE is your best reliable option in China.

  • Factory audit for Europe and USA market
  • CE, RoHS, CA65 certificate available
  • Large & organized workshop
  • 30 days fast delivery
  • 2 years warranty

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