CV120 Mini Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This cordless CV120 vacuum cleaner owns 2 lithium batteries, total 2000mAh, which can last max. 20 minutes. You can take it anywhere to vacuum any stuff, debris, dust, or liquid spills.

  • Max. working time 20 minutes
  • 3.3kPa suction power
  • Slim design, compact size
  • Both 12V and cordless
  • HEPA filter

Input:  7.4V Cordless / DC 12V

Rated Power: 60W

Working Current: 5A

Suction Power: 3.3kPa / 4.5kPa

Cord Length: 2.8m

Attachment: 3 pieces

3.5kPa Suction Power Vacuum Machine

STE Mini Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


The super-compact cordless vacuum cleaner is very necessary for car cleaning, home cleaning, or office cleaning. You can even put it in your pocket and take it out when you need it to vacuum something.

The premium battery can ensure you around 20 minutes working at one charge. You will get a USB cable to connect it with a USB port to charge our cordless vacuum cleaner. In 4-5 hours, it will get it down.

Any requirement of car vacuum cleaners just leaves your message.

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