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What is Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner is a vacuum machine that is specially designed to use in vehicle interiors. It’s powered by a 12V car socket with a 10-feet-long cord to reach every corner of your car. It can easily pick up dirt, dust, crumbs, or sand from the car floor, seat and trunk. Also, STE has a cordless vacuum cleaner option that uses a lithium battery. It can work as long as 25 minutes after a full charge.

Product By Features

You can find all kinds of car wash vacuum cleaners here, whether cordless or 12V corded. We also develop new designs of auto vacuum cleaners every season.

CV107 Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Compact size and easy to carry

CV108 LED Light Car Vacuum Cleaner 1

Includes LED lights for dark corners

Wet and Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuums liquid spills transparent shell

cyclone function car vacuum cleaner

Cyclone function strong suction power

Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner
Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Rechargeable Lithium battery 2000mAh

6 Products Found.

Product By Suction Power

From mini-size to heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, there’re different suction powers for your special request. The unit of suction power is kPa, kilopascal, the larger data, the stronger power.

Suction PowerFunction
1.5kPa ~ 1.8kPaIt can vacuum coins, dirt, and leaves easily.
2.5kPa ~ 2.8kPaIt can vacuum small stuff easily, but can’t hold an iPhone.
3.0kPa ~ 3.5kPaIt can vacuum an iPhone easily.
4.0kPa ~ 4.5kPaIt can hold the weight of 2 iPhones.
5.5kPa ~ 6kPaHigh tech motor creates big suction power.
Above 7kPaCustom any suction power as you need.

Product Feature Box

Suction Power
Suction Power

Vacuums the dust, and debris from the carpet, seat, and door gaps.

LED Light Function
LED Light

Delivers bright light for night use or dark corners.

Wet Dry Dual Vacuum
Wet Dry Dual Vacuum

Provides a quick suction for liquid spills.

Cordless Function
Cordless Function

Convenient to take the vacuum cleaner anywhere.

All Certificates Car Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer

STE is the leading auto vacuum cleaner supplier in China of many brand importers and companies. We have 3 product assembly lines and manufacture 5,000 pieces per day. STE has the ability to produce your promotional orders and ship the goods on time.

All STE car vacuum cleaners have the certificates of CE, RoHS, FCC, and UL. You can get good quality auto vacuum cleaners from STE.

pantone color samples car vacuum cleaner manufacturer

Your Reliable Car Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer in China

STE Quality Car Vacuum Cleaner Test
STE Quality Flour Test

STE has a 15-year history to manufacture all kinds of 12V vacuum cleaners and 12V tire inflators. Our quality has been approved by many customers and importers.

Being a trusted car vacuum cleaner supplier, we produce the largest quantity of car vacuum cleaners with LED lights and ship 30,000 ~ 40,000 units every month.

If you are looking for a supplier for your 12 Volt vacuum cleaner promotional order, STE can offer you the best price and ensure you on-time delivery.

If you wholesale portable car vacuum cleaners, we have a variety of auto vacuum cleaners for your choice and flexible MOQ.

Write down your inquiry right now.

How STE Customize Your Car Vacuum Cleaner

Customize color
Customize the Color

We can produce the exact color as per your request. Just give us a Pantone number, and STE can prepare a pre-production sample in one week.

Customize Logo
Customize Logo

Low MOQ of 100 pieces. We can help add a colored logo on the car vacuum cleaner. It definitely improves your brand and prompts sales.

Explosive View
Explosive View

STE has rich experience in developing new auto vacuum cleaners. We have a professional team from designer to engineer, that ensures to get the perfect product.

STE Car Vacuum Cleaner Banner
Your Professional Car Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer

We have 15 years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of vehicle vacuum cleaners. You will be very easy with us if you choose STE for your vacuum cleaner project. We get you to cover every production detail.

More About STE Car Vacuum Cleaner

  • “We have been working with the STE team for more than 8 years since the first small trial order. They are really doing very well and we’re quite satisfied with STE car vacuum cleaners. Their quality is approved.”

    Petchrot, Senior Purchase Manager, Thailand
  • “We’re buying a lot of car accessories from them. We can buy 2 containers of car vacuum cleaners every month. Their lead time is always on time even though for urgent orders.”

    Stone Bard, Vice President, United Stats
  • “We never purchase car vacuum cleaners before when we’re coming to inquiry a cordless vacuum cleaner for a promotion order. STE is very professional and understands the market and helps us a lot to know about the product in a short time.”

    Diego, Product Manager, Brazil
What is Your Lead Time?

We can finish the production in 1 week after every detail is well confirmed.

How is Your Payment Terms?

We accept 30% TT / LC at sight, balance before the shipment.

How Can I Get A Sample?

We provide free samples and freight collect, we can ship the samples in 3 days.

Car Vacuum Cleaner | The Complete FAQ Guide

In this article, you will learn everything you want to know about car vacuum cleaners.

A car vacuum cleaner is a portable vacuum cleaner, which you can use to clean your clean car.

You can use a car vacuum cleaner whenever and wherever needed.

This FAQ article will guide you about the working, price range, kinds, selection, benefits, maintenance, and other prospects of a car vacuum cleaner.

Let us learn in detail about STE car vacuum cleaners:

All Kinds of Car Vacuum Cleaners


   ✔  What is a car vacuum cleaner?
   ✔  How do car vacuum cleaners work?
   ✔  What are the benefits of a car vacuum cleaner?
   ✔  How to use a car vacuum cleaner?
   ✔   Is it bad to vacuum a car every day?
   ✔   How do I choose a car vacuum cleaner?
   ✔   Why does my car vacuum cleaner smell?
   ✔   Why do car vacuum cleaners lose suction?
   ✔   Can a car vacuum cleaner electrocute you?
   ✔   How much does a car vacuum cleaner cost?
   ✔   How do you maintain a car vacuum cleaner?
   ✔   How long can you run a car vacuum cleaner?
   ✔   What does the filter do in a car vacuum cleaner?
   ✔   What is the average lifespan of a car vacuum cleaner?
   ✔   What is the suction power of STE car vacuum cleaners?
   ✔   What should you not vacuum with a car vacuum cleaner?
   ✔   What are the manufacturing kinds of STE car vacuum cleaners?
   ✔   What is the difference between a wet/dry car vacuum cleaner and an only dry car vacuum cleaner?
   ✔   What are the various attachments that come with STE car vacuum cleaners?
   ✔   What is the difference between wired and cordless car vacuum cleaners?
   ✔   Can you customize your own car vacuum cleaners?
   ✔   What are the HS codes of STE car vacuum cleaners?
   ✔   What is the delivery time of your car vacuum cleaners?
   ✔   What is the minimum order quantity for your car vacuum cleaners?
   ✔   Why are STE car vacuum cleaners one of the best in the market?

What Is A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

A car vacuum cleaner is like a regular vacuum cleaner in your home, but it is small, portable, and runs from 12 volts to 13.5 volts of power.

A car vacuum cleaner uses a suction mechanism to clean your car from small particles such as dirt, liquids, and other waste.

A car vacuum cleaner comes in all sizes, suction powers, shapes, wet & dry suction options, battery or wired options, and other features.

Car vacuum cleaners are very helpful in maintaining and increasing the lifespan of your car seats, mats, carpets, and other areas.Clean Your Car with Car Vacuum Cleaner


How Do Car Vacuum Cleaners Work?

A car vacuum cleaner works just like a regular vacuum cleaner in your home.

To understand the working of a car vacuum cleaner, let us first understand the basic parts;

  • Inlet Nozzle or Pipe or extended mouth
  • Filter or Canister
  • Motor with fan
  • Outlet Hole

Now back to the working mechanism:

When you run the vacuum cleaner, a motor spins the fan, pushes the air out of the vacuum, and creates low pressure in the vacuum.

Figure 3 Working of Car Vacuum Cleaner

In return, the suction pressure is created.

The suction pressure pulls the outside air in the vacuum through the inlet nozzle or pipe, or extended mouth.

Alongside the air, all the small particles are also sucked in the vacuum cleaner.

The sucked air alongside small particles moves in the filter or the canister, but only air passes through while small particles get caught.

The cleaned air is pushed out of the vacuum cleaner through the outlet hole.

This is the basic working principle you will see in all car vacuum cleaners.


Filter-based Vacuum Working

Canister-Based Vacuum Working


What Are The Benefits Of A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Car vacuum cleaners are widely used to clean car seats, mats, carpets, and other areas.

Car vacuum cleaners have the following benefits:

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Clean Air Quality
  • Easily removable canister
  • Cheap and reusable filters
  • Prevent foul-smelling in car
  • Come in various sizes and shapes
  • Effective and quick cleaning of car
  • Also, come with battery power option
  • Prevent bacterial and other infections
  • Handheld and stationary are both options available
  • Pick small particles which can not be handpicked
  • Wet car vacuum cleaners also suck spilled liquids
  • Come in various suction powers for different purposes
  • Operate on 12 V to 13.5 V car cigarette lighter power outlet
  • Clean and increase the lifespan of car seats, mats, and other parts
  • Also, comes with a brush option for easy cleaning of mats, seats, and other areas
  • Come in a pipe, nozzle, and extended mouth options for easy access to different areas

How To Use A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Car vacuum cleaners are beneficial in cleaning all areas of your car.

STE car vacuum cleaners come in both handheld and stationary variants.

You can use both of the above versions in the following steps;

Figure 4 Use Car Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1 Prepare: In this step, check if the filter or canister needs emptying—clean the filter or canister completely before vacuuming to get maximum output from your car vacuum cleaner.

Step 2 Pick up small debris: In this step, pick up any debris which can be handpicked, so it will not get entangled and block the vacuum cleaner.

Step 3 Use Attachments: Use suitable attachments such as a brush, extension pipe, crevice nozzle, e.t.c to clean the selected area. For example, use a brush to clean mats, e.t.c. See heading no 21 for the selection of different attachments for various areas.

Step 4 Use Car vacuum cleaner: Turn on the vacuum cleaner and move it back and forth in the selected area. Move it slowly, or it will not pick up dust.

Step 5 Clean the vacuum: Empty and clean the car vacuum cleaner to prevent blockage, infection, and foul-smelling. An empty vacuum cleaner works more efficiently at maximum suction power and uses less electricity.

That’s all. All STE car vacuum cleaners are easy to use and empty when needed.


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Is It Bad To Vacuum A Car Every day?

No, it is quite the opposite. Vacuuming your car every day is not bad.

Car carpets can withstand a lot of vacuuming per week.

It is researched that dust in the carpet breaks down the carpet fibers. Dirty carpets also act as a home for bacteria and other infectious agents.

Vacuuming your car every day will have the following benefits;

  • Infection free car
  • Car looks presentable
  • No foul-smelling in car
  • Car become dust and debris free
  • Increase the lifespan of car mats, seats, e.t.c.

How Do I Choose A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for your car depends upon many factors, such as;

  • Usage
  • Vehicle size
  • Your Budget
  • Cordless or Corded
  • Other factors

You can see the chart below to choose STE your car vacuum cleaner:




●      Select led car vacuum cleaner for dark places

●      Select extension pipe vacuum cleaner for inaccessible places

●      Select brush vacuum cleaner to clean mats, e.t.c.

●      More…



                        Vehicle Size

●      A select car vacuum cleaner with more storage for big vehicles such as SUVs, e.t.c.

●      For regular cars, mini and medium-size car vacuum cleaners are enough for day to day cleaning


                      Your Budget

●      Car vacuum cleaners fall under $20. You can select one according to your needs.


                Cordless or Corded

●      Cordless car vacuum cleaners are easy to use, but you need to recharge them

●      Corded car vacuum cleaners need at least 4.5 m to 5m cord for big vehicles and 1.8 m to 3 m cord for regular vehicles


                    Other Factors

●      Select handheld car vacuum cleaners if you do small cleaning when required.

●      Select big car vacuum cleaners for prolonged use.

●      Use Cyclone Car Vacuum cleaners for more suction power

Why Does My Car Vacuum Cleaner Smell?

Car vacuum cleaners are very efficient in picking up all kinds of waste, liquid or solid.

Sometimes the waste becomes clogged in the vacuum cleaner parts such as the inlet, filter or canister, or somewhere else. When this happens, the vacuum cleaner starts foul-smelling.

Do not worry. You can make your car vacuum cleaner good-smelling in the following steps;

  • Empty: Empty filters or canisters of your car vacuum cleaner, wash them, and dry them before placing them back on.
  • Dissemble: If your vacuum cleaner still smells, disassemble it completely.
  • Remove Debris: Remove all kinds of debris stuck in the vacuum cleaner parts, such as in the inlet, filters or canister, or any other vacuum cleaner area.
  • Wash: Wash filters or canisters, hoses, and inlet area with a mixture of baking soda and water. Clean other parts with a wet cloth. Dry all parts with a clean cloth. Also, let all parts get air dry completely.
  • Assemble: Re-assemble all the parts.
  • Add extracts: Put orange and vanilla extract on the floor or cloth and vacuum them with your car vacuum cleaner for a pleasant smell.

That’s all. Now, your vacuum cleaner is not only good-smelling but also returns to its full functioning.

Woman Covering Her Nose From Bad Smell

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Why Do Car Vacuum Cleaners Lose Suction?

There are mainly two kinds of reasons why a car vacuum cleaner loses its suction;

  • Blockage of filter(s) by debris
  • Bad air turbulent flow in the vacuum

Filter blocks when you clean something, so it’s a common problem and can be solved quickly.

Bad air turbulent flow: Car vacuum cleaners lose their suction power over time due to cracks and gaps, and the air is sucked up from unnecessary areas. Debris also gets stuck in the holes, cracks, gaps, and other parts, creating a bad air turbulent flow.

You can see heading no 11 “ How to maintain a car vacuum cleaner ” for restoring the suction power of your car vacuum cleaner.

Can A Car Vacuum Cleaner Electrocute You?

Yes, car vacuum cleaners can electrocute you, even though they run only from 12 volts to 13.5 volts.

But you will only feel the shock if your car vacuum cleaner has suction power equivalent to 7KPa or more.

Car vacuum cleaners draw about 30 watts to 100 watts of power from the car cigarette lighter plug.

Static charge is developed when your car vacuum cleaner due for the following reasons;

  • Vacuum cleaner mouth or hose get rubbed with the cleaning area
  • Dust particles or debris get rubbed with vacuum cleaner parts

Rubbing develops negative charges which flow to your more positively charged hand and electrocute ( shock ) you.

These shocks are unharmful to you. But keep static vacuum cleaners from electrical appliances such as computers because they can damage computers.

How Much Does A Car Vacuum Cleaner Cost?

STE car vacuum cleaners come in various options ranging from $2 to $20.

Many factors determine the cost of car vacuum cleaners, such as:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Attachments
  • Suction Power
  • Cord or Cordless
  • Filter or Canister vacuums
  • Additional features

Large vacuum cleaners are more costly than mini-car vacuum cleaners.

Similarly, cordless vacuum cleaners are expensive due to their built-in battery.

Car vacuum cleaners have more attachments, and features and are more costly than regular car vacuum cleaners.

But all STE car vacuum cleaners are affordable.

How Do You Maintain A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

You can increase the lifespan of your car vacuum cleaner by maintaining it regularly.

Also, vacuum cleaners lose their suction power and start foul-smelling if not maintained well.

Cleaning a vacuum cleaner also prevents infectious agents from growing in the vacuum and ensures a healthy environment.

You can maintain your car vacuum cleaner by the below guidelines:

  • Unblock filter: Clean or wash, or replace filter(s) to remove a blockage.
  • Unblock the inlet area: If your car vacuum has a hose, disconnect and change the hose sides. Now run the vacuum to vacuum clean the hose itself. Use a stick to remove a blockage in the hose, nozzle, or mouth of a vacuum cleaner.

If your vacuum is functioning fine now without smelling, then this cleaning is enough. If not, follow the below steps:

  • Dis-assemble: Dis-assemble the whole vacuum cleaner for detailed cleaning.
  • Clean other parts: Clean cracks, gaps, and filter housing completely. Clean car vacuum cleaner fan from hair and other debris.
  • Wash: Wash filters and attachments with a mixture of baking soda and water. Then rinse these parts—clean other parts with a wet cloth.
  • Dry: Dry all parts first with cloth and then with air completely.
  • Re-assemble: Re-assemble the car vacuum cleaner.
  • Add extracts: Place orange or vanilla extracts on a surface, and vacuum them. Now, your vacuum will start smelling good.

Your car vacuum cleaner is now cleaned, good-smelling, and returned to its maximum suction power.

Maintaining Car Vacuum Cleaner Duster Can

Click here to get more information about maintaining STE Car Vacuum Cleaners!

How Long Can You Run a Car Vacuum Cleaner?

STE car vacuum cleaners operate on 12 volts to 13.5 volts of power either from a car cigarette lighter plug or from a battery.

STE car vacuum cleaners are wholly made up of the best quality copper.

STE car vacuum cleaners are very durable, and their running time depends upon the cord and motor material quality.

You can clean the front seats, dashboard, mats, carpet, and other front side areas, then turn off the cleaner, move to the rear section, and vacuum it. It is a speedy job, requiring mostly 10 minutes.

You need to check the temperature of the vacuum cleaner during cleaning. If it becomes too hot after a long job, turn it off, or it will just burn off. It is recommended to operate the vacuum cleaner for a maximum of 15 minutes, then turn it off. You can use it again when it is cooled down.

Figure 7 Car Vacuum Cleaner Running Time

What Does The Filter Do In A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Car vacuum cleaners are mostly handled and portable for easy use. So, they are mostly bagless and fitted with a filter(s) to minimize their size.

A filter is placed in the path of suction and entraps dust and debris. So, filters are needed to clean and wash when they are blocked.

All STE car vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters. HEPA filters can remove at least 99.97% of any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm) such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, e.t.c.

Filters also wear out. They need replacement every 3 to 6 months or sooner, depending upon the use.

If you try to use a vacuum cleaner without a filter, no dust or debris will be entrapped.  Plus, you will end up damaging your vacuum cleaner’s vital parts such as the motor, fan, e.t.c.

All STE car vacuum cleaner’s HEPA filters are cheap, reusable, easy to remove, and washable.

We provide 50-free Hepa filters with every 2000 pieces car vacuum cleaner order!

Buy STE HEPA filters at Less than 1 dollar!

Figure 8 Car Vacuum Cleaner HEPA-Filter

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Car Vacuum Cleaner?

12V car vacuum cleaners are very durable, and inexpensive ranging only from $15 to $80 at retail price.

STE car vacuum cleaners, if appropriately maintained, can run for more than 1 year.

All STE car vacuum cleaners are made from the best materials. For example, motors are manufactured from the best quality copper, which lasts longer.

The only part of a filter-based car vacuum cleaner that runs out is the filter which needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months or sooner when required.

What Is The Suction Power Of STE Car Vacuum Cleaners?

Suction power is the strength of inward airflow, which determines how heavy an object can

Figure 9 Suction Power of Car Vacuum Cleaner

be sucked up into the vacuum cleaner.

STE car vacuum power comes in various suction power and can be customized according to the client’s needs.

Suction power is measured in KiloPascals (K Pa), which is a unit of pressure.

STE car vacuum cleaners can easily generate up to 7 KPa of suction power in 120 W to 150 W of input power without burdening the battery.

You can see the chart below to know how much suction power you need in your car vacuum cleaner:

                    Suction Power                   Picking Capacity
                  1.4 kPa – 1.8 kPa●      Dust

●      Coin

●      Easily pick up chips, liquids, e.t.c.

                   2 kPa – 2.5 kPa●      Can pick coin easily

●      More…

                2.8 kPa  –  3.5 kPa●      Pick up waste equivalent to 1 iPhone 12
                   4 kPa  –  5 kPa●      Pick up weight equivalent to 2 iPhone 12
                   6 kPa  –  7 kPa●      Pick up large particles
                    Above 7 kPa●      Still in development


What Should You Not Vacuum With a Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Car vacuum cleaners are very durable machines, with enough suction power to pick almost all the waste particles except the ones below:

  • Ashes
  • Makeup
  • Moist waste
  • Glass pieces
  • Coins, paper clips, e.t.c

Ashes: Cigarette ashes or fire ashes may still be hot and can damage your car vacuum cleaner, especially the filter. Let the ashes cool down, and use a wet/dry car vacuum cleaner to pick them up.

Makeup: A vacuum brush can mix the makeup even more on the surface and cause more damage. Makeup can also melt down in the vacuum interior and damage it more. Use can pick only a small quantity of makeup without using a brush.

Moist waste: Do not vacuum wet food or any spilled liquid unless you have a wet/dry car vacuum cleaner.

Big Glass pieces: Do not use any kind of car vacuum cleaner to pick up big glass pieces because glass can rupture the filter, and block or damage the car vacuum interior. You can vacuum microscopic glass pieces with a car vacuum cleaner if needed.

Coins, paper clips, e.t.c: These can block or damage the plastic parts of car vacuum cleaners. Do not vacuum these objects.

Figure 10 Glass Pieces


You can still vacuum a lot of other objects such as:

  • Dust
  • Hairs
  • Chips
  • Dry Cereal
  • Small Gravel pieces
  • Liquids ( only with wet/dry vacuum cleaner)
  • Wet food particles ( only with wet/dry vacuum cleaner)
  • All other kinds of waste

It is best to use a wet/dry car vacuum cleaner for most objects.

What Are The Manufacturing Kinds Of STE Car Vacuum Cleaners?

STE car vacuum cleaners come in various sizes, shapes, suction powers, attachments, and other features.

You can see the chart below to find a suitable STE car vacuum cleaner for your needs:

Mini Vacuum CleanerLed Light Car Vacuum CleanerWet & Dry Car Vacuum CleanerCyclone Function Car Vacuum CleanerCordless Car Vacuum2 in 1 Car Vacuum Cleaner Tire InflatorCanister Car Vacuum Cleaner
Suction Power1.8 kPa – 2.5 KPa and More1.8 kPa – 7 KPa and More1.8 kPa – 3 KPa and More3 kPa – 7 KPa and More2.5 kPa – 7 KPa and More2 kPa – 3 KPa and More3 kPa – 7 KPa and More


DC 12V

Car cigarette lighter plug

DC 12V

Car cigarette lighter plug

DC 12V

Car cigarette lighter plug

DC 12V

Car cigarette lighter plug

Built-in BatteryDC 12V

Car cigarette lighter plug

DC 12V

Car cigarette lighter plug

AttachmentsCrevice Nozzle●      Long Flex Hose

●      Brush head

●      Crevice Nozzle

●      Crevice Nozzle

●      Brush head

●      Long Flex Hose

●      Brush head

●      Crevice Nozzle

●      Long Flex Hose

●      Brush head

●      Crevice Nozzle

●      Long Flex Hose

●      Brush head

●      Crevice Nozzle

●      Long Flex Hose

●      Brush head

●      Crevice Nozzle

Additional FeaturesEasily PortableLed lightWet function for liquidsPowerful Cyclone SuctionCordlessTire InflatorMore Storage capacity


What Is The Difference Between A Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner And A Only Dry Car Vacuum cleaner?

The working principle of both wet/dry and only dry function vacuum cleaners is the same. But wet/dry car vacuum cleaners are much more advanced and have more features than only dry function car vacuum cleaners.

You can see the chart below to find the differences and similarities between STE wet/ dry car vacuum cleaners and STE only dry function vacuum cleaners:

 Only Dry Function Car

         Vacuum Cleaner

Wet & Dry Car Vacuum


          Water-Proof●      No●      Yes
                Filters●      Nonwoven Dry Filter only●      HEPA Wet/Dry Filters
                Usage●      Only dry solid waste, no liquids●      Vacuum Dry waste

●      Vacuum Spilled-liquids

        Suction Power●      1.8 kPa – 7 kPa

●      More

●      1.8 kPa – 7 kPa

●      More


         Power Option

●      Cordless

●      DC 12 V from car cigarette plug

●      Cordless

●      DC 12 V from car cigarette plug


   Additional Features

●      Led light

●      Tire Inflator

●      More.


●      Customizable




●      Flex Hose

●      Brush heads

●      Crevice Nozzle

●      Extension Pipe

●      More.


●      Rubber Flat Head Nozzle

●      Customizable

Only Dry Car Vacuum CleanerQuick to Vacuum Water Liquid


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What Are The Various Attachments That Come With STE Car Vacuum Cleaners?

STE car vacuum cleaners come with various attachments to efficiently clean different areas.

You can see the chart below to know about various attachments and their function:

                    Crevice Nozzle●      Reach Narrow spaces

●      Increase Vacuum Suction Power

                 Wide Floor Brush●      Brush dust and other particles on the floor for easy suction

                          Flex Hose

●      Reach inaccessible places such as beneath the car seat, under the dashboard, e.t.c
        360 Rotation Round Brush●      Loose dust particles on seats, mats, e.t.c for easy suction
                    Extension Pipe●      Extended the range of vacuum cleaner
                      Carpet Brush● especially used to clean the carpet of vehicles easily



What Is The Difference Between Wired and Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaners?

STE also offers its car vacuum cleaners in cordless options.

STE cordless car vacuum cleaners can be used when there is no electrical power around. STE car vacuum cleaners

You can see the main difference and similarities between regular and cordless car vacuum cleaners in the chart below:

    Wired Car Vacuum


  Cordless Car Vacuum


          Power Option●      DC 12 V car cigarette lighter plug●      Built-in battery


●      Small

●      Medium

●      Large

●      More…

●      Small

●      Medium

                Shape●      Handheld

●      Stick option

●      Handheld
          Rechargeable●      No battery●      Yes


       Other Features

●      Led light

●      Flex hose

●      Tire Inflator

●      Brush heads

●      Wet/Dry function

●      More…



●      Customizable

Figure 14.1 Wired Car Vacuum Cleaner


Can You Customize Your Own Car Vacuum Cleaners?

Yes, you can customize your own car vacuum cleaner according to your needs.

You can choose any shape, color, size, suction power, led light, cyclone function, cordless option, and a lot of other features.

You can see the chart below to customize your own STE car vacuum cleaner:

       STE Car Vacuum

       Cleaner Options

    Your Requirements


●      Small

●      Medium

●      Large

●      More.



Let us Know

                 Shape●      Handheld

●      Stick option


Let us Know

        Wet/dry option●      Only dry option

●      Wet/Dry both options


Let us Know



●      DC 12 V car cigarette lighter plug

●      Cordless


Let us Know

         Suction Power●      1.8 kPa – 7 kPa

●      More


Let us Know

       Bagless Options●      HEPA Filter(s)

●      Canisters


Let us Know





●      Red

●      Violet

●      Indigo

●      Brown

●      Green

●      Yellow

●      Orange

●      Your own color





Let us Know

                 Logo●      Your logo can be added 

Let us Know

      Cyclone Function●      Available Let us Know


●      Flex hose

●      Brush heads

●      Crevice Nozzle

●      Extension Pipe

●      More.



Let us Know


   Additional Features

●      Led Light

●      Tire Inflator

●      More


Let us Know


What Are The HS Codes Of STE Car Vacuum Cleaners?

The HS codes are 6 to 10 digits long codes used to determine duties on internationally imported products.

All STE car vacuum cleaners come with HS codes, which you can use to determine specific import duties in your country.

We have shipped our car vacuum cleaners to many countries. We will help you to determine the import duties of your special car vacuum cleaner in your country.

The HS code of STE car vacuum cleaners is:   8508110000

Click here to get more Import Duties Information about  STE Car Vacuum Cleaners!

What Is The Delivery Time Of Your Car Vacuum Cleaners?

The delivery time of your order depends upon your order quantity. We at STE can produce 4000 pieces of car vacuum cleaners per day. We ship 30,000 to 40,000 car vacuum cleaners each month, and orders are increasing day by day.

Besides production time, it takes up to 30 days for shipment. If you have an emergency order, we can also update our working hours to meet your deadline. For special customized orders, it will add more time to the whole project.

What Is The Minimum Order Quantity For Your Car Vacuum Cleaners?

We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of car vacuum cleaners in China, but we are not one of the most ruthless.

We deal with every client in an identical manner, irrespective of their order quantity.

We have no minimum order quantity limit, you can even buy just 1 product, and you will receive the same superb quality.

We will present you with wholesale rates, factory visits, and material specimens even for just one piece order.

We believe in fairness and honor all of our clients, both newcomers, and huge clients, in the same way.

Why Are STE Car Vacuum Cleaners One Of The Best In The Market?

We do not claim that STE car vacuum cleaners are the only best in the market. But we can guarantee our car vacuum cleaners are one of the best that you can find in the market.

STE car vacuums have the following features which make them the best in the market;

  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Wholesale Price
  • Can be customizable
  • Come in all colors and sizes
  • Have no minimum order quantity
  • Have CE, RoHS, FCC, UL certificates
  • Easily Washable filters or canisters
  • Are designed by the best engineers
  • Reusable canisters and HEPA filters
  • Come in handheld and stick options
  • Come in cordless and wired options
  • Come in various designs and functions
  • Manufactured from the best quality material
  • Are inspected after every step of production
  • Easy to open and close for cleaning purposes
  • Defected pieces are rejected during production
  • Have the quickest production period, 4,000 pieces/day
  • Produce up to 7k Pa suction power with only DC 12 V
  • Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
  • Have free attachments for easy cleaning of different areas
  • Come in wet/dry feature for liquids and dry waste cleaning
  • Come with additional features like led light, tire inflator, e.t.c
  • We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need

STE Car Vacuum Cleaners Vs Other Local One’s Test Series on Youtube

Functioning Comparison 


Filter Comparison


Motor Comparison


Wire Quality Comparison


STE Car Vacuum Cleaner

The car vacuum cleaner is one assortment of interior vehicle accessories. Whether you are a brand importer or a small retailer of auto accessories, the car vacuum cleaner is a good business.

Nowadays we spend 1-2 hours at least in our car, SUV, or truck, we have breakfast and drink coffee in the front seat. There’s something dropped in the car.

When you have a child, there are always crumbs on the floor mat; When you have a lovely dog, there’s dog hair everywhere.

That makes a car vacuum cleaner a must for every car driver.

As a leading manufacturer of vehicle vacuum cleaner, the sales increases yearly, and our shipping quantity becomes larger. So, please leave your inquiry here to add an auto vacuum cleaner to your interior auto accessories.

STE produces the largest quantity of 12V vacuum cleaners with LED lights. It’s not only we offer the best cost, but also we have good quality.

What’s the key data of a car vacuum cleaner, suction power, not working power?

It’s the suction power that decides a vacuum cleaner can vacuum more debris or more quickly.

Some customers are looking for a 120W car vacuum cleaner or even 150W. In a way, 120W car vac is more powerful than 50W – 60W, but STE will tell you we produce lower working input power but keep the same suction power, the really powerful performance. The advantage is obvious that our vacuum cleaner is using less electricity, has a longer working time, and it’s much safer for your car battery.

suction power – kPa

Now we could produce as largest as 7kPa for a 12-volt vacuum cleaner, absolutely it uses a better and much more expensive motor and special internal structure.

Firstly, Let’s clarify what kPa stands for and what kPa suction power is just fine for the cleaning job.

kPa – a kilopascal is a unit of air pressure. There’s a simple conclusion about what it can do at different kPa.

Suction PowerFunction
1.4kPa – 1.8kPaJust vacuum a coin.
2kPa – 2.5kPaEasily vacuum a coin, but can’t pick up an iPhone 8
2.8kPa – 3.5kPaPick up an iPhone 12
4kPa – 5kPaVacuum the weight of 2 iPhone 12
6kPa – 7kPaNew tech on the high-level vacuum cleaner
Above 7kPaIn the new development

Motor – all copper material


Cyclone Technology

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