Does Car Sunshade Work?

If you are looking to buy sunshades for your hot car but are unsure if they work or not, don’t worry. In this blog, we will explain in detail how they work and what benefits you can get from them. So keep reading!

1) How Do Car Sunshades Work?

“Car sunshades are defense shields that can be fixed to windshields, side windows, and back windows to prevent sunlight from entering the car and ultimately help reduce the temperature.”

The second law of thermodynamics states that; 

“Heat transfer occurs spontaneously from higher- to lower-temperature bodies but never spontaneously in the reverse direction.”

In simple words, this law explains that heat will move from a hot to a cold place, and this is exactly what happens when you drive your cool car during summer. So, to stop heat coming in, you can use Car sunshades, which works;

“They are made of Nylon; nylon is diamagnetic as it doesn’t have free electrons in its outermost shell, so it is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Therefore, it will not allow a conduction mechanism to occur, and all the radiations ( UV, IR, and others ) will reflect from the surface of sunshades; ultimately, you can drive along with ease and comfort.”

In addition, expensive car shade covers have an additional aluminum layer, which has a high reflectivity ( about 90% ) and bounces back most of the incoming radiation, ensuring very little heat passes through ( what little heat passes through is then rejected by nylon ), so your car stays cool even in very hot summers.

Now, suppose you parked your car in sunlight and radiations are continuously entering your car and are being absorbed by the molecules of car material ( that will increase their kinetic energy), which in turn elevates the overall temperature of the car, and all of your material inside will start burning. 

In contrast, when using car sunshades, all the radiation will be blocked before entering the car because aluminum possesses metalloid properties (a mashup of metals and non-metals ), which can make electrostatic associations with alpha and beta particles ( which are acutely harmful to the skin when absorbed  ), and don’t let reach near you.

To be honest, car sunshades are not very costly they repay you multiple of your investment by protecting you from severe ruination of the material such as your expensive items inside the car, car interior condition ( because seat covers, rubber rugs, and steering wheel material start melting in high temperature ), and more importantly your health.

Here’s one thing worth mentioning: after a series of experimental work, investigators concluded that if you continuously place your car in sunlight for about 1 hour, then it can elevate the temperature of the cabin and dashboard up to 60°C to 93°C, and if a human being is exposed to such temperature for few minutes then it can be life-threatening and can lead to heart attack, heat exhaustion, and even death.

Have you noticed that when something stays exposed to sunlight for a long time, its color starts fading? Likewise, when sunlight continuously falls on the car’s internal parts ( seat cover leather, steering wheel, etc. ) starts losing its color. But sunshades don’t let this happen, and safeguard you and your articles from sun damage.   

You know sunlight absorbs moisture from anything in no time, so how can you expect your car items to be safe from dehydration? In reality, long exposure to harsh sun radiations sucks all of the moisture from the car’s body parts and results in the pealing of seat covers, steering wheels, etc. 

Moreover, the temperature can cause plastic (seat and steering cover) to melt, releasing harmful molecules like benzene, which is responsible for many diseases like anemia and can destroy the immune system. 

Therefore, car sunshades reflect 75% to 80% of the heat or light towards its source, keeping the car cool, which reduces the chances of health issues to the maximum extent.


2) Experiment: Does car Sunshade work in real?


To confirm that car sunshades will actually reduce the temperature inside the car, we decided to experiment with two BMW cars of the same model. This practical happened on a hot sunny day with a temperature of about 30° C.

All of the essential steps of the experiments with observed results are discussed below:

Step no 1) Buy a Sunshade


We purchased car sunshades that matched the shape and size of our car’s back window ( as it was the most exposed area to sunlight ). We used the cheaper one because we want to show you that even an inexpensive sunshade is also worth using, but car sunshades are also available in all price ranges based on their quality. 

Figure 1 Experiment Does Car Sunshade Work in Real
Figure 1 Experiment Does Car Sunshade Work in Real


Step no 2) Install it in the Car


Just take the window sunshade and unfold it. After that, fix it tightly to the back window of one car and keep the other car without sunshades.


Step no 3) Final Results 


Now, place a thermometer on the cabin of both cars for about an hour. The temperature of the car without a sunshade ended up at about 50°C, which was rising 2 degrees almost every single minute; therefore, the temperature rose 20°C.

Whereas, the other car in which we installed the car sunshades ended up at a temperature of about 33°C, which shows that due to the sunshades, there is a minor difference in the interior temperature of the car even after standing for an hour in hot summer.   

Lastly, we can observe that there is a clear difference in temperatures of both cars, which gives us proof that car sunshades really work. Hence, it will be beneficial for you to use a car sunshade so that you and your expensive items in the car may be protected from harmful rays of sunlight.

Figure 2 Thermometer Placed in the Car to Compare Temperatures
Figure 2 Thermometer Placed in the Car to Compare Temperatures
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