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Since 1992, our manufacturer started to produce the cleaning tools, now we can cover all your need of car wash solutions for cars, trucks, SUVs and RV’s. With an area of 20,000 square meters, STE car wash brush manufacturer owns 35 automatic injection machines for the plastic handle, mop, or brush head, and 8 imported flocking machines for the bristle and brush. That allows us to have the ability to supply the car wash brushes in a very short time.

Besides, our manufacturer has ISO 9001 and we pass the BSCI factory audit. Every STE car wash brush is produced according to the strict quality control standard. Send your immediate inquiry about car cleaning brushes.

Car Wash Brush

Exterior brush with soft bristle

Auto Detailing Brush

Wash the car interiors

Flow Through Brush

Water Flow Thru brush w/ soap dispenser

Car Wash Mop

Long handle for the car roof

Car Wheel Brush

Clean the tires, wheels, rims

Snow Brush

Soft car brush cleans ice, snow

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STE – Your Premium Car Wash Brush Manufacturer in China

Over 18 years of development in the car cleaning industry, STE has become one of the biggest car wash brush manufacturers. Each brush needs a lot of labor to produce and assemble, we have 600 workers to supply you with the best-qualified car wash brushes on time, we have 35 injection machines, 8 flocking machines, and 12 flowering machines to produce the brush bristles and heads. With our own machines, STE can custom any color of the car brush.

At the same time, STE puts a lot of energy into the design of new car wash brushes. Before mass production, there’s a strict process to test the function, material, and handle. We supply the highest quality products, and that’s why our car wash brushes are well accepted in the market.

Welcome to send your inquiry of any car wash brush, we provide OEM & ODM service and hope to become your supplier of car cleaning products.

  • A full range of different car cleaning brushes
  • Custom any color of bristle & handle
  • Quick sampling process and free sample
  • Provide OEM ODM service
  • On-time delivery warranty

STE Car Wash Brush

Last year we produce 23 million car wash brushes and car cleaning tools. It’s really a big business. A small factory is not able to produce such a large volume car cleaning brush for you. They have fewer machines to produce the bristle, or they even don’t have their own flocking machines. On the other hand, they don’t have a large warehouse for your promotion orders. For a car wash brush set in a double blister package, it can only load 2,000 sets for a 40’container. It does need a large enough warehouse for the finished goods and workshop for the assembly work. We are the right supplier and are able to service your big order well and smoothly.

Car Wash Brushes | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Over 1.44 billion vehicles are being driven on the streets every day, and when they get dirty, they need a wash. According to a report, the car wash industry is worth more than $35 billion.

Car wash kits are necessary for washing cars, and it is important to note that brushes are an essential part of car wash kits.

We at STE manufacture many kinds of car wash brushes not only of premium quality but also at wholesale prices.

In this article, you will learn a lot about car wash brushes, such as their kinds, costs, colors, special features, how to use them,  and much more.

Let us learn about Car wash brushes in detail;


What Is A Car Wash Brush?

As the name suggests, a car wash brush is simply a brush, but it is specially designed for cleaning and washing a car.

Car wash brushes come in many shapes and features for cleaning, washing, and drying purposes.

You can use car wash brushes on different areas of a car, such as;

  • Roof
  • Wheels
  • Screens
  • Bumpers
  • Headlights
  • Whole Body
  • Whole Interior
  • More.

Car wash brushes come in many colors, and you can use them for personal as well as commercial purposes.



Are Car Wash Brushes Bad For Paint?

No, car wash brushes do not scratch paint as long as you use them properly.

There are three kinds of brushes;

  • Wheels washing Brushes
  • Interior cleaning brushes
  • Exterior Body washing brushes

Wheel brushes are hard and only ideal for washing wheels, and if you use them on a car body, they may cause scratches on the paint.

Interior cleaning brushes are only ideal for cleaning seats, dashboard, ac vents, e.t.c. You can not use interior cleaning brushes for exterior cleaning because they are too soft and small for removing hardened debris from the whole car body.

While exterior body washing brushes have unique gentle bristles and rubber covering on the edges for avoiding paint damaging. In addition, a flow-through feature is also available, which is specially designed for the washing of the car body with a constant flow of water so scratches can be avoided.

In summary, you can say that as long as you keep using the brushes in their suitable places, no scratches will happen on paint or other parts.

How Much Do Car Wash Brushes Cost?

The price of car wash brushes depends on many factors, such as;

a) Kind

b) Customization

a) Kind

The price of a car wash brush mainly depends upon its design. Basic brushes are simple and the lowest in price, while premium brushes have special features ( extendable handle or flow-through, e.t.c. ) and are the highest in cost.

b) Customization

Adding each of the following customizations in the standard design of the brushes will add more cost to the overall price;

  • Personal logo
  • Special Packaging
  • Change the shape of the brush
  • Special color shade or color combination
  • More.

It is important to note that all basic packings and basic colors are free. We will only charge extra if you have a special color(s) or packaging material demand for car wash brushes.

The average cost of STE Car Wash Brushes lies between $2 ~ $38.



How Do You Clean Car Detailing Brushes?

Car wash brushes also get dirty after use, and it is very necessary to clean them because a dirty brush may cause scratches.

You can clean any car wash brush by following the below steps;

  • Collect the materials
  • Wash the brush


a) Collect the materials

In the first step, collect the following materials;

  • Blower ( optional )
  • Water hose ( optional )
  • Microfiber towel ( optional )
  • Dirt trap or Grit guard ( optional )
  • Soapy Water Bucket ( only in bucket method )
  • Dishwasher liquid or all-purpose cleaning liquid
  • Spray bottle ( if using all-purpose cleaning liquid )

b) Wash the brush

Now, there are two methods for washing a brush, such;

  • Sink Method
  • Bucket method

In the sink method, you will only need dishwashing liquid. Put the cleaning liquid on the brush and rub it gently by hand to create some froth. Afterward, scrub the brush on the dirt trap ( if available ) or keep scrubbing it by hand to remove all the entrapped debris. Finally, rinse and dry the brush before storing. You can leave smaller brushes in a horizontal position to dry, while it is best to hang or place large brushes in a vertical position for drying to avoid bending bristles.

While in the Bucket method, you will need an all-purpose cleaner liquid, a spray bottle, and a soapy water bucket. First, make a 10 to 1 ratio solution of cleaning liquid and water in the spray bottle. Now, spray the solution on the brush and rub the brush on the dirt trap in the bucket. Afterward, rinse the brush in clean water or with a water hose. Finally, dry the brush with a microfiber towel or a blower or by a simple flick off on the ground.


What Is A Tire Brush Used For?

During driving, tires got a lot of mud, motor oil, brake dust, and other debris entrapped in them.

Most wheels are composed of rubber and alloy rims, which can not be scratched easily. So, tire brushes are harder than normal car brushes. You can say that tire brushes bristles are strong enough to get all the debris out of deep areas, while at the same moment, bristles are soft enough not to scratch the rims.

It is best not to use a tire brush on other areas of a car, such as the exterior body or interior, because there is a high chance that hard bristles will cause scratches on paint or plastic or other parts.


How Do You Use A Flow-Through Brush?

Flow-through car wash brushes can be used on all areas of a car without any worry of scratching because there is a constant flow of water, which decreases the friction between the bristles and body during scrubbing and ensures that paint or other areas will not get scratched.

A Flow-through brush is very easy to use, and by using it, you can wash your car faster.

You can follow the below steps for properly using a flow-through brush;

  • Put cleaning liquid in the bucket
  • Connect the hose with the brush
  • Turn the switch on for water flowing
  • Fill the bucket with water
  • Dip the brush in a bucket
  • Rub the brush on desired car area
  • Continue dipping and scrubbing the brush until all car is covered
  • Extend the handle for scrubbing off the roof and other long areas
  • Now, rinse the car with water only and gently rub it if needed
  • Finally, dry the car with a microfiber towel


How Do You Use A Snow Brush On A Car?

Removing snow not only increases the visibility and performance of your car but also saves your car from rusting by road salt ( which is spread on roads in winters to control ice and snow formation ).

Follow the below steps to properly remove snow from your car;

  • Clean exhaust pipe
  • Turn the defroster on to soften hardened snow on the car, especially snow on windshields.
  • While the car is heating, by using the bristle snow brush ( horizontal position ), remove the snow from the hood, roof, and trunk by push and pull motions.
  • Now, by using the brush and scraper, clear snow from side windows.
  • Afterward, remove snow from headlights, beam lights, side mirrors, indicators, e.t.c. by using the snow brush.
  • Finally, when the defroster has softened snow on windshields, remove fluffy snow with a bristle brush, while for hardened snow, hit scraper vertically, and remove the ice by push and pull strokes.

What Are The Various Applications Of A Car Wash Mop?

The car wash mop is a 2 in 1 all-purpose mop. It consists of a chenille sponge head and an extendable handle. The mop head can be rotated 180°, which makes the cleaning safe and easy.

The various uses of car wash mop are given below;

  • Can be used in mopping a floor
  • Can be used in the washing of bathrooms
  • Extendable handle allows for easy cleaning of building large windows and doors.
  • Long handle allows for easy cleaning of a car roof without straining the back.
  • The chenille head is detachable and can be used as a duster for car interior cleaning or as a wash mitt for car exterior washing, or as an absorber for car drying.

The microfiber structure of the chenille sponge is highly absorbent, swirl-free, lint-free, soft, and scratch-free ( especially for car paint ).


What Are The Different Kinds Of STE Car Wash Brushes?

We at STE manufacture car wash brushes in many kinds;

  • Basic car wash brush
  • Interior detailing brush
  • Flow-through car brush
  • Car Wash extendable mop
  • Car wheel brush
  • Snow Brush

a) Basic Car Wash Brush

A basic car wash brush is the simplest and cheapest in price. It consists of a simple plastic handle with a bristled brush head. You can use this brush for washing wheels, bumpers, windshields, floor mats, pedals, and other non-paint areas of a car. You can also use this brush for cleaning purposes in homes, such as the washing of bathrooms, kitchens, e.t.c.


b) Interior Detailing Brush

Car Interior Detailing Brushes have extra-soft scratch-proof bristles for cleaning of car delicate interior areas, such as;

  • Seats
  • Console
  • Steering
  • Ac Vents
  • Dashboard
  • More.

Mostly, these brushes are small in size so that they can access narrow places easily.


c) Flow-Through Car Brush

As the name suggests, flow-through brushes have a unique feature that allows a constant water supply through the pipe into the brush. The water between the brush and body decreases friction and makes the brush scratch-proof even during scrubbing. So, flow-through brushes are ideal for washing of car exterior without any worry of damaging the paint. You can also use these brushes for cleaning house windows, doors, e.t.c.


d) Car Wash Extendable Mop

The car wash mop is a 2 in 1 all-purpose mop. It consists of a detachable chenille sponge head and an extendable handle. The mop head can be rotated 180°, which makes the cleaning safe and easy. The microfiber structure of the chenille sponge is highly absorbent, swirl-free, lint-free, soft, and scratch-free ( especially for car paint ). You can use an extendable mop for washing, drying, and dusting purposes.


e) Car Wheel Brush

Car Wheel Brushes have hard bristles because mud, brake dust, motor oil, and other debris are firmly entrapped in the tires, and separating them needs force. These brushes are simple in design and have a long lifespan. Due to hard bristles, a wheel brush can not be used on a car body because it may scratch the paint.


f) Snow Brush

As the name suggests, a snow brush is used to remove snow from a car in the winter season. Mostly snow brush consists of three parts;

  • A rotatable bristle brush head
  • Extendable handle
  • Ice scraper at base

The bristle brush is used for removing fluffy snow, while the hardened ice on windshields, windows, and side mirrors is separated by a scraper. The extendable handle made it easy to remove snow from the far side of the roof.



Can You Change The Design Of Car Wash Brushes?

We at STE have 35 injection molding machines for the formation of any design of car brushes. If you want a brush of your design, simply send us a picture or even a drawing of the brush, so we can get an idea about what you want. After getting the idea, we will make a detailed 3D functional design in the software and will make a handmade brush prototype in 7 days.

We will send you the prototype for inspection, and if you want any changes, we will make them. Finally, you will first pay for the mold fee, which will be around $3k ~ $5k, then we will manufacture your design car brushes as many as you want, and if your order crosses 100k in quantity, we will return you back the mold fee.

As one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning products in China, we will not charge extra and will give you the car brushes of your design at the lowest wholesale prices.

Can You  Add Your Own Logo On Car Wash Brushes?

Yes, you can add your own logo either on the head or handle of the car wash brush. We offer both printed and embossed logo services to our customers according to their liking. It is important to note that printed logos are less costly, but they also fade away, while embossed logos cost a little more, but they last almost the entire lifespan of the product.

Besides logos on car brushes, you can also add your logo on the packings. Depending on the packing material, you can print or sew or patch your logo.

What Are The Various Packings Kinds We Offer For Car Wash Brushes?

We at STE offer our car wash brushes in three kinds of packings materials;

  • Cardboard Packing
  • Plastic PVC Bag Packing
  • Double Blister Packing on a PDQ

The first kind of packing, which is cardboard, gives a car wash brush an attractive look while it is on a shelf for sale.

The second kind of packing, which is a plastic bag, is more practical because a buyer can use the bag again and again for storage of its car brush after every use.

The third kind of packing, which is a double blister on a PDQ, is the best packing for display because, in this packing, there is a cardboard back and a clear plastic cover on the front. On cardboard, you can print your logo, and through the clear cover, you can see the product without opening the pack, which makes these packings even more attractive than simple cardboard box packings. Plus, putting double-blisters-packed products on a PDQ helps in many ways, such as;

  • Give your shop a loaded look
  • Will arrange products in lines
  • Will make products more visible in a shop, which will help in attracting more customers


What Is The Delivery Time Of STE Car Wash Brushes?

We at STE manufacturer have 25 injection molding machines, 12 flowering machines, and 8 flocking machines for making different kinds of car wash brushes. We can make 23,000,000/- car wash brushes every year.

If you have a special design car wash brush, we will make a handmade prototype and ship it to you in 7 days. After you like it, we will start making it in your demanded quantity, and after production completion, the shipment will reach you in 30 or more days. But if you choose a car wash brush(es) from our available designs, time on making and shipping of the prototype will be saved.

In short, you can say that the delivery time of available design car wash brushes is much less ( half a month or even a full month ) than the delivery time of creating a new design brush.

Why Is Our Car Wash Brushes Better Than Local ones?

STE car wash brushes have the following benefits over other local ones;

  • Lightweight
  • Have longer lifespan
  • Come in many colors
  • Have Lowest factory price
  • Can be cleaned easily after use
  • Have a firm grip for easy holding
  • Have no minimum order quantity
  • Customizable logo option available
  • You can choose the packing material
  • Come in various designs and features
  • Are produced by experienced workers
  • Manufactured from best quality material
  • Make cleaning of different car areas easier.
  • Are inspected after every step of production
  • Faulty pieces are rejected during production.
  • Have 18+ years of manufacturing experience
  • Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
  • Can be used for personal as well as for commercial purposes
  • Have fastest manufacturing period, 63,013/- brushes per day
  • We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need
  • Wheel brushes have hard bristles for cleaning entrapped debris in wheels
  • Body wash brushes have extra-soft bristles for cleaning car body without scratching paint
  • Car wash mop has a microfiber structure that is not only highly absorbent but also lint-free and swirl-free.

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