CV119 Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner

Look at our newest car vacuum cleaner in 2021-2022. This mini-size CV119 car vac delivers a better suction power as strong as 4.5kPa.It can easily vacuum the weight of an iPhone.

Both 12V corded and 7.4V cordless are for your options. Just send an instant inquiry, free samples are available.

  • Mini-size to put in your glove box
  • 4.5kPa powerful suction
  • Easy to storage
  • Both 12V and cordless
  • Quick lead time

Input: DC 12V / 7.4V Cordless

Rated Power: 60W

Working Current: 5A

Suction Power: 4.5kPa / 3.3kPa

Cord Length: 2.8m

Attachment: 2 pieces

3.5kPa Suction Power Vacuum Machine

STE Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner


This mini-size car vacuum cleaner is able to be put into the side door slot, glove box, or center box. It’s easy to get it when you want it to work.

It also delivers pretty strong suction power though it’s small size. The test result is as high as 4.5kPa, it’s enough to vacuum the weight of an iPhone.

Any requirement of car vacuum cleaner, just leave your message.

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