CV108 LED Light Car Vacuum Cleaner

This LED light car vacuum cleaner offers you an extra function to light the area during the working. You can see clearly where the dust is and use the crevice nozzle to clean it out.

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  • With LED light
  • Long flex hose
  • Brush head
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Large dust can

Input: DC 12V

Rated Power: 55W

Working Current: 4.2A

Suction Power: 1.6kPa

Cord Length: 2.8m

Attachment: 4 pieces

1.8kPa Suction Power Vacuum Machine

STE LED Light Car Vacuum Cleaner

Equipped with the LED light makes the vacuum work quite convenient. You can see the small dust at the corner, and pick it up easily with the tool of crevice nozzle.

CV108 LED Light car vacuum cleaner is just a product like this.


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