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100% odor-free car floor mats.
You can get a guarantee of real Odorless Car Mats from STE because we only manufacture odorless car mats.

Car Mat Manufacturer workshop

22 Years Car Floor Mat Manufacturers

As one of the first factories of car mat in China, STE car floor mats have a history of 22 years and we have become the largest car mat supplier.

We have 26 auto-injection machines in a 10m high workshop and produce 250, 000 sets of car mats per month.

STE can ensure high-quality car floor mats and promise on-time delivery service.

rubber car mat

STE can also custom car floor mats in your own design.

carpet car mat

Different design carpet floor mats for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.

rubber carpet car mat

You can choose our standard rubber carpet mats, or design your own.

Trunk Car Mat

2 super large injection machines for the big size of cargo mats.

Vinyl Car Mat

Universal fit vinyl mat for cars, light-weight & durable material.

rear floor mat

Heavy-duty rear floor mat for full coverage.

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STE – Your Professional Car Mat Supplier in China

If you have a new business to wholesale car mats, STE is able to become one of your most trustworthy suppliers. No MOQ requested if you can accept our standard car floor mats. We can customize your logo on the rubber mats.

If you already have car floor mats in your interior accessory category, we could help you diversify your car mat product range. You need one or several odorless car mats, which means the top quality for a mat.

As the leading car mat supplier, STE has a total of 24 standard injection machines + 2 super large machines to meet any of your requirements. We can manufacture 250, 000 sets of car liners per month to ensure you an on-time delivery time.

Send a quick inquiry about your car mat now!

  • Universal fit for most cars, trucks, SUVs, vans
  • Trim-to-fit for a customized fit
  • Anti-skid backing keeps the mat in place
  • Protects interior vehicle from mud, snow, rain
  • Durable & washable material

STE Car Floor Mat

Car mat is one of the largest categories of interior car accessories. We have been manufacturing different car mats for 22 years, we are the first automotive floor mat manufacturers.

These auto floor mats are made of rubber, PVC, TPE, and carpet. Car floor mats are used widely in the car to protect the interior from mud, rain, sand, and snow. STE car mats are all-weather protection and it’s easy to wash and clean.

There’re many models of car mats in the market, and more and more people are asking to have customized floor mats for their cars, trucks, SUVs, vans.

STE do it for you

If you are wholesaling car mats, STE could be your best choice, we custom car floor mats a lot.

We have the rubber logo machine by ourselves and get you the rubber logo in 3 days.

You see the logo car mats before an official order, STE does it for you, quickly & smoothly.

If you have a new project with a licensed brand, STE is right here to build up the whole range of car interior accessories, including car mat, car steering wheel cover, car seat cover, car sunshade, etc. STE has the experience of producing 1,000 items in 3 years, the car floor liners sell a lot.

If you are a buyer from supermarkets or department stores, we can offer you our Walmart factory ID, AutoZone factory ID for reference. You can check our quality of vehicle floor liner in their stores.

New Design Car Mats

The vehicle floor mats are designed to trim-to-fit, the floor liners are a universal fit for trucks, SUVs, cars, and vans.

STE – your professional car mat supplier, presents 10+ totally new designed car floor mats every year. It includes new technology, new fashion, and new idea. We have 5 designers to collect new ideas and make our car mat better.

Once you choose the specialized car mat from us, you have the exclusive sale right in the market and don’t worry we keep the business rules.

odorless rubber mat raw material

Odorless Material

The price of the car mat depends on what material we use.

We only manufacture odorless rubber mats, you can put the floor mar or raw material close to your nose and smell.

STE odor-free rubber mat is also very soft, you can fold it as paper.

High quality comes from good raw materials.

While other small automotive floor mat manufacturers are producing heavy odor rubber mats.

Welcome to visit our car mat factory, you can smell it. The air is the approval of our car mat quality.


soft rubber car mat paper

Our factory has 4 oil tanks for DOP (Dioctyl Phthalate), we can store a max of 150 tons of Dioctyl Phthalate, especially when the crude oil is at a low cost.

Di-n-octyl phthalate is a colorless, odorless, oily liquid, it’s another key raw material used to keep the rubber soft and flexible.

Small car mat factory doesn’t have the tanks and they use cheap black oil on the car floor mats. When you are in this kind of manufacturer, strong smell all around.

the key raw material of car mat. Other suppliers only have one tank.

What is 100% odorless?

How to distinguish your odorless car mat from other’s car mats?

What does DOP mean?

How many colors can I have?

How to develop a new car mat?

How much does the mold cost?

How long to create a new mold?

How to custom my car mat?

How many ways to make my logo on the car mat?

Car Mat | The Complete FAQ Guide

Car mats are undoubtedly the most widely used product that you can see in almost every car in the world.

The car mats industry is worth more than $6 bn, and its worth is still increasing every year.

In this article, you will learn everything you want to know about car mats, such as their benefits, kinds, materials, installation, price, cleaning, and much more.

Let us discuss in detail car floor mats:

What Is A Car Mat?

A car mat is simply a covering that you can lay over your genuine car molded carpet flooring for its protection.

A car mat can be made of rubber, polymer, carpeting, aluminium, and many different materials.

Car mats protect your car’s original molded carpet flooring from water, stains, dirt, food, salt corrosion, and other waste materials. Without car floor mats, your vehicle will get dirty in no time.

Car mats come in various designs and colors to match car interiors. Also, you can purchase car mats in custom as well as universal fittings to perfectly fit your car.


Are Car Mats Necessary?

Yes, they are necessary if you want to keep your car neat and clean. Plus, car mats also save a lot of money from professional cleaning or replacing the original car molded carpet.

The original car molded carpet flooring is composed of 80% rayon and 20% nylon, usually arranged in a loop, cut-pile, and Essex formation.

You can say molded carpets are like little strands of hair that are either cut at the end or folded in a loop to catch dirt and spillage of any kind.

In short, molded carpets are excellent for catching dust, mud, moisture, food, and other waste products, which also means they get dirty quickly and are very hard to clean.

But if you use car mats, you will get the following benefits over your original molded carpet;

⦁ Car mats catch the same amount of debris and spillages as original molded carpet
⦁ Car mats are easy to pick up and clean every day than fixed original molded carpet
⦁ Car mats are way cheaper than original molded carpet when you consider replacement
⦁ Car mats keep your car from foul-smelling, but original molded carpet can never become smell-proof
⦁ You can clean car mats at home, while original molded mats need expensive professional cleaning
⦁ Car mats are very healthy for lung disease persons because original molded carpet catch and release a lot of dust in the car
⦁ You can choose car mats color and design according to your liking, while original molded mats come in mostly 1 or 2 colors

Are Car Mats Odorless?


Yes, all STE car floor mats are odorless, especially rubber car mats, which are mostly foul-smelling when you buy them from cheap brands.

We know that foul-smelling car mats cause headaches, nausea, and other irritating conditions, so we use premium quality DOP ( Dioctyl Phthalate ) chemicals in the manufacturing of rubber, PVC, and other materials car mats.

We at STE have 150 tons capacity 4 large-sized tanks for DOP storage while other local brands do not or have very little DOP storage ability. Some brands even use cheap chemicals in the production of car floor mats which make them foul-smelling.

DOP gives flexibility to rubber, PVC, e.t.c, vehicle mats for extra durability. Also, DOP makes car mats soft to provide higher comfort to your feet.

Do Car Mats Fit All Cars?

Yes, car mats can fit all cars, but you need to buy the exact kind for your vehicle. Car mats come in two kinds;

⦁ Universal Car Mats
⦁ Custom Fit Car Mats

Universal Car Mats: Universal car mats sometimes are also called trimmable car mats. When you buy them, they may not fit your car; you need to cut them at specific lengths according to your car floor space. They are easy to cut and install. They also come in various styles, colors, materials, qualities, and many more features. They are also cheaper than custom car floor mats. They may or may not fit your car precisely, but they will be fit enough to do the job.


Custom Fit Car Mats: As the name describes, they are specifically manufactured for a particular vehicle or a group of vehicles. They will fit your car 99.999% precisely. They are also easy to install. They are a little more expensive than universal car mats. You can buy custom car mats in any design, color, material, quality, and other features. You must see the packing to match your vehicle category for custom-fit car mats because they are not trimmable.


Are Car Mats Dangerous?

No, car mats are not dangerous unless they stay in their place.

Car mats are dangerous if they get over the gas pedal, which happens due to two reasons;

⦁ Low-quality car mats
⦁ The careless placing of car mats

Low-quality car mats: Some manufacturers produce low-quality car mats with no adhering agents under them, such as with no spikes, hooks, e.t.c. These adhering structures keep mats from moving around, especially during acceleration and braking. In this way, adhering agents will prevent car mats from getting over the gas pedal and ensure safety.

The careless placing of car mats: Sometimes, you buy the wrong custom-fit car mats or do not trim universal mats carefully. In both cases, you will get loosely fit car mats that can move around irrespective of their quality. The freely moving mats may get over gas pedals and cause accidents. So, buy or cut them properly. Also, precisely place car mats and keep checking them regularly to avoid mishaps.

They are entirely safe as long as you avoid the above two carelessness.

You can also buy after-market hooks such as eagle claw hooks, e.t.c if your car does not have built-in hooks.

These after-market hooks are easy to install;

⦁ First, puncture a hole in your new car mat if there not already present
⦁ Secondly, take a hook and embedded it into the place where the carpet is thick
⦁ Thirdly, attach a hook to the carpet.
⦁ At last, push it down with your foot to ensure it is well embedded into the carpet.

How To Install Car Floor Mats?

Car floor mats are very easy to install.

You can follow the below steps to install custom fit or universal car mats in your specific car;

⦁ Cleaning the Original Molded Carpet with  STE Car Vacuum Cleaner: First, clean the original molded carpet completely before putting car mats on it to prevent any kind of foul-smelling or wear of your molded carpet. Plus, it will also help to keep your car mat in place without moving for safety.

⦁ Push the seat Back: Push the car seats back to get as much space as possible to see clearly.

⦁ Classify car mats side: Classify car mat sides separately, such as separate driver side mat, passenger side mat, e.t.c.

⦁ Identify Car Mat Kind: Identify if your car mat is either custom-fit or universal. You can place custom-fit car mats directly in your car without any cutting because they are sized according to your car specifically. But,

If your car mat is Universal, follow the next steps;

⦁ Mark the Car Mats: You can mark the car mat in two ways according to your car size, either place old mats ( if available ) on the new mats or put new mats directly on the car floor and mark them. During marking, keep in mind, mark them only at the guided lines from the seller.

⦁ Cut the Car Mats: When done marking, cut the car mats with a scissor or a cutter precisely and carefully. Undercutting is always more preferable to overcutting.

⦁ Place the Car mats: After cutting, place the mats on the vehicle floor and see if they need more trimming or not. That’s all you are done installing your car mat.

What Is The Price Of Car Mats?

The price of car mats depends upon many factors such as material, design, logo, color, quality, and other features.

We at STE factory have 24 injection molding machines to manufacture 250,000 sets of car mats per month.

Because we are the original manufacturers of many brands, we can offer premium-quality car floor mats at lower prices than other local brands.

The average price range of STE vehicle floor mats is: $2 – $15


How Long Do Car Floor Mats Last?

The lifespan of your cat mats depends upon many factors;

⦁ Material
⦁ Frequency of Use
⦁ Quality of Material
⦁ Care during Cleaning

Material: Rubber, vinyl, PVC, metallic, and TPE kinds of car mats usually last for up to 5 years, while carpet mats last for up to 2 years with average use.

Frequency of Use: If you are an average user and mostly drive alone, you can expect a long life from your car mat. But if you are a family person or someone with many passengers every day, the car floor mats will wear out in a short period.

Quality of Material: Some manufacturers use cheap raw materials to save production costs, but the lifespan of car mats decreases. But STE always uses premium quality raw materials to offer the maximum lifespan of car mats.

Care during Cleaning: How often you clean your car mats also significantly define the life of your car mats. Dirty car mats will wear out soon due to sharp particles or chemicals under your feet. Plus, carpet mats should be clean with more care, such as never using a local brush on a carpet mat, or fibers will get disarranged, and it will look bad.

How Do I Choose A Car Floor Mat?

Car floor mats are mainly offered in 5 main kinds of material in the market;

⦁ Vinyl
⦁ Carpet
⦁ Rubber
⦁ Metallic/Aluminium

Each of these materials has its own color range, life span, price, liquid absorption ability, and many more features.

You can see the chart below to select a vehicle mat according to your requirements:

FlexibilitySuper FlexibleMedium FlexibilitySuper FlexibleMedium FlexibilityMedium FlexibilityNot Flexible
Weather use⦁ Rain
⦁ mud
⦁ Sand
⦁ Snow
⦁ Rain
⦁ mud
⦁ Sand
⦁ Snow
⦁ Rain
⦁ mud
⦁ Sand
⦁ Snow
⦁ Little Rain
⦁ Little mud
⦁ Sand
⦁ Little Snow
⦁ No Rain
⦁ No snow
⦁ No mud
⦁ Little Rain
⦁ Little mud
⦁ Sand
⦁ No Snow
FunctionHeavy-DutyHeavy-DutyMedium usageLight-dutyLight-dutyLight-duty
LookLess beautiful lookLess beautiful lookLess beautiful lookLess beautiful lookMore expensive lookMore expensive look
Color Range⦁ Beige
⦁ Black
⦁ Grey
⦁ Beige
⦁ Black
⦁ Grey
⦁ Black⦁ Black⦁ Black
⦁ Grey
⦁ More…
⦁ Silver
⦁ Pink
⦁ Blue
CleaningEasily cleanableEasily cleanableEasily cleanableEasily cleanableCan never be 100% cleanEasily cleanable
1 set Weight3.5 kg – 6 kg3.1 kg – 6 kg2 kg – 3.7 kg0.7 kg – 2 kg0.7 kg – 1.5 kg1.5 kg – 3 kg
LifespanUp to 5 yearsUp to 4 yearsUp to 4 yearsUp to 4 yearsUp to 2 yearsUp to 2 years


You can choose vinyl, TPE, metallic, rubber, and PVC material if you want features like premium quality and more lifespan. The above four kinds have a flat non-absorptive surface and can be equally used in all seasons, whether rainy or dusty.

If you want an expensive look in your car with more designs and matching colors, then buy either carpet mats or rubber + carpet mats. Carpet mats provide comfortability, while rubber offers durability to the mats. This combined mat can survive years of wear and tear in almost all weather conditions. A carpet part of mats absorbs water and dirt, while a rubber part ensures endurance and easy cleaning.


How Do You Deep Clean Car Mats?

There are two ways to deep clean any kind of car mat;

⦁ Hand Washing
⦁ Machine Washing

Hand Washing: You can wash any material kind especially whole aluminium car mats using this method.

For the most part or whole Carpet Mats:

  • Shake them to get rid of heavy debris.
  • Run a vacuum cleaner on them to pick up dust and small particles.
  •  Spray a car mat designated cleaner or a light detergent on them.
  • Using a soft brush, gently scrub the stains with the liquid.
  • At last, use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to suck the liquid out of them.
  • Finally, let mats air dry under shade.


For the most part or whole Rubber and Plastic Mats and whole Aluminum mats:

⦁ Use a power washer to clean them completely.
⦁ You can use a detergent but do not use bleach-containing or other hard chemicals detergent, or your rubber mat will start smelling.
⦁ Gently rub a soft brush on mat stains.
⦁ Now, let it dry under a shade to prevent the rubber car mat from cracking from intense sunlight or heat.

Machine Washing:

For whole Carpet Mats:

  •  Shake and vacuum clean the car mat before putting them into a machine.
  • Use cold water and light detergent to wash car mats.
  • Dry carpet mats under the shade or in a dryer at a low speed

For Rubber and Plastic Mats:

You can not wash full rubber or plastic-containing car mats in a washing machine, even if a mat contains 1% plastic or rubber parts. Never put a rubber or plastic-containing mat in a dryer or directly under sunlight to dry if you want to save it from cracking or deforming.

Do Rubber Car Floor Mats Contain Lead?

No, STE made all its rubber car floor mats with 100% pure materials, not recycled rubber, because recycled rubber contains lead, BPA, and other harmful elements. Plus, recycled rubber gives off a foul smell.

STE rubber car rubber mats are lead and BPA-free. Also, they are completely odorless and non-toxic.

What Is The Difference Between A Car Floor Mat And A Car Floor Liner?

You can see the chart below to differentiate between a car floor mat and a car floor liner:

Car Floor MatCar Floor Liner
Material⦁ Rubber
⦁ Polymers
⦁ Carpet
⦁ More…
⦁ Mostly Polymers
Area Coverage⦁ Only bottom⦁ Cover bottom as well as walls of the floor
Fitting⦁ Universal
⦁ Custom-fit
⦁ Mostly Custom fit
Protection⦁ Medium Protection of original molded carpet⦁ More Protection of original molded carpet
Price⦁ Overall less costly⦁ Overall more costly


What Are The Various Kinds Of Car Mats?

STE offers its vehicle mats in four basic kinds according to their position;

⦁ Passenger side car mat
⦁ Driver side car mat
⦁ Rear car mat
⦁ Cargo car mat

Passenger side car mat: This mat is specifically designed for the front passenger side floor area. It has spikes, hooks, e.t.c. on its bottom for the non-slipping of the mat. It comes as a single piece. Passenger side car mat is most widely used after the driver-side mat.

Driver side car mat: Driver-side car floor mat has more features than any other mat in the car because the mat can slip easily and get over the pedals, and may cause an accident. So, a driver-side mat has more adhering agents such as spikes, hooks, e.t.c, at the bottom for non-slipping, especially during acceleration and braking.

Rear car mat: These car mats may come as one whole single piece or two separate mats to fit on the vehicle’s rear floor. These mats also contain adhering agents on their bottom for non-slipping.

Cargo car mat: These mats go in the trunk area where boxes, shopping bags, e.t.c are stored. These mostly come as a single piece. These also contain adhering agents to prevent moving of mat here and there. These are the least wearing mats in the vehicle.

All of the above mats come in rubber, vinyl, PVC, TPE, carpet, and aluminium materials. You can buy these mats both in custom fitting as well as in universal fitting.


What Are HS Codes For Car Mats?

HS codes are beneficial in discovering the custom duties on your car floor mats in your particular country.

The import duties fluctuate from time to time and are different for each country.

Every STE car floor mat or car floor liner comes with a 6 to 10 digit code which you can provide to your government or agent to find out specific custom duties.

We have shipped our commodities to many countries, and we will support you to our best in determining import tariffs.

The HS Code for STE car mats is: 3918109000

Can You Customize Your Own Car Mats?

Yes, we have a giant factory to manufacture any kind of car mat according to your requirements.

You can see the chart below to customize your own car mats;

STE SpecificationsYour Requirements
Color⦁ Black
⦁ Beige
⦁ Gray
⦁ Red
⦁ Blue
⦁ Green
⦁ Indigo
⦁ Yellow
⦁ Orange
⦁ Your Favourite
Let us Know
Logo⦁ Embroidered Logo
⦁ Embossed Logo
⦁ Gel Logo
⦁ Steel Sheet Logo
⦁ More…
Let us Know
Material⦁ PVC
⦁ Vinyl
⦁ Carpet
⦁ Rubber
⦁ Metallic
Let us Know
Fitting⦁ Universal
⦁ Custom Fit
Let us Know
Packing⦁ Pack of 2 front mats
⦁ Pack of 4 mats
⦁ Pack of 5 Mats
⦁ More…
Let us Know
Design⦁ You can give us any designLet us Know
Area Coverage⦁ Car mat
⦁ Car Liner
Let us Know
Additional Features⦁ Weight
⦁ Heel pads
⦁ Custom Picture
⦁ Side raised boundary
⦁ More…
Let us Know


How Urgent Can We Deliver Car Mats For Your Emergency Orders?

We at STE factory have 22 standard and 2 large-sized injection molding machines to manufacture any vehicle floor mat or vehicle floor liner design.

We have the quickest production time and can create 250,000 plus sets of car mats or car liners per month.

We offer custom logo service on the car mats. We can also provide you with our Walmart factory ID and Auto Zone factory ID for reference.

You can customize your car mat into your own style and color, and we will ship you a sample in 7 days for checking.

Then after that, the production time of your order depends on your order size.

Besides production time, it takes up to 30 days for shipment. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, shipping may need a longer time.

If you have an urgent order, tell us in advance, we can update our working hours to fit your deadline.

Why Choose STE Car Mats Over Other Local Ones?


STE car mats have the following features, which makes them one of the best in the market;

⦁ Non-skid
⦁ Easy to install
⦁ Wear-resistant
⦁ Budget-Friendly
⦁ Come in all colors
⦁ Heel pad option available
⦁ Can fit in the car properly
⦁ Have no minimum order quantity
⦁ Waterproof except carpet material
⦁ Are designed by the best engineers
⦁ Have Walmart and AutoZone Factory ID
⦁ Manufactured from best quality material
⦁ Come in customizable ergonomic designs
⦁ Easy to remove, clean, wash, and re-install
⦁ Are inspected after every step of production
⦁ Come in both Universal and Custom fit options
⦁ Defected pieces are rejected during production
⦁ Do not curl, crack or harden at extreme temperatures
⦁ Have quickest production period, 250,000 sets/ month
⦁ Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
⦁ We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need
⦁ Are manufactured by 24 high standard injection molding machines

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