CV106 Wet & Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

CV106 is the best price 12V wet dry car vacuum cleaner. The shell is transparent, you can see through the shell and vacuum the water quickly and safely.

You can order one sample to try the wet function. Any requirement of car vacuum cleaner, we will offer you the best solution.

  • Transparent Shell to see through
  • Dual Filter Systems
  • Washable Cloth Filter
  • Wet & Dry Function
  • Custom Any Color

Input: DC 12V

Rated Power: 60W

Working Current: 5A

Suction Power: 1.8kPa

Cord Length: 2.8m

Attachment: 2 pieces

1.8kPa Suction Power Vacuum Machine

STE Wet & Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner

CV106 is the most classic wet dry car vacuum cleaner. You can find a rubber surface nozzle in this vacuum. It has a big function.

With this rubber nozzle, the vac can stick to the surface and vacuum all the spills a bit slowly, and store them inside the transparent can safely. No worry that the wet liquids will flow out again.

We have several options for the color of the shell, dark grey, light grey, red. For sure, it’s transparent. When it vacuums the spilled coffee on the seat, you can see how full of the dust can inside. It ensures you to make the cleaning job quickly, also to protect the wet-dry vacuum being damaged by the liquid.

Also important is, the filter is reusable. Just wash it and dry it for the next use.

STE produce many wet & dry car vacuum cleaners for years, we accept OEM orders.

Any requirement of car vac, just leave your message.

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