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STE has been manufacturing cordless screwdrivers for 15 years, we focus on the 4.8V Ni-cd or 3.6V Lithium battery screwdriver and produce the largest quantity in China.

Each day we can manufacture 5,000 sets of electric screwdrivers or drills. With enough stocks of motors, gears, and battery packs, STE can offer fast delivery time for any of your electric screwdriver orders.

STE can give you the best price for rechargeable electric screwdrivers.

Compact body, wireless design, but strong power, which makes the power electric screwdriver the best gift for father’s day. It can put 200 screws at one full charge, easy to loosen or tighten the screws with the forward and reverse function. Quick to be charged for the next time use.

Battery Operated Electric Screwdriver

Ni-cd battery for a cheap cost, you need to charge the machine every two weeks. 3.6V lithium battery screwdriver is a more popular choice, only adding a little of cost. It has an automatic protection system to keep the battery full for a long time. Also, STE has a dry battery-operated mini-screwdriver.

Mini Electric Screwdriver

The mini electric screwdriver has a super slim design like a pen. It equips 55 precision screw bits for any handy repair jobs for a watch, toy, camera, or phone. The bright LED work lights to make the repair much easier. A great tool & gift for your family or friends.

Adjustable Handle Electric Screwdriver

The quick turn design gives your 2 positions in a tight space. Press the button, rotate the handle in 90°to a stick driver, rotate another 90°to pistol grip driver. The soft rubber grip makes the screwing easy, the large trigger allows better speed control.

Pink Mint Electric Screwdriver

The best female tool set is the electric screwdriver, it delivers 3N.m torque and can finish as many screws as possible in a short time. It saves a lot of time and force for the women. STE can manufacture the housing in pink, mint, or purple color to suit female’s requests.

Electric Screwdriver Set

The power screwdriver set includes all the necessary sizes and types of bits, drills, extension bar, flex shaft, like Slot, Phillips, Pozi, Torx, or Hex bits. They’re made of rust-resistance CRV or carbon steel. With these popular bit accessories, the electric screwdriver set can cover all the possible repair jobs.

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STE – Your Professional Electric Screwdriver Manufacturer

Having been in the power tools industry for 15 years, STE becomes one of the largest electric screwdriver manufacturers. We focus on the rechargeable lithium-ion / Ni-cd battery power screwdrivers.

There’re two spare part assembly lines for the motors, gears, and batteries.

Every STE cordless screwdriver gets a 100% discharging and charging test before the final packing. You will buy our electric screwdrivers without any quality problem.

OEM & ODM orders are welcome, we are experienced at creating new molds and producing prototype samples in a quick time. We can custom the handle in any color like pink, purple, red, or orange colors.

Besides the machine, there’s a variety of accessories and packing ways for your choice. You can add the sockets, extension bar, as many bits as possible. We have the double blister packaging, a color box with an open window, a cloth storage bag, and a customized BMC.

Waiting for your inquiry email about the electric screwdriver, we, at STE manufacturer, will give you a satisfactory answer.

  • As long discharging time as 45 minutes
  • Heavy-duty soft rubber handle
  • UL, ETL, CE, GS certificated adaptor
  • BSCI factory audit certified
  • Produce 200,000 electric screwdrivers every month

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Electric Screwdriver | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Nowadays, Electric Screwdrivers are replacing normal screwdrivers in almost every field of life, such as all kinds of industries, homes, workplaces, and so on. According to a report, the Electric Screwdriver market is worth more than $410.3 million and is increasing at a fast rate.

We at STE are one of the leading manufacturers in China. We can not only make the best quality Electric Screwdrivers for any kind of work, but we can also mass produce them at the lowest prices.

You must have a lot of questions about our Electric Screwdrivers, such as their manufacturing material, price, quality, design, battery capacity, motor quality ( brushless or simple ), charging time for cordless ones, and so on. Do not worry, we will try to cover all such questions below.

So, let us start right away!



✔ What is an electric screwdriver?
✔ Are electric screwdrivers any good?
✔ How does a power screwdriver work?
✔ What is an electric screwdriver called?
✔ How much torque does a screwdriver have?
✔ What are electric screwdrivers bits made of?
✔ WWhat is the difference between a corded vs. cordless electric screwdriver?
✔ What is the difference between Li-ion Vs. Ni-Cd Vs. Ni-MH batteries?
✔ Are electric screwdrivers safe?
✔ Do electric screwdrivers unscrew?
✔ Are electric screwdrivers easy to use?
✔ How long does it take to charge a screwdriver?
✔ How do I choose the right electric screwdriver?
✔ How long does an electric screwdriver’s battery last?
✔ What are the different types of screw heads?
✔ Why do we have different types of screw heads?
✔ How many volts do I need in a cordless screwdriver?
✔ Are all cordless electric screwdrivers battery powered?
✔ How do you maintain a screwdriver?
✔ Why do electricians carry so many screwdrivers?
✔ What are the different types of electric screwdrivers kits STE offers?
✔ What is the price of electric screwdrivers?
✔ What is the warranty on electric screwdrivers?
✔ What is the lifespan of an electric screwdriver?
✔ Can you add your own logo on socket sets?
✔ Can you change the design of an electric screwdriver?
✔ How do you get a free sample of an electric screwdriver?
✔ What are the certificates we offer for electric screwdrivers?
✔ Do we also offer different power tool accessories?


What Is An Electric Screwdriver?

An Electric Screwdriver is just like a normal manual screwdriver, but it is fitted with a motor that revolves bit heads to fasten & unfasten the screws, instead of your hand.

The Electric Screwdriver, as the name indicates, works on electric power which can be provided by connecting a battery ( in cordless ones ) or attaching the cord ( in corded ones ) into a power plug.


Are Electric Screwdrivers Any Good?

Yes, Electric Screwdrivers are good from manual screwdrivers in 3 ways;

 Manual ScrewdriversElectric Screwdrivers


●      Need human force, so workers get fatigued very easily and less work will be done.●      Work on a motor, workers only need to press a button, so no hard work & least fatigue. More work can be done.


●      When turning a screw by hand, takes a lot of time, which can cause a loss of a lot of money, especially in production industries.●      Turning a screw with an electric screwdriver is very fast. In industry electric screwdrivers can increase production rate by many folds & earn you huge profits.



●      Fastening a screw to the right value is very necessary to avoid accidents. But screwing properly with your hand is not 100% accurate, especially when you have a lot of screws to tighten.●      Electric screwdrivers have an adjustable automatic off feature, which can stop the motor when the right fastening value is reached. So, 100% accuracy almost all the time.


Electric Screwdrivers are being used in the following areas of life;

  • Home Use
  • DIY projects
  • Ships Industry
  • Space Industry
  • Mobile Industry
  • Airplane Industry
  • Computers Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Products manufacturing Industry
  • Anywhere else where screws are used.

The applications of Electric screwdrivers are enormous. Mostly, premium Electric Screwdrivers have powerful motors, which allows them to use for;

  • Drilling
  • Screwing
  • Nut/bolt rotating
  • Revolving brushes for cleaning
  • More…

How Does A Power Screwdriver Work?

In order to understand the working principle of Power Screwdrivers, let us first know their basic parts;

  • Power Source ( Battery or Electrical Plug )
  • Motor
  • Gear Box
  • Chuck
  • Bit

a) Power Source

Every Electric Screwdriver needs electrical energy to run its motor. The motor can be brushed or brushless depending on Power Screwdriver quality. The electric energy can be provided in 2-ways depending upon the model;

  • By Battery, which can be recharged
  • By connecting the Power Screwdriver directly to a live electric switch with a Cord

The power source is connected to a motor.


b) Motor

When you connect a power source to Electric Screwdriver & press the start button, the electricity runs through the motor which converts electrical energy into rotational mechanical energy, which means the motor drive shaft starts revolving.

The motor is connected to a gearbox.


c) Gear Box

A gearbox is present between the motor & Chuck. The purpose of a gearbox is to control the torque and speed of the motor driveshaft for the chuck. Depending on the model, many good-quality Electric Screwdrivers allow the user to change the torque/speed of the chuck when needed.


d) Chuck

A chuck is simply a special clamp that is used to hold bits. The gearbox box rotates the chuck, which in return rotates the bit which is connected to it, and finally, the bit turns the screw.


You can change the direction of rotation of the motor, which will finally change the revolving direction of the bit. So, you can rotate the screw in whatever direction you want for fastening or unfastening it.



What Is An Electric Screwdriver Called?

Electric Screwdrivers are also known by many other names, such as;

  • Power Screwdrivers
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Corded Electric Screwdriver
  • Electrical Impact Screwdriver
  • Brushless Electric Screwdriver
  • Impact Drill Cordless Screwdriver
  • More…


How Much Torque Does A Screwdriver Have?

Electric Screwdrivers come in different torque powers.

Mostly Torques Value for;

  • Daily-Life Use: 3 Nm ~ 20 Nm
  • Industrial Use:01 Nm ~ 180 Nm

You can decide during buying how much torque you want in your Electric Screwdriver according to your application.


What Are Electric Screwdrivers Bits Made Of?

There are many kinds of Electric screwdrivers in the world, and the materials from which their bits are made will depend upon their quality.

As one of the largest manufacturers, We at STE make your Electric Screwdriver bits from high-quality Chrome Vanadium Steel. We can also make bits from Chrome Molybdenum or other materials of your choice.


What Is The Difference Between A Corded Vs. Cordless Electric Screwdriver?

We at STE make both kinds of Electric Screwdrivers, such as;

  • Corded Screwdrivers
  • Cordless Screwdrivers

Both of them have their own pros & cons. In order to differentiate between them follow the below table;



 Corded Electric ScrewdriverCordless Electric Screwdriver
Power Source●      Cord connected with Electric Plug●      Battery
 Use Time●      Almost Unlimited ( Just need to let it cool down when heated a lot )●      Limited depend upon battery power
Use AnywhereX
Easy StorageX
Weight●      More●      Less
 Ease of Use●      No, cord length is limited and it may get in the way of work.●      Yes, Can be used at any hard-to-reach place, and no need to worry about a cord.
Price●      Less●      More


What Is The Difference Between Li-ion Vs. Ni-Cd Vs. Ni-MH Batteries?

As one of the biggest manufacturers in China, we at STE offer 3 kinds of battery options in Electric Screwdrivers, such as;

  • Lithium-ion ( Li-ion ) Battery
  • Nickel-cadmium ( Ni-Cd ) Battery
  • Nickel-metal hydride ( Ni-MH ) Battery

Each of them has its own pros & cons. You can see the chart below to fully differentiate between these batteries;


 Ni-MH BatteryNi-Cd BatteryLi-ion Battery
Size●      Largest●      Medium●      Smallest
 Weight●      Heaviest of all ( 2x more heavy from Ni-Cd )●      Medium●      Lightest.

Life Span

●      500-800 cycles before its capacity start dropping.●      700 – 1000 Cycles before its capacity starts dropping.●      400 ~ 1200 Cycles before its capacity starts dropping.
Power Storage Capacity/weight✓✓✓✓✓


Battery Management Circuit ( BMS )

●      No need, which saves money.

●      But adding it will improve performance.

Li-ion batteries are fragile, so a BMS circuit is a must. It helps avoid overcharging, over-discharging, etc, which ensures more output and protects from damage.
Provide Power ✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓
Thermal Runaway ( Over Temperature Exploding  )●      Medium Chances●      Lowest Chances●      Highest Chances
Work in Extreme Temperatures✓✓✓✓✓✓✓



●      No toxic heavy metals.

●      Easy to dispose of.

●      Contain Cadmium which is a hazardous waste.

●      Disposing of is hard.

●      No Hazardous material.

●      Easy to dispose of.



If a battery stays unused for long, it may lose its power storage level or become dead permanently either due to self-discharge or staying empty.
➢   More Self-discharge rates, need to be fully charged once every month.●      Self-discharge is least. Can remain in optimum condition for months without recharging.
 Gas VentilationWhen Overcharged / Over-Discharge / during damage, all of these batteries produce excess harmful gasses, which if not vented out can cause an explosion.


Memory Effect Problem

If you drain your battery to a certain level ( for example 20% ) and recharge it. You keep on recharging at 20%, after some cycles, your battery will become dead at 20%. This is called the “Memory Effect”.
●      Less memory effect from Ni-Cd batteries.●      Yes.

●      For avoiding it, always recharge your battery when fully drained.

●      No Memory Effect.


●      Half from Li-ion

●      Same as Ni-Cd

●      2-3 times lower than Li-ion

●      Same as Ni-MH

●      Highest


Are Electric Screwdrivers Safe?

Like every machine, there are risks when using an Electric Screwdriver of any kind or of any brand. Although, in accidents, they will most likely not cause much damage.

There are 2 kinds of damage Electric Screwdriver will mostly cause;

  • May Electrocute you if you drill into a live wire.
  • A Screwdriver bit may break, shrapnel will fly away, and cause damage to you.

When you use an Electric screwdriver always follow the below steps for safety;

Make sure to turn off the main power.

Use Protective Gear, especially Safety Glasses.

Avoid drilling in the wall where live wires are present

Place something non-conductive between the floor & yourself to unground yourself.

Never touch any metal part of the screwdriver because, in case of an accident, current

may flow through the metal into you & electrocute you.

Do Electric Screwdrivers Unscrew?

Yes, Electric Screwdrivers can unscrew as well as fasten any kind of screw just by clicking on a button, which will cause the chuck to rotate in right or left any direction you want.


Are Electric Screwdrivers Easy To Use?

Yes, Electric Screwdrivers are very easy to use. All you need to do is find the bit kind, push it in the chuck, place the screwdriver on the screw and press the button. That’s all, the screwdriver will do the rest of the heavy work, which is fastening/unfastening the screw.


Your hand will no longer have to use force, so you will no longer fatigue much.

✓ A screwdriver will work very fast and save you time.

You can do more work in less time.



How Long Does It Take To Charge A Screwdriver?

The charging time will depend upon 2 factors;

  • Battery Capacity
  • Charger Speed

a) Battery Capacity:

Electric screwdrivers mostly come in battery capacity from 600 mAh ~ 8000 mAh. The more the battery capacity, the more time it will take to charge it.

b) Charger speed

Charger speed is also a very important factor in determining how fast you can charge your screwdriver battery.

For example;

  • A Normal charger will take 2 – 3 hours to charge an 18 V / 2 Ah battery.
  • A Fast charger will take only 30 mins to charge an 18 V / 2 Ah battery.

How Do I Choose The Right Electric Screwdriver?

When buying an Electric Screwdriver, you must consider the following factors;

  • Usage
  • Power
  • Shape
  • Bits Needed
  • Smart Features
  • Battery Capacity
  • Rotational Speed
  • Corded Vs. Cordless
  • Brushed Motor Vs. Brushless Motor
  • Accessories
  • Price
  • More…

a) Usage

If you are gonna use your Electric Screwdriver all day, buy a premium quality & sturdy one, but if you are gonna use it for home, then you may buy an average one.

Daily Usage Hours
Daily Usage Hours

b) Power

Usually, an Electric Screwdriver comes in 0.01 Nm ~ 180 Nm torque values. Higher torque means more power, which means easily screw will be fastened/unfastened.

But it does not necessarily mean that higher torque is always good. For example, if you are gonna use it on a PCB on a small screw, then you will only need a very small value of torque for safe work.


c) Shape

Electric screwdrivers usually come in 3 shapes;

  • Straight Shape
  • Gun-like Shape
  • Right-angle shape
  • More…

Straight shape screwdrivers are best when you are screwing from up to down or in deep spaces. Gun-shaped screwdrivers are best if you need more grip. Right-angle screwdrivers are best for hard-to-reach narrow spaces.

Some companies also offer all-in-one shape Electric Screwdrivers, which have a head that can be tilted and comes with a gun handle accessory, so you can convert a straight shape screwdriver into a gun-shape screwdriver.


d) Battery

Electric Screwdrivers mostly come in battery capacity from 600 mAh ~ 8000 mAh. More battery capacity means more running time, which is good but more capacity also means more cells in the battery which means more weight.

So when choosing a battery always look for more time but avoid too much bulky battery choice because you will have to carry it, which will make you fatigued easily. Usually, 2000 mAh is best in terms of weight and usage time.

Also, battery voltage is very important. More battery voltage means more power. Cordless Electric screwdriver mostly comes in a battery voltage range from 3.6 V ~ 20 V.

Finally, choose whether you want a Li-ion, Ni-MH, or Ni-Cd battery. The Li-ion battery is the most advanced and the best, but it is also costly.


e) Bits Needed

When buying an Electric screwdriver kit, always sees how many bits are present in it, what are the sizes, what are the shapes, and how they are arranged.

Always buy a kit that has different shapes & sizes of bits in it, because you will never know what kind of bits you will need in the future.


f) Smart Features

If you need a power screwdriver on a professional level, then it is best to look for the following Smart features, such as;

  • Built-in Led-Light, which enables you to see in dark and shady places.
  • Visual / Sound indication signs for battery and screwdriver condition.
  • The double-Locking Battery mechanism gives extra protection to a battery from falling off.
  • Built-in Bluetooth will allow you to control speed, torque, and other features live on a computer.
  • Color Marked rings make it easy to pick a specific torque value screwdriver from many screwdrivers.
  • Anti-Static Protection features protect the circuits during screwing / unscrewing from static electricity.
  • Auto-off features will automatically stop the screwdriver when the max fastening limit is reached, the screwdriver is loaded or something else happened.
  • More…

g) Rotational Speed

Electric screwdrivers mostly come in rotational speed from 12 rpm ~ 6000 rpm.

More rotational speed means quicker a screw will be fastened. So, for daily life usage, buy a screwdriver with at least 500 rpm ~ 3000 rpm. But more speed is not always the best, especially in screwing very big screws where you need more torque.


h) Corded Vs. Cordless

Corded Electric Screwdrivers are light in weight, can be used for unlimited time.

While Cordless screwdrivers are no doubt bulky and their usage time depends on battery but they can be used where no electric plug is present, they are not bound to a wall like corded ones, as they have no wire so you will not have to worry about the wire being getting in the way, and finally, they operate on battery not on live current so you will not have to worry about getting a shock.

If buying a cordless screwdriver, consider what charger speed you want, normal/fast, and do you want a wireless charger or not.


i) Brushed Motor Vs. Brushless Motor

Brushed motor screwdrivers are less price but they have less lifespan, while brushless screwdrivers are more pricey but can be used for a longer period of time.

If you are buying a screwdriver for home then you may buy a brushed motor one but if you are buying for professional work, it is suggested that always buy a brushless motor one, because it will give more efficiency, save electricity, and will last longer.


j) Accessories

Always look for how many accessories are present, the more the better it is. Normally, Electric Screwdrivers may have the following accessories;

  • Drill Bits
  • Spade bits
  • Flexible Shaft
  • Cutter Attachment
  • Right-angle attachment
  • More…

k) Price

Finally, Price is the most main factor, which you can manage by following the below factors;

  • First, decide which features you want.
  • Then find some Electric Screwdrivers of the features you decided on earlier and sort out the best one from it.
  • If the price is still too high from your budget, then subtract one or more features that you are not in need of, and the price will hopefully get in your budget.

How long Does An Electric Screwdriver’s Battery Last?

An Electric Screwdriver battery lasting time ( usage time ) will depend upon battery capacity and working conditions.

More battery capacity means more time you can use your screwdriver before the battery will get empty. Usually, a 2.0 Ah battery can power a screwdriver for 40 minutes of continuous use.

Environment conditions, such as too hot or too cold, and working conditions like you are overloading the screwdriver, will cause the battery to drain faster than normal. You can not control the environment but never overload the screwdriver.

Always buy a high Ah, high voltage, and high power screwdriver, if you want your battery for many hours.

What Are The Different Types Of Screw Heads?

There are many kinds of Screwheads, such as;

  • Torx
  • Bristol
  • Square
  • Tri-Wing
  • One-way
  • Polydriver
  • Hex or Allen
  • Pentalobular
  • Slotted ( SL )
  • Triple Square
  • Spanner Head
  • Pozidrive ( PZ )
  • Philip Head ( PH )
  • More…

Most of us know only Slotted, and Philip head screws. You can see the most used Screwheads below;


Why Do We Have Different Types Of Screw Heads?

We have different kinds of Screwheads due to 3-main reasons;

  • Cost
  • Torque
  • Security
  • Self-Centering

a) Cost

The cheapest are slotted heads, then comes Philip head, then square, and so on. Usually, the more complex the shape, the pricier it will be.

b) Torque

The more sides a screw has means the more torque it can handle. Slotted heads have 2 points of contact so they can not handle high torque and get stripped easily. Philip screws have 4 points of contact but they are not deep enough so they can handle average torque. While Square, Hex, Torx, and other more sides screws can handle high-torque values.

c) Security

Some companies develop their own screw head shapes to prevent people from tampering with the products on which they are used. This method is only good for some time because people develop tools for those screws too and sell them. But those tools will not be easily accessed by everyone, so this method does provide some security for the long-term but only against normal people.

d) Self-Centering

Slotted head screws do not have the self-centering ability with the bits, so they can not be used in automated machines, while Philip and other complex shapes screws have a self-centering ability which makes them ideal to use in automatic machines.

In summary, there are so many screw heads because companies want to manage cost against need (torque/security/ease of use ).

How Many Volts Do I Need In A Cordless Screwdriver?

Usually, Cordless Screwdrivers come in a Voltage Range of 3.6 V ~ 20 V.

The thumb rule in choosing the voltage of a Cordless screwdriver is the heavier the work is, the more voltage you will gonna need.

For example, if you are choosing an Electric Screwdriver for home use, you may choose a 3.6 V, 4.8 V, 9.6 V, or other low voltage versions. But if you are doing work in the automobile industry, then it is best to get an 18 V or 20 V screwdriver.

Plus, more voltage means a more efficient screwdriver electrical system, which means less loss of current in the wires and more battery life.


Are All Cordless Electric Screwdrivers Battery Powered?

Yes, all Cordless Electric Screwdrivers are Battery Powered because Cordless means no cord, which means you cannot connect it with an Electrical Plug directly for power. So, you will have to power with another way which can only be a battery.

How Do You Maintain A Screwdriver?

Maintaining your Electric Screwdriver will surely increase its life manyfold.

You can maintain a screwdriver in the following ways;

  • Clean it regularly.
  • Do not overheat it.
  • Lubricate it if needed according to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Inspect bits for cracks, if present, replace damaged bit(s) asap.
  • If after turning on, but do not move due to low torque, then switch off the screwdriver, in under 10 seconds, to avoid damage to the motor.
  • If Screwdriver shakes unusually, bits fall off the chuck easily, speed is not right, or anything else mechanical happens, repair your screwdriver asap.
  • If corded, check the cord regularly for any kind of damage to avoid electrocution. If cordless, do not cause the battery to overheat, or it may get damaged beyond repair, and do not drain it completely before recharging.
  • More…

Why Do Electricians Carry So Many Screwdrivers?

Electricians use so many screwdrivers due to 4 main reasons;

  • Mostly use manual screwdrivers whose heads are fixed, but there are many screw heads shapes. So, they need many different head screwdrivers for different shapes of screws.
  • There is more than one person to use screwdrivers at one time.
  • There are many sizes of screws, so they need many sizes of screwdrivers.
  • They need to keep extra screwdrivers if one breaks, gets lost, somebody loans it, or e.t.c.

But now New Electricians keep only one Electric Screwdriver kit with them, which contains most sizes & shapes of bits ( which can be attached to the screwdriver head when needed ) for different kinds of screws. So, now there is no need to carry so many screwdrivers, just buy one Electrical Screwdriver kit, and make life easy.

What Are The Different Types Of Electric Screwdrivers Kits STE Offers?

  • Cordless Screwdriver Kit
  • Brushless Screwdriver Kit
  • Corded Electric Screwdriver Kit
  • Impact Electric Screwdriver Kit
  • Handle Electric Screwdriver Kit
  • Gun-Grip Power Screwdriver kit
  • Right-Angle Electric Screwdriver Kit

a) Cordless Screwdriver Kit


We at STE manufacture both Home-grade and Industrial-grade Cordless Electric Screwdrivers. We offer Cordless screwdrivers that have a battery capacity from 600 mAh ~ 8000 mAh, and voltage range from 3.6 V ~ 20 V . We also offer Wireless as well as fast charging options in our battery chargers. You can also choose any battery material, such as Li-ion, Ni-Cd, or NiMH for your screwdrivers.

b) Brushless Screwdriver Kit


We at STE also make Brushless Screwdriver kits for greater quality. Brushless screwdrivers are more costly than Brushed motor Screwdrivers but they save battery, give more power, need less maintenance, can last longer, and much more. If you wanna buy a Professional Industrial-grade screwdriver, then always buy a Brushless Screwdriver kit.

c) Corded Electric Screwdriver Kit


Corded Screwdriver kits are less costly & light in weight than Cordless ones of the same power and quality. One of the main benefits of Corded screwdrivers is that you can use them for an almost unlimited time ( you have to stop when a screwdriver is overheated ), while in cordless ones, the battery gets empty in a very short time. We offer cord lengths of 5 ft ~ 10ft, or any of the customer’s choice.

d) Impact Electric Screwdriver Kit


Impact Electrical Screwdrivers are professional-grade screwdrivers with very high torque values for heavy-duty work. Usually, their torque values range from 45 Nm ~ 180 Nm, while a normal screwdriver’s torque range is usually between 3 Nm ~ 20 Nm. Impact Power Screwdrivers mostly have a brushless motor and speed adjusting mechanism. You can use our Impact Screwdriver for screwing, drilling, and nut/bolt turning. 

e) Handle Electric Screwdriver Kit


We at STE produce a Handle or Straight shape Electric Screwdriver which not only has an ergonomic grip and high efficiency but also has one hand Right/Left change direction feature for easy use.

f) 2 in 1 Straight & Gun-Grip Power Screwdriver kit


One of the main benefits of operating our 2-in-1 Straight & Gun Shape Electric Screwdriver is that when you are using it on a wall, you can convert it into a gun shape, and it will give you extra grip. But when you are using it for screwing up to the bottom, convert it straight, for ease of use. Plus, our screwdriver is designed in such a way, it will make the work easier and cause less fatigue.

g) Right-Angle Electric Screwdriver Kit


If you want to do work in a narrow space where neither gun shape screwdriver reaches nor handle shape screwdriver, do not worry, our right-angle Electric Screwdriver will reach it very easily. Because its head is so slim that it can fit small places and fasten/unfasten the screws there.

Some of our Right-angle Electric Screwdrivers models have tiltable heads, which means you can move the head and make it a straight screwdriver.

Note: In all of the above Electric Screwdrivers we offer the following features choices; speed ranges from 12 rpm ~ 6000 rpm, torque range from 0.01 Nm ~ 180 Nm, smart Bluetooth feature, brushless/brushed motor, automatic stop feature, cord / cordless option, bits shape & size, and more.

What Is The Price Of Electric Screwdrivers?

We at STE make Electric Screwdrivers at Wholesale factory prices.

Our Electric Screwdrivers prices range from : $  10  ~  $   20   .

What Is The Warranty On Electric Screwdrivers?

As one of the largest manufacturers in China, We at STE offer Power Screwdrivers with up to 2 years of warranty.

What Is The Lifespan Of An Electric Screwdriver?

We at STE make the best quality Electric Screwdrivers screwdrivers. If you care for our screwdrivers in the best way, they can last for decades in personnel use, and in professional work, they can last for 2 years ~ 7 years or more.


Can You Add Your Own Logo On Electric Screwdriver?

Yes, we can add your logo on Electric Screwdrivers in the following ways;

  • Printed
  • Sticker Logo
  • Rubber Logo
  • Embossed Logo
  • More…

Can You Change The Design Of An Electric Screwdriver?

Yes, as one of the largest manufacturers in China, we offer both OEM & ODM services. Just send us the specifications of the Electric Screwdriver of your choice, and we will make it exactly like that and send you a sample for checking. And after you like it, we can proceed to bulk order.

How Do You Get A Free Sample Of An Electric Screwdriver?

Just send us a message about what design(s) of Electric Screwdriver you like and how much quantity you want. And if you are eligible, we will send you a free sample asap.

What Are The Certificates We Offer For Electric Screwdrivers?

We can offer different kinds of certificates for Electric screwdrivers according to customer’s country, for example;

  • PSE certificate is well-known in Japan
  • UL / ETL certificates are famous in the US market
  • CE / GS certificates are liked in the European market
  • More…

It is not necessary that you will get a certificate according to your country, you can ask for any certificate and we will provide it for you.

Do We Also Offer Different Power Tool Accessories?

We at STE also manufacture many other kinds of Power Tools & their Accessories of premium quality but at cheap prices. Click this link to go to the Power Tool Accessory ( PTA ) page.

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