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Premium quality expanding hose pipe reaches 1,200 cycles
Specialized in garden hose industry for 20 years

Expandable Hose Manufacturer

Your Reliable Expandable Hose Manufacturer

STE has 5 screw extruders, each machine 5 meters long. You will get on-time delivery from us, no matter for urgent order or small quantity. Each month we produce 80k pieces of flex hoses.

STE manufactures the best stretchy garden hose with premium 3-layer natural latex and 3500D polyester. With this quality, you will have a 2-year warranty.

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2 Generation Expandable Hose HOS101

Self-extends up to 3 times its length

Heavy-duty Expandable Hose

3-layer latex core & thick polyester coating

1 Generation Expandable Hose

Great improvement than normal garden hose

Expandable Hose with Nozzle

Easy to connect with 9 pattern nozzle

Expandable Hose with Storage Rack

Special design plastic rack

Cheap Garden Hose

Lightweight PVC tube

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STE – Your Top-rated Expandable Hose Manufacturer

Established in 2001, STE has developed into a medium-scale expandable hose manufacturer in China. We have an area of 14,000 square meters, 50 skilled workers. All the automatic machines manufacture all kinds of water hoses, collapsible hoses, stainless hoses at high efficiency.

Also, STE has a professional test room for all the life cycle tests, raw material tests, function tests. We have the rich experience of using the suitable core and webbing at the most competitive cost, whether choose latex, or mixed latex and TPE core. You will have the quality warranty only if your people use and store the expandable hose properly.

Thanks for the improvement for the material, we start from the heavy metal hose, and then 1 generation expandable hose, and then 2 generation hose. It gets the watering job much easier and enjoyable.

Any inquiry of garden hose, garden tools, please feel free to contact us.

  • Magic hose to 3 times its length under the water pressure
  • Self-retract when no water
  • Premium latex or TPE core
  • No kink, no tangle
  • Plastic holder or rack for easy storage

STE Expandable Hose

Expandable Hose 3 Times Length

If you’re looking for a supplier for an expandable garden hose, STE will be a reliable one. We have specialized in the garden hoses, garden tools industry for 20 years.

We focus on quality improvement and make our shrinking hoses to the top-quality level.

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