How Do You Use a Portable Tire Inflator for a Car?

If you have a flat tire or have ever been in a similar situation on a road where the nearest tire shop is miles away and you have a tire inflator with you but don’t know how to use it, then you are in the right spot. In this blog, we will explain step by step how to use this tire pump to fill your tires anywhere and get yourself out of any stranded situation. So, keep reading!


Step no 1) Park the car safely.

If you are going on a road and suddenly feel a wobbling, your tires are punctured or loose. In that case, look behind and slowly try to get your car to the service/emergency lane of the road (make sure that you don’t stop your car suddenly; otherwise, the vehicle from behind may hit you ). You must keep in mind that slowly doesn’t mean late; you should get to the emergency lane as soon as possible.

Figure no 1 Park car safely
Figure no 1 Park car safely    

When you get to the lower lane, stop your car in a wide area and switch all the brakes on ( to be safe, put something behind 2 of your tires if you are on a slope).

Step no 2) Check your Tires.

First, you must check your car tires carefully to see which tire is punctured and carefully check the tire’s air pressure with a tire gauge because the maximum tire air pressure is 35 psi. 

You should check the leakage point on the tire and find out the source( nail or thorns ) that caused the tire to puncture. 

figure no. 2 check tire
figure no. 2 Check tire

Step no 3) Get the Inflator kit out.

In your car, the inflator kit is present at different positions like;

  • the trunk
  • the luggage compartment
  •  under the front-row seat of the passengers

From these locations, you can get the kit out. 

figure no.3 inflator kit out
figure no.3 Inflator kit out

Step no 4) Prepare your Tire.

If you have a liquid sealant with you, first, we will fix the tire, and for that,

i) First, locate the nail or sharp object that had punctured your tire and get it out

ii) Now, open the valve of your tire

iii) Then put the pipe of the sealant liquid bottle into the valve and squeeze the bottle to push the liquid into the tire (the liquid amount will depend on the tire punctures; follow the user manual for that).

iv) At last, close the valve of the tire.

If you don’t have a liquid sealant bottle or repair kit, let the nail or sharp object into the tire because it will act as a tight object that will not let the air escape and let you reach the nearest tire repair shop.

figure no.4 prepare tire
figure no.4 Prepare tire


Step no 5) Plug the Inflator. 

First, get the inflator out of the trunk of your car. Then, unfold the tire inflator wire and the tube in it. Now;

i) First, connect the wire to the car’s 12-v socket of the cigarette plug.

ii) Then connect the inflator air hose pipe to the car tire valve (some use specific screw connectors to connect the air hose while others use lock-lever type connectors).

figure no.6 plug the inflator
figure no.6 Plug the inflator


Step no 6) Fill in the Air to an optimum pressure.

When the tire valve is connected to the air hose pipe of the inflator, then;

i) If you own an automatic inflator, then set the pressure in it according to your tires ( most car tires have a 3530 psi pressure limit ) and switch on the inflator; it will stop automatically when the optimum pressure is reached.

ii) In case you have a simple car air compressor switch it on and keep an eye on it until it reaches your desired pressure value; portable inflators usually require 10-15 minutes to fill the tire air pressure to 30 psi.

iii) At last, plug off the hose from the tire valve and fill the Air in other tires in the same way.

It is worth noting that you should keep checking the tire air pressure repeatedly while filling the Air because overfilling the Air causes the tire to burst. 

figure no.5 fill the air
figure no.5 Fill the air


Step no 7) Pack the Kit and store it securely.

Before plugging off the power supply, make sure to recheck the tire pressure with the gauge and confirm that it is sufficient. You should follow these steps to pack back the inflator in the kit:

i) Plug off the inflator wire switch from the 12-v socket cigarette plug of your car.

ii) Fold the wire and hose with patience and put them in the inflator securely.

iii) Place the inflator kit in your car trunk or below the first seat row. 

Your car is ready to drive after filling the tire(s). However, you must keep in mind that if you have just filled the Air and have yet to take care of the puncture, you should drive at medium speed and keep checking it again and again because it may get punctured anytime. 

So, you should take care of the puncture at the nearest tire shop like Walmart, or Autozone.

In contrast, if you have gotten rid of the puncture with your repair kit, then your tire is as good as new, and you can drive any way you want.

figure no.7 pack the inflator back
figure no.7 Pack the inflator back
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