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Whether you are new to car wash products and would like to find a supplier, or you’re looking to add new car wash kits to your current car wash lines, STE would be one of the best car wash kit suppliers.

We are available to offer you basic car wash kits including microfiber towels, microfiber cloth, polish pads, sponges, and wheel brushes. You will get a well-organized transparent PVC bag or a lightweight toolbox. You can also have a professional solution to add a car polisher, car vacuum cleaner, garden hose, and high-pressure washer into the car cleaning kit.

Car Wash Kit

Microfiber towel, wash mitt, sponge, bucket

Car Wash Kit Car Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum the dust between the gap

Car Wash Kit with Garden Hose

Long expandable hose to reach your vehicle

Car Wash Kit with Flow Through Brush

Telescopic car bush extends to 1.7m

Car Wash Kit with Mop

Multifunctional detachable mop head

Car Wash Kit with Foam Gun

Easy to create soap without a bucket

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STE – Your Professional Car Wash Kit Manufacturer

STE is committed to developing top-of-the-line car wash kits to solve every car wash problem you may come across. We are the No. 1 car wash kit supplier and you can see our car cleaning items in every country. With our people, our 15 years of experience, and thousands of operational tests, we can help you raise up a comprehensive line of car wash solution products.

Whether you are a wholesaler of car wash kits, we have many options for you, and all kinds of colors like green, orange, yellow, grey, or blue. It will help you create a professional image and promote the car wash kit business.

Whether you are an experienced importer, we’re able to offer the best quality OEM service, with our most competitive price and 100% on-time delivery time. Please send an immediate inquiry about car wash kits.

  • Cover all the need for exterior & interior
  • Available car wash kits for your choice
  • Includes both electrical & non-electrical
  • Easy to carry
  • Cleans your vehicle simply

STE Car Wash Kit

A car wash kit covers all the possible car wash products you will need. STE has a full line of car cleaning items, and we developed many car wash kits for those that are used most frequently. So, it will be a smart car wash kit, just figure out the problem that will happen when washing your car, SUV, truck, or RV.

As a leading supplier of car wash kits, you can trust our product quality. We have a strict quality control system to ensure premium quality for microfiber, plastic handle, aluminum tube, or ABS housing. Our car wash kits won’t damage your vehicle, the car paint, or the interior.

Car Wash Kits | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Car wash kits are used by almost all the people in the world. According to a report, the car wash kits industry is worth more than $35 billion, and it will increase a lot more in upcoming years.

We at STE not only provide car wash kits at factory prices but also of high quality.

In this article, you will learn a lot about car wash kits, such as their prices, items, how to use them, delivery duration, do they scratch your car paint, and a lot more.

Let us learn about Car wash kits in detail;


What Is A Car Wash Kit?

A car wash kit is a collection of various washing items, so you can easily clean various areas of your vehicle, such as a microfiber towel to clean body paint and interior, squeegee to clean windows, brush to wash tires, and so on.

Car wash kits come in different sizes with different collections of items. You can use car wash kits not only in homes but also commercially on car wash service stations.

A car wash kit can be used for various purposes;

  • Waxing
  • Washing
  • Quick dusting
  • Interior cleaning
  • Much more…

A car will get dirty sooner or later, especially with everyday drive in 1~2 days. A dirty car not only looks bad but also increases the rusting.

Due to rust, there are two problems that will arise;

  • Paint will start to get damaged from various areas, and repainting the car will cost you a lot of money.
  • The metal frame will weaken, which will decrease the market worth and lifespan of the car.

So, cleaning a vehicle when dirty is very necessary not only to make it look beautiful but also to increase its life and save you from a lot of unnecessary money losses.



What Items Are Included In Car Wash Kits?

Car wash kits come in various sizes, each kind containing different items. Overall you can say a car wash kit may have the following items;

A car wash kit does not need to have all items in it. Large-size car wash kits will have more items than small-size kits, but the price of large-size kits will also be more than small ones.


How Much Does A Car Wash Kit Cost?

The price of Car wash kits depends upon 3 factors;

  • Size of kits
  • Design of items
  • Customization of kits

a) Size of kits

The size is the major factor that determines the prices of car wash kits. Kits with a lot of items will be more costly than kits that have fewer items. It is important to note that some kits may have fewer but expensive items ( foam gun, expandable hose, e.t.c ), which makes them more costly than kits that have more items.

b) Design of items

The price also depends upon the design of items present in car wash kits. For example, a squeegee comes in various designs, such as;

  • Mini squeegee
  • Basic rubber head squeegee
  • Squeegee with sponge
  • Silicone squeegee
  • Telescopic Squeegee
  • Spray function squeegee

Mini squeegee has the lowest price, while the spray function squeegee has the highest price, and all other squeegee design prices lie in between them.

Besides squeegees, other items of car wash kits also come in various designs. So, if 2 car wash kits have the same number of items, then a kit with premium design items will be more costly than a simple design items kit.

c) Customization of kits

Special Customization will also increase the price of car wash kits. In the below customization cases, a little money will be added to the overall cost of the kits;

  • Personal logo
  • A special combination of colors
  • If you want a different design of items from our standard design
  • More.

It is important to note that we provide a lot of basic colors choices for free. We will only charge more in case if you want your special shade of a color.

The Price of STE Car Wash Kits ranges from $1 ~ $20



How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Dirt not only makes the car look ugly, but it also damages the car paint and other areas. So, cleaning a car will return its beauty as well as save you from unnecessary money losses.

As a general rule, if your car does not get dirty much then, it is necessary to wash it every week or once in two weeks. But if your car gets dirty a lot, then you can even wash it daily.

You need to clean the affected area as soon as possible in case of the following situations;

  • Mud
  • Dust
  • Road salt
  • Animal droppings
  • Bugs and insects spots
  • More.

As long as you are washing your car properly, it will not get damaged even if you wash it a lot.

Do Car Wash Kits Items Scratch Car Paint?

No, car wash kits do not scratch paint as long as you use them properly.

Our car wash kits cleaning items, such as towels, sponges, dusters, e.t.c, have a premium quality microfiber structure. The microfiber feature allows you to gently lift, hold and remove wax, dust, stains, sealants, and other particles from your car without damaging the paint.

In contrast, other local car wash kits have simple cloth items which not only work improperly but also damage the precious paint of your vehicle.

In addition to quality, how you use and maintain a car wash kit also determines if it will scratch the paint or not.

For example, using the kit items in their respective places ( microfiber towels on the body, brush on the tires, e.t.c. ) without applying extra pressure and cleaning the items after every use will ensure that car paint does get damaged.


What Is The Best Way To Wash Your Car With A Car Wash Kit?

For properly washing your car with a car wash kit, follow the below steps;

  • Check the Condition of your car
  • Collect items
  • Wash tires
  • Headlight Cleaning
  • Exterior Body Washing
  • Wash Windows
  • Clean Interior
  • Apply Wax

a) Check Condition of Your Car

First of all, check what the dirty level of your car is. You can arrange the car dirtiness condition in 3 levels;

  • Car is fully covered in mud from the lower frame to the upper body
  • Just the lower sides are covered in mud
  • Car is not very much dirty ( just some dust, e.t.c. )

By finding out the dirtiness level of your car, you can determine

  • What kind of items do you need from the car wash kit
  • How much cleaning agent and water will you need
  • How much time it will take
  • More.

b) Collect items

In this step, you will collect;

  • Needed items
  • Get needed water and cleaning agent in buckets

For washing purposes, you will need the following items;

  • Brush
  • Buckets
  • Squeegee
  • Microfiber towel
  • Wax ( if needed )
  • Expandable hose
  • Sponge / Wash mitt
  • Foam gun ( if available )
  • Vacuum Cleaner ( if available )
  • More.

The 2-bucket system and 3-bucket system are both very famous when washing your car.

In a 2-bucket system, one bucket is filled with soapy water while the other is with clean water. During washing, you will first dip the wash mitt or microfiber towel or sponge in the clean water and afterward in soapy water every time to avoid dirtying of soapy water.

In a 3-bucket system, 2 buckets are filled with soapy water and 1 with clean water. 1 soapy bucket and 1 clean water bucket are used as same as in the 2-bucket system. The remaining soapy water bucket is only used for cleaning tires because they are the dirtiest part of the car.

If you use the same soap water bucket for cleaning of car body and tires, then the uncleaned soap water will not only damage the car paint but also make cleaning more difficult. So, even in a 2-bucket system, change the soap water after washing tires and before cleaning the body.


c) Wash tires

As tires are the dirtiest area of a car, so wash them first. Follow the below steps to properly wash the tires;

  • First, rinse the tires with clean water ( using a hose if available ).
  • Secondly, get a brush from the car wash kit, dip it first in a soapy water bucket ( which we prepared in the 2nd step ) and afterward use it well on the tire. Keep on dipping and cleaning the tire until all the dirt is removed.
  • Finally, rinse the tire again with clean water.

d) Headlight cleaning

After cleaning of tires, it is best to wash headlights first. Always change the soapy water after tire cleaning for best results.

Follow the below procedure for headlights cleaning;

  • First, rinse the headlights with clean water.
  • Then, using wash mitts or microfiber towels, apply the soapy water ( by 2-bucket mechanism ).
  • Now, rinse the headlights again, and finally, using a moist cloth, clean the headlights.

e) Exterior Body Washing

Now, for washing of the main body, follow the below procedure;

  • By using a hose or clean water bucket, rinse the whole car body.
  • Now using the 2-bucket mechanism, apply soapy water by using a microfiber towel or wash mitt or sponge.
  • Now, rinse the body again to remove all the dirt.
  • Finally, dry off your car with a microfiber towel.

If you have a foam gun, apply the foam in the 2nd step and then allow the foam to set for a few minutes. Rinse the car and again spray the foam but this time rub the wash mitt or microfiber towel on the body while the foam is still on. It is best to dip wash mitts or microfiber towels in 2 clean water buckets because double-dipping will remove all the dirt particles and decrease the chances of paint damage.

f) Wash Windows

If you want your car windows crystal clear without any water spots, follow the below steps;

  • Rinse windows with water
  • Using soap or foam, wash the windows
  • Now, rinse windows again
  • Finally, get a squeegee from your car wash kit, and by using it, clean the windows to remove any water spots.

g) Clean Interior

When washing of car exterior is done, you can now clean the car interior if it is dirty.

Follow the below steps for proper cleaning;

  • Pick large objects from seats, mats, and other areas.
  • If you have a vacuum cleaner, use it to clean car seats, mats, dashboard, center console, and other parts of the interior properly.
  • Remove the car mats and wash them if they are too much dirty.
  • Use a dry or moist microfiber towel to clean seats, dashboards, and other areas.
  • At last, if you want, apply shining spray on plastic parts of the car interior.


h) Apply Wax

Finally, when all cleaning is done, and the car is fully dry, you can apply the wax. Never use too much pressure when applying wax because it may even damage the paint.

Wax not only gives a shine to the paint but also protects the paint from UV light and environment damaging agents such as dust, dirt, e.t.c.


What Are The Different Kinds Of STE Car Wash Kits?

We at STE provide our Car Wash Kits in different kinds for all kinds of personal and commercial uses;

  • Basic Car Wash Kit
  • Car Wash Kit with Vacuum Cleaner
  • Car Wash Kit with an Expandable Hose
  • Car Wash Kit with a Flow-Through Brush
  • Car Wash Kit with a Multi-Purpose Mop
  • Foam Gun Car Wash Kit

a) Basic Car Wash Kit

Basic Car Wash kits contain the following items;

  • Brush
  • Duster
  • Sponge
  • Wash Mitt
  • Basic Squeegee
  • Microfiber Towel
  • 1 x Foldable Bucket

With the help of the above items, you can clean different areas of your car more neatly and quickly. These kits have the lowest price and can be used for home as well as on car wash service stations.


b) Car Wash Kit with Vacuum Cleaner

These car wash kits have all the items of basic car wash kits, but in addition, a 12 V vacuum cleaner is also included in them. In addition to cleaning the exterior, these kits are also suited for interior cleaning. Because the vacuum cleaner comes with different attachments, which you can use to clean different interior areas more easily, such as a brush to clean seats and carpet, nozzle to clean narrow places, e.t.c. You can use these kinds of kits for personal as well as commercial uses.


c) Car Wash Kit with an Expandable Hose

In addition to basic items, these car wash kits come with an expandable garden hose. Benefits of expandable hose are given below;

  • It can be used for watering a garden
  • You can also use it for washing your house
  • You can use it to rinse the car with pressure
  • It is expandable, which means it will shorten after use and save storage space

These kinds of car wash kits are more suited for home usage.


d) Car Wash Kit with a Flow-Through Brush

As the name suggests, these kits have basic washing items as well as a special Flow-through brush. Flow-through, in the name, means water flow through a pipe out of the brush continuously. You can use a flow-through brush to rinse the car body as well as to apply soap.

A flow-through brush has many applications;

  • Car washing
  • Metal Doors cleaning
  • Home windows cleaning
  • More.

Although a normal brush can cause scratches on car paint, while a flow-through brush is entirely safe for use because it has a constant supply of water which lowers the friction and save car paint from damage.


f) Car Wash Kit with a Multi-Purpose Mop

In addition to basic items, these kits have a special 2 in 1 multi-purpose mop, which is basically an extendable pipe with a detachable chenille sponge attached to its end.

The benefits of 2 in 1 multi-purpose mop are given below;

  • Wash the car roof easily with an extendable pipe without straining your back.
  • Can be used for the dusting of vehicles, ceiling fans, home windows, and so on.
  • De-attach the chenille sponge from the pipe and use it as a wash mitt in cleaning the exterior as well as the interior of the car.
  • More.

The microfiber structure of the chenille sponge is swirl-free, highly absorbent, soft, lint-free, and scratch-free ( especially for car paint ).


g) Foam Cannon Car Wash Kit

As the name suggests, these car wash kits have a foam cannon in addition to basic washing items. Foam cannons make the applying of soap very easy and make the whole washing process more enjoyable. Without a doubt, the foaming process removes the dirt from the car more properly, but creating foam out of a cannon bottle needs a pressure washer ( not included in the kit ). The foam gun washing method is a costly process and is mostly used at the commercial level.



Can You Customize Your Own Car Wash Kits?

We at STE have 15+ years of experience producing car wash kits. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of car accessories in China.

You can see the chart below to customize your own car wash kits;

     STE Specifications            Your Needs
                Logo●      You can add your logo on items as well as on the packing              Let us know


●      PVC bag packing

●      Box packing

●      More.


Let us know





●      Red

●      Blue

●      Grey

●      Green

●      Yellow

●      Orange

●      More.





Let us know


        Design of items

●      Standard design

●      Premium Designs

●      Ultra-Premium designs


Let us know


                Kit size

●      You can include any number of items in your kits 

Let us know


       Additional Items

●      Car Polisher

●      Pressure Washer

●      More.


Let us know

What Are The HS Codes Of STE Car Wash Kits?

HS codes are the international custom codes that are accepted worldwide.

All STE products have a 6 to 10 digits code. Just give this code to your nation’s custom branch, and they will give an exact custom tax on the shipment of your products.

As we have a lot of experience in the shipment of products to different countries, we can guide you through all steps or simply introduce you to some shipping company, which will deliver your shipment to your doorstep.

The HS Code for STE Car Wash Kits is 9603909090.

What Is The Delivery Time Of STE Car Wash Kits?

As one of the largest manufacturers of car cleaning products in China, we can deliver 200,000 car wash kits every 30 days.

One of the main benefits of buying from us is that you can select a number of items as well as designs of items in the kits. When you are selecting a design of an item, you can choose not only from our available designs but can also create a new one of your liking.

If you choose a kit from our available packages, we will start its production right away, but if you choose a kit of a special number of items or a special design of item(s) or both, we will make a prototype kit, and ship it to you for checking. When you confirm the prototype kit, we will start making it according to your needed demand.

When done making, we will send you the order, and you will receive it in 30 days or more.


Why Are Our Car Wash Kits Better Than Local Ones?

We are also one of the biggest manufacturers of Car Wash Kits in China. We have many mega factories in which hundreds of employees are working to produce various kinds of car wash kits.

STE car wash kits have the following benefits over other local ones;

  • Lightweight
  • Have longer lifespan
  • Come in various kinds
  • Do not scratch car paint
  • Have Lowest factory price
  • Kits items come in many colors
  • Have no minimum order quantity
  • You can choose the packing design
  • Customizable logo option available
  • Are produced by experienced workers
  • Manufactured from best quality material
  • Make washing of different car areas easier
  • Are inspected after every step of production
  • Faulty pieces are rejected during production.
  • Have 15+ years of manufacturing experience
  • Have fastest manufacturing period, /- per day
  • Most washing items in kits have various design levels
  • Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
  • Can be used for personal as well as for commercial purposes
  • We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need
  • Cleaning towels, wash mitts, and sponges have a microfiber structure that is not only highly absorbent but also lint-free and swirl-free.


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