Can You Dry Car Seat Covers in A Dryer?

Cheesy Burgers or pizzas, kids’ dirty shoes, road dirt and debris, make-up, and a lot of other stuff get on our seats every day, which basically makes the car look like a trash house, even the smell of the part. Starting a day with a trash-looking car will certainly ruin the mood. Well, if you are in the same situation, don’t worry. We will not tell you to buy costly new covers but teach you how to clean your previous cover without spending a penny. So, if you are here to learn how to wash and dry your covers, you are at the right spot.

Figure No 1 Is it safe to use a dryer for car seat covers
Figure No 1 Is it safe to use a dryer for car seat covers

Is It Safe to Use A Dryer for Car Seat Covers?

No and Yes; whether you can dry your car seat cover in a dryer will depend on its material and quality. For example, plastic-like stuff like Polyester can be put in a dryer because it is not much affected by heat or pull of the machine, while premium stuff like sheepskin, leather, suede, etc., can never be dried in a dryer because the fibers will get weakened due to heat and will loosen in size due to the pull of the dryer.

Figure No 2 How dryers work and how they damage car seat covers
Figure No 2 How dryers work and how they damage the car seat covers

It is always best to check the manufacturers’ recommendation tag on seat covers, which will tell if these covers are suitable for dryer or air-drying. 

How to Dry Car Seat Covers?

It is best to always air-dry covers, preferably on the floor, because if you dry them in a wire, the extra weight of the water will pull them toward the ground and increase their length/width. 

Moreover, don’t put covers in extreme sunlight because it will fade away their color and dry the fibers like a crisp, giving you a hard discomfort when you sit on them.

Can You Wash Car Seat Covers in A Washing Machine?

Yes and no; most covers that you can find in the market are machine washable except the premium ones like Sheepskin or something velvety like this. However, materials like polyester, mesh, suede, leather, neoprene, canvas, etc, are all machine washable.

Figure No 3 Can I machine wash car seat covers
Figure No 3 Can I machine wash car seat covers

It is important to note that if a cover is machine washable, it depends on its material and quality. So, always check for manufacturers ’ recommendations from the cover label, and if they allow, then wash them in a machine. Even if the cover is not machine washable, fortunately, all covers can be washed by hand. Here are some tips to wash any cover;

  • Clean the cover with a vacuum cleaner to remove all dust and debris, which may later dirty the water and spread on the whole cover.
  • If there are only 2-3 dirty spots, take a gentle brush and some mild detergent water solution to clean all dirty spots while the cover is still on the seat. 
  • Now, if the whole cover is dirty, get it off the seat
  • Put some warm water ( not hot ) and mild detergent in a machine ( if it is machine washable ). Finally, wash the cover on a gentle wash cycle. During washing, make sure the water is clean and fresh.
  • Get it out of the machine and air-dry it under medium sunlight, preferably on a straight surface ( not a wire ).

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