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Top Quality Car Sun Shade Manufacturers China

After over 20 years of developing in the car sunshade industry, STE has gained a lot of great customers and grow up with them together. Now we are the top levels of sunshade manufacturers in China.

As the leading manufacturer of car sun shade, we manufacture the bubble material by ourselves. You can see how it is produced and you will have 100% confidence in our quality.

Windshield Sun Shade

Double sided bubble material

Side Window Sunshade

Premium quality mesh & folding

Roller Sunshade

One button self-retracting design

Pop-up Sun Shade

Easy on with pop-up function

Static Cling Sunshade

Adheres to car window without suction cups

Custom Sunshade

Custom any size or printing on sun shade

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STE – Your Professional Car Sun Shade Manufacturers

There are many car sunshade manufacturers but most of them are quite small. Even though customers can buy a huge quantity of sunshades, the profit is very low. There’s no technology in this product, it’s just raw materials like a bubble, mesh, PVC pilling up. But we are a sunshade manufacturer with a history of 22 years. STE has all the production machines and a large workshop to put the machines in.

Our manufacturer covers an area of 30,000 square meters and we have 100 skilled workers.

Our monthly production capacity for all kinds of car sunshades is around 800,000 ~ 1,000,000 pieces. With this large production capacity, we are receiving steady orders in big quantity continuously. At the same time, it helps us buy the raw material at a very low cost, and offer you the best price with premium quality sunshades.

  • Protects car interior
  • Blocks damaging UV rays
  • Keep your vehicle surface cooler
  • Universal fit for most cars, trucks, SUVs
  • Mesh, PVC, bubble, foam material for your choice

STE Car Sun Shade

The sunshade is a great car interior accessory product, which is lightweight and super easy to use. The reflective surface can reduce sunlight through the car window, and block out harmful UV rays.

So, sun shades are also called sunscreens, sun covers, sun blinds, heads, or UV shields.

It’s a must-have for a motorist. If you have to park for days and weeks, we recommend a car cover. While just for several hours, a car sunshade does a great job to keep the car interior cool.

Before you park your tesla model 3 in front of your house, at the office building, at the airport, or at the beach, you put a double-sided bubble sunshade on the windshield. It helps prevent the temperature inside the car from rising fast and protects the dashboard, steering wheel, leather seat, and other car electronics.


Sunshade for Different Windows

Front Car Window / Windshield

There are 2 types of sunshades for the windshield. One is the foldable accordion sun shade, the material is bubble + aluminum film. In our manufacturer, we have a machine to make equal-width creases on the sunshade. So, the sunshade can be folded up to a compact size.

Another is the pup-up sunshade, the material is silver coated polyester + rounded wire. It’s an innovative way just to twist the sunshade slightly and it can be folded to half of the size.

For the side window sunshade, there’re 3 types.

  1. Mesh sunshade

It’s made of mesh material + wireframe. It installs onto the side window with suction cups very easily.

This mesh sunshade helps filter bright sunlight while allowing you to see the outside through the mesh holes.

        2. Roller sunshade

One button of self-retracting design allows you easily to store. The best thing about roller shades is that you can adjust how much to pull down without taking out the whole shade.

It requires a suction cup to attach to the window of your BMW, Audi, or Lexus.

        3. Static Cling Sunshade

The Mom-loves-best Static cling sunshade is great for the rear window when your little kid sitting in a kid’s seat. It’s made of black-coated PVC and sticks directly to the car side window without any tool. No worry your curious kid trying to pull it off.


Rear Window Sunshade

For the large-size rear window, there’re two types of rear window sunshades.

One is a larger-width retractable roller sunshade. Since the rear window sunshade is large in size and heavyweight, it requires screws to install on the car, truck, or SUV.

Roll up the sunshade when you’re driving, and roll down when you stop.

Another kind of rear sunshade is attached with a suction cup to the rear window. It has to be mesh material to keep it lightweight.


Custom Sunshade

Besides the main function of preventing the heat from coming into the car, STE helps you custom your sunshade with a special design and colors. We can add any of your licensed images or design like the BMW logo, Rick and Morty, Star Wars, or Golden Girls.

Or you can send us Fashion forward styles like blue palm landscapes, flying butterflies, sunset scenery, American flag, etc.

For the size, we can custom-fit any of your sedans, trucks, or jeeps.


Thickness of Bubble Layer

Thickness Bubble Car Sun Shade for Front Window

There’re 3 levels of quality for bubble car sun shades.

The first level sunshade offers quality protection with a 2mm thick single bubble material. STE produces the best price sunshade in this material, it’s suitable for promotion orders or gift products.

The second deluxe protection sunshade is double-sided reflective mylar with 3mm thick.

You can feel the thickness and durable quality. On hot days, we recommend these thick car sunshades. They really do a great job against the heat and protect the car’s interior.

The 5mm-thick double-sided bubble car sunshades provide premium protection for your cars, trucks, and SUVs. Though in extreme conditions, no worry about it will burn your buns. With the 3-level premium quality sunshade, it keeps your vehicle cooler. It also helps save car power, no need to open the vehicle conditioners.

Car Sunshade | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Sunshades are very important accessories for a vehicle. You have seen that most of the cars in the world have at least side window sunshades in them.

The market of sunshades is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and is increasing every day.

In this article, you will learn everything about sunshades, such as which materials are available, their size, price, kinds, installation, delivery, and many more.

Let us discuss vehicle sunshades in detail;

What Is A Car Sunshade?

A vehicle sunshade is a cover that is placed on vehicle windows and windshields to block sunlight from coming inside.

Sunshades come in various sizes to fit all windows of a vehicle.

Sunshades can either completely or partly block sunrays, depending on the material kind.

Car sunshades are easy to install and uninstall.

They come in both universal and custom-fit sizes according to customer needs.


How Effective Are Car Sunshades?

The vehicle sunshades mostly work by two methods;

  • Reflective mechanism
  • Absorption mechanism

a) Reflective mechanism

These kinds of sunshades are usually made up of reflective materials such as aluminum foil, silver coating, e.t.c. These sunshades reflect all the incoming sun rays. These kinds of sunshades are usually non-transparent means you can not see through them. They are mostly used to cover the front windshield when the vehicle is parked.

b) Absorption mechanism

These kinds of sunshades are made up of absorption materials, such as mesh, PVC, e.t.c. These sunshades do not reflect sun rays while they work by absorbing most of the incoming rays. These are less effective than reflective sunshades. They come in both transparent and non-transparent versions. Absorptive sunshades are usually black in color.

Sunshades provide the following benefits;

  • Provide privacy
  • Save your bun from burning by overheated seats
  • Block sun rays and keep the inner temperature cool
  • Protect upholstery from fading and cracking by sun rays
  • Maintain the vehicle interior and make your car look new
  • Save a lot of fuel consumption due to air conditioners in summer
  • Protect car dashboard and other interiors from damage by direct light

What Is The Thickness Level Of Our Bubble Sunshades?

STE automobile sunshades come in 3 thickness levels defined as

  • Standard
  • Deluxe
  • Ultra-premium

You can see the chart below to see the thickness in mm for each level and their use;

         Standard         Premium  Ultra-Premium
       Thickness●      2 mm●      3 mm●      5 mm
 Reflective Mylar●      Single side●      Double side●      Double side


●      Gifts

●      Promotions

●      More..

●      Daily life use in hot weather● Extra protection in extreme hot weather
            Price ●      Lowest●      Medium●      Highest but still affordable

Are Car Sunshades Universal?

Yes and no. Automobile sunshades come in two sizes;

  • Universal-fit
  • Custom-fit

a) Universal-fit


Universal-fit sunshades are the most common. As the name suggests, universal-fit sunshades fit almost all vehicles. Unlike others, we have measured all brand’s cars’ windows sizes. We only manufacture our universal-fit sunshades in a size which can fit almost all kinds of cars excellently. So, when you buy from us, you will get no complaints or issues.

b) Custom-fit

These kinds of sunshades fit a particular vehicle or specific models of vehicles. They are more costly than universal-fit sunshades. They are needed to be prepared on demand. They fit a car window almost 100% perfectly.

How To Choose Car Sunshades?

There are 4 factors to consider when choosing vehicle sunshades;

  • Size
  • Style
  • Color
  • Material

a) Size

Although usually, sunshades come in universal sizes, so you do not need to worry about sizes. Although if you want a custom-fit sunshade, then you need to measure the specific window size for which you are buying the sunshade. Custom-fit sunshades are very rare and costly in comparison with universal-fit sunshades. There are four universal sizes;

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

b) Style

There are 4 styles available in the market;

  • Wire kind
  • Roller Kind
  • Static cling-on kind
  • Free-floating folding kind

Wire-based sunshades are most common for side windows, while roller kind sunshades are very easy to use. Free-floating folding sunshades are only used for front windshields during parking. Among all, static cling-on sunshades are most easy to install and move. Static cling-on sunshades are new and mostly used for side windows.

c) Color

Sunshades come mostly in black or silver color because black is an excellent absorbent for sunrays, while silver is excellent reflective for sun rays. Other colors are also available. Even you can also print a specific design or even your picture on the sunshade to match your vehicle’s interior or exterior.

d) Material

There are 4 kinds of materials from which you can choose;

  • Mesh
  • Foam material
  • Bubble material
  • Polyester and PVC

Mesh: It is very light, and you can see through it. It works by absorbing sun rays.

Foam material: It is simply a foam covered with polyester or PVC or reflective material. You can not see through it, and it gives a soft cushy feeling.

Bubble material: It is called a bubble sunshade because you can see small bubble-like shapes on its surface. It is a plastic material with an aluminum-based coating on it. The thickness of plastic can vary from 2 mm to 5 mm. This material is mostly used to make premium-quality reflective sunshades.

Polyester and PVC: Polyester is a cloth-like material, while PVC is a more plastic-like reflective material. Polyester works by absorbing sunrays, while PVC mostly works by reflecting them.

What Is The Price Of Car Sunshades?

The price of car sunshades depends upon the following factors;

  • Style
  • Fitting
  • Material
  • Window kind
  • Additional design

a) Style

Wire-based sunshades are the cheapest. Static ones are more costly than wire-based sunshades. Roller sunshades are the most costly ones. Front windshield folding sunshades are also among the costly ones.

b) Fitting

Universal-fit sunshades are lesser in price than custom-fit sunshades.

c) Material

Mesh is the cheapest, then becomes polyester, then foam, and at last bubble, which is the highest in price.

d) Window kind

Side window sunshades are smaller in size and are usually less in price than the front and rear windshields.

e) Additional design

Adding a custom color or design will surely increase the price a bit.

The average price of STE automobile sunshades is: $1 – $10


What Are The Various Kinds Of STE Car Sunshades And How To Install Them?

There are many kinds of automobile sunshades to fit front, back, and side windows. All of these come in many styles, materials, and colors. You can print your logo or any design on them. The size of sunshades is also customizable.

Based on the installation, there are usually 5 kinds of sunshades available;

  • Wire sunshades
  • Static sunshades
  • Free-floating folding sunshades
  • Retractable sunshades with a suction cup or adhesive tape
  • Retractable sunshades with vehicle built-in attachment compatibility

a) Wire Sunshades

These are the most common in the market. They are mostly made up of mesh or reflective material. Wire-based sunshades have flexible but sturdy wire at the boundaries. All you need to do is push the sunshade in the place between the side window and the car interior. They can be washed and reused.




b) Static sunshades

These can adhere to the window due to their static properties without any suction cup or glue. Most static sunshades can be washed and reused. These come in two styles. The first kind of static sunshade is like paper. You need to peel off the back layer and install them carefully on the window.

In contrast, the second kind is more like wire sunshades, but there is no back layer to peel off. You just need to put them on the window, and they will stick. They can be moved as many times as you like and can be folded easily for storage. Always clean the window carefully before putting any kind of static sunshade.




c) Free-floating folding sunshades

These kinds of sunshades are used during car parking only for front windshields. Simply unstrap and unfold them. Place them on the inside of the windshield from bottom to top. Then open the sun visors all the way to the windshield to support the sunshade. And during the folding, reverse all the steps. They come in two kinds, bar folding sunshades and pop-up sunshades. Pop-up sun shades can be folded and stored in a small bag, which can easily fit in the glove box.



d) Retractable sunshades with a suction cup or adhesive tape


These kinds of sunshades come for all windows, for example, front windows, back windows, and side windows. You can install these with suction cups or adhesive tape that comes with them. Simply clean the surface with water or alcohol wipes. Pre-mark the area before installation. Then, peel off the protective layer for adhesive tape, while suction cups can be applied directly. At last, install it on the marked area.




e) Retractable sunshades with vehicle built-in attachment compatibility

These sunshades are made for back windows and are heavy due to their PVC, bubble, or other dense material.  These are needed to install within built-in vehicle locks or by screws if no built-in locks are present. First, place the sunshade pipe in the back area. Now, attach it either with built-in locks or screws. Then for the other side, attach two small brackets either by sliding them into the car roof or by screws if needed. You can see the video below for the installation procedure.


Can You Customize Your Own Car Sunshades?

Yes, we at STE have 30,000 square feet of area in which 100 skilled personnel are making sunshades of all styles in various designs with the help of the latest production machines.

You can see the chart below to customize your own sunshades;

     STE Specifications            Your Needs
                  Logo●      Print your logo              Let us Know



●      Dogs

●      Minions

●      Camouflage

●      Your Picture

●      Any design




              Let us Know

●      Black

●      Silver

●      Any color..



Let us Know

                  Size●      Universal-fit

●      Custom-fit


Let us Know




●      PVC

●      Mesh

●      Foam

●      Bubble

●      Polyester

●      Spandex




Let us Know


     Bubble Thickness

●      2 mm

●      3 mm

●      5 mm



Let us Know




●      Absorptive

●      One-side reflective

●      Double-side reflective



Let us Know



    Folding Mechanism

●      Non-foldable

●      Foldable

●      Retractable

●      More..




Let us Know




        Adhesion Kind

●      Wire-frame

●      Free-floating

●      Cushion cups

●      Adhesive tape

●      Static cling on

●      Screws

●      More..







Let us Know

What Are The HS Codes Of Car Sunshades?

All STE automobile sunshades come with a 6 to 10-digit HS code to determine custom tariffs on your particular sunshades.

Custom tariffs keep on changing and are different for each country.

That’s where HS codes step in. You can provide your HS code to your country and find custom tariffs on your specific sunshades.

We have sold our products globally, and we will support you in discovering custom tariffs on your special sunshades.

The HS Code for STE vehicle sunshades are; 6307900090, 3926909090

What Is The Delivery Time Of STE Car Sunshades?

We at STE have all the latest machines on which 100 skilled workers are operating to manufacture all styles and sizes of automobile sunshades.

Automobile sunshades are easy to make, but we are one of the largest manufacturers in China, which means we can provide you with vehicle sunshades at the lowest factory prices.

We have the quickest production time and can produce 800,000/- to 100,000/- automobile sunshades every month.

If you want to start your business, we can offer you custom logos and designs of your choice at low prices.

You can customize your vehicle sunshade into any material, size, color, thickness, style, e.t.c, and we will ship you a sample in 7 days for inspection.

After that, the production time of your order depends on the order size.

Besides the production period, it will take up to 30 days for freight. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the freight may take more days.

If you have an emergency order, let us know in advance, so we can enhance our production hours in order to fulfill your order within the assigned period.

Why Are STE Car Sunshades Better Than Local Ones?

We have 22 years of experience in the manufacturing of automobile sunshades. We are also one of the biggest manufacturers of vehicle sunshades in China.

STE vehicle sunshades have the following advantages over other local ones;

  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Lightweight
  • Longer lifespan
  • Lowest production price
  • Block sunrays effectively
  • Easily to install and uninstall
  • Static sunshades do not fall off
  • Have no minimum order quantity
  • Come for all windows of a vehicle
  • Come in universal and custom sizes
  • Are produced by 100 skilled workers
  • Manufactured from best quality material
  • Are inspected after every step of production
  • Customizable logo and design options are available
  • Defected pieces are rejected during production
  • Keep vehicle cool even at extreme temperatures
  • Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
  • Have the quickest production period, 800,000 – 100,000 per month
  • We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need
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