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Only 3 booster cable manufacturers in China have the UL report.
UL standard premium quality jumper cables.

Jumper Cable Manufacturer

UL Certification – No. 1 Jumper Cable Manufacturer

STE supplies the No. 1 largest quantity of UL certificated jumper cables to the USA market.
The UL test is too strict for the jumper cable manufacturer and costs $150,000 in the first year that only the big 3 factories are able to apply for a UL certificate.

The high standard UL requires a very strict quality control from raw material, workmanship, workshop environment to product performance and function test. Every step can be tracked, and each component is listed in the UL report, to ensure our UL-approved jumper cable is safe and of premium quality.

UL Certified Jumper Cable

UL Listed 4 Gauge 20FT / 6 Gauge 16FT

Jumper Cable Surge Protector

Protects the vehicle electronics safe

Promotion Jumper Cable

200A / 400A / 600A CCA

LED Light Jumper Cable

Patent LED lighted clamps

Heavy Duty Jumper Cable

Copper coated aluminum & strong clamps

Jumper Cable Emergency Kit

Includes booster cable, tools, gloves

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STE – Top Rated UL Jumper Cable Manufacturer

STE jumper cable manufacturer was established in December 1999, we developed the full range of car emergency products, including booster cables, battery chargers, and jump starters. We cover an area of over 430,000 square feet and have 200 skilled workers. From the size of the factory, we are the second largest among all jumper cable suppliers. In terms of product quantity, we are absolutely number one. Every year it updates Walmart Audit, AutoZone Audit, and STE has all the high standard certificates like UL certification and GS/TUV certification. We have a special workshop for UL jumper cables and manufacture high-quality clamps, springs, and insulated PVC wire.

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  • CCA copper-coated aluminum material
  • Customized length & thickness for cars, SUV’s trucks, vans,
  • UL listed from 2 Gauge to 10 Gauge
  • Premium insulated PVC cable works in extreme temperatures -40℃
  • Easy to connect with colored positive and negative clamps

STE Jumper Cable

Jumper cable is one of the most necessary car accessories when in an emergency situation. STE has been manufacturing the best quality jumper cables since 1999, we are the No. 1 booster cable manufacturer. We have the highest standard workshop environment in the jumper cable industry. We have the most comprehensive certificates.

What’s more, STE can meet any of your requests for the jumper cable, urgent order with a huge quantity, factory audit, high or low-temperature test, or small quantity order. STE can get you done all. You can’t find another jumper cable supplier as we do.

Jumper Cable | The Complete FAQ Guide

Jumper cables are very necessary in the moment of need. Every wise driver keeps jumper cables in the vehicle. Sometimes jumper cables can save a lot of your precious hours, and sometimes they can be the difference between life and death.

The automotive cables market is worth more than $2.78 bn and is expected to cross $9 bn in the next few years.

In this article, you will learn everything about jumper cables, such as what are their applications, how to use them, price, how to choose them, and many more.

Let us learn in detail about jumper cables:


   ✔  What are jumper cables?
   ✔  Where can you use jumper cables?
   ✔  How to use jumper cables to start a car?
   ✔  How do I choose jumper cables?
   ✔  What is the price of jumper cables?
   ✔  What are STE jumper cables made up of?
   ✔  What is the UL certificate for jumper cables?
   ✔  What are the advantages of STE jumper cables?
   ✔  What happens if you connect the jumper cables wrong?
   ✔  What are the manufacturing kinds of STE jumper cables?
   ✔  What is the difference between a jumper cable and a battery charger?
   ✔  What are the HS codes of jumper cables?
   ✔  Can you customize your own jumper cables?
   ✔  What is the delivery time of STE jumper cables?
   ✔  Why choose STE jumper cables over other local ones?

What Are Jumper Cables?

Jumper cables, also known as “ booster cables,” are simply a pair of electrical wires used to jump-start a battery of any kind of vehicle or machinery.

Nobody knows when their vehicle’s old battery gives up or does not charge due to some issues in the vehicle parts, especially when you are alone where help is miles away.

At that moment, jumper cables come in handy to charge your vehicle battery from another vehicle battery or from some other external power source and make your vehicle operating again.

Jumper cables come in many sizes, amperages, colors, and other features depending on the kind of vehicle and area of use.


Where Can You Use Jumper Cables?

As the name describes, Jumper cables are used to give a jump-start to any kind of vehicle or machinery drained battery.

You can start jumper cables to jump-start the following vehicles and machines:

⦁ RVs batteries
⦁ Boat batteries
⦁ Cars batteries
⦁ ATVs batteries
⦁ UTVs batteries
⦁ Tractor batteries
⦁ Large aircraft battery
⦁ Snow vehicles batteries
⦁ Light airplanes batteries
⦁ Pick-up Trucks batteries
⦁ Mining machinery batteries
⦁ Passenger vehicle batteries
⦁ Earth-moving equipment batteries
⦁ Scooters and motorcycles batteries
⦁ A lot more vehicles

Besides that, jumper cables can also be used in wind and solar power systems, ups systems, tow truck booster systems, outboard motor leads, and a lot more.

How To Use Jumper Cables To Start A Car?

A car battery may become dead due to many reasons such as cold weather, running your lights all night, car parts not functioning well, and a lot others. In these cases, jumper cables can start your car and save a lot of your essential hours.

You can follow the following steps to jump-start your dead vehicle battery;

⦁ Preparation
⦁ Connection
⦁ Start Cars
⦁ Disconnection


⦁ First of all, get jumper cables.
⦁ Park both vehicles in a way that both vehicles batteries are near to each other
⦁ Make sure cars are not touching each other
⦁ Get both cars in parking or neutral with the main brake on.
⦁ Turn off the engines of both cars


⦁ Identify the positive terminal of both car batteries. A + sign or red cap will be on the positive terminal.
⦁ First, connect the one end of the red jumper cable with the dead battery, then the opposite end of the same cable with the working battery of another car.
⦁ Now get the black jumper cable and connect its one end with the working car battery.
⦁ At last, connect the other end of the same black jumper with an unpainted metal part of the car with a dead battery to avoid any mishaps in case of sparking.

Starting of Car:

⦁ First, start the car with the working battery.
⦁ Now, start a dead battery vehicle. In most cases, it should start right away.
⦁ If it does not, start the other car and let your battery charge for a few minutes.
⦁ Now turn on the ignition, and hold it for a few seconds and not more. You may need to do this step a few times to start your car.
⦁ In most cases, cars get started, but the problem is not the dead battery if it does not.


After starting your car, disconnecting the jumper cables without touch, any surface is also necessary to avoid accidents. Follow the same order but in reverse for disconnection:

⦁ Remove the black cable clamp from an unpainted metal part, then remove the other clamp of the same cable from the negative terminal of the working car battery.
⦁ Now remove the red cable first from the positive terminal of the working car battery, and then from the dead car battery.

Now, roll the cables and put them in the bag securely for future use. Drive the car for 30 min or so to recharge the battery for the next start-up.

How Do I Choose Jumper Cables?

Choosing a jumper cable for your vehicle depends upon the following factors:

⦁ Vehicle Size

⦁ Amperage and gauge Required


Vehicle size

You will need more long jumper cables if your vehicle is big. Below is the chart where you can choose the length of jumper cables according to your vehicle kind. If you have an ATV, UTV, or mini to a medium-sized car, e.t.c 10 feet jumper cable is enough. But if you have a long vehicle, a loading truck, or a big boat, then it is essential to get at least 20 feet or more of cable.

Required jumper cable length also depends on how you park your cars. You can mostly park vehicles in the following ways: front to front parking, side to side parking, or back to front parking. Jumper cable connection in front to front parking requires less length of cables than connection in front to back parking.

Amperage and gauge required

The current carrying capacity of any wire ( amperages ) increases with the increase in its thickness ( gauge ). Small vehicles need fewer gauge jumper cables because they have small amperage batteries. In contrast, large vehicles need more gauge cables due to their big batteries.

You can see the chart below to get an idea about what gauge jumper cable you need for your vehicle:

12 AWG to 6 AWG⦁ 150 Amperes to 400 Amperes⦁ ATVs
⦁ UTVs
⦁ Scooters
⦁ Motorcycles
⦁ Snow Machines
⦁ More light applications
4 AWG⦁ 400 Amperes to 800 Amperes⦁ Cars
⦁ Pick-ups
⦁ Marine Engines
⦁ More…
2 AWG⦁ 800 Amperes to 1000 Amperes⦁ Truck
⦁ Tractors
⦁ Light Planes
⦁ More commercial applications
1/0 AWG and 3/0 AWG⦁ 1000 Amperes to 3000 Amperes
⦁ More…
⦁ Aircraft
⦁ Earth Moving Equipments
⦁ More Heavy-duty Uses


What Is The Price Of Jumper Cables?

The price of jumper cables depends on many factors such as material, length, gauges, amperage, and a lot of other features.

More length and gauge means more price. Also, additional features like led, surge protector, e.t.c, add slightly more money to the overall cost.

We at STE have a 430,000 square feet area in which 200 skilled workers are working to manufacture and examine your jumper cables step by step. We are the original manufacturers of many brands.

Although our jumper cables are UL-certified, still our prices are less than many other manufacturers.

As we are the second largest supplier of jumper cables in the whole of China, so we sell our jumper cables at budget-friendly prices.

The price of STE jumper cables are: $1~$20


What Are STE Jumper Cables Made Up Of?

STE jumper cables consist of the following two main components;

⦁ Wires
⦁ Clamps

Wires: All STE wires are either made from 100% only copper or from copper-coated aluminum. While 100% copper cables are costly and are not affordable by many, we also offer copper-coated aluminum wires, which are much lesser in price but of almost the same quality. Copper-coated aluminum wires are also light in weight. Both kinds of wires are then coated with PVC to make them resistant to abrasion, oil, moisture, acid, chemicals, corrosion, and other damaging factors.

Clamps: We offer clamps in simple stainless steel, pure copper, copper-coated stainless steel, and many other materials according to customer requirements. Then they are either vinyl-coated or equipped with a rubber handle for electrical insulation and smooth grip.


What Is The UL Certificate For Jumper Cables?

Only around 10 manufacturers in the world have UL certificates for their jumper cables, and we are one of them.

UL is a US-based highest-ranking certificate for jumper cables. It has very strict raw materials, processes, workshop environment, testing, performance, and many other requirements.

We have not only UL certificates but also GS and TUV certificates for jumper cables.

All other manufacturers produce low-standard jumper cables with no certifications, and some factories have lesser quality certificates like GS, TUV, CSA, e.t.c for their jumper cables. But none of them has a quality like UL-certified jumper cables.

We can also produce non-certified jumper cables at relatively lower prices than certified jumper cables.

It all depends on you, whatever kinds of jumper cables you want, we are ready to manufacture them at affordable prices.


What Are The Advantages Of STE Jumper Cables?

All STE UL-certified jumper cables have the following features;

⦁ Have built-in strain resistance
⦁ Tangle resistant, easy to store and straighten up
⦁ Color lines are extruded on jackets to identify cables polarity
⦁ Extruded color lines are fade resistant even in direct sunlight
⦁ Our UL-certified jumper cables are tested at 600V extreme voltage
⦁ Additional surge protector and led light features for safe and easy usage
⦁ Clamps have braided copper connections to both jaws for more conductivity
⦁ Flexibility even at extreme conditions such as 105° C ( 221° F ) to -55° C ( -67° F )
⦁ Coated with PVC coatings to withstand oil, water, gas, chemicals, acids, abrasion, e.t.c.
⦁ Ends of wires are heat shrunk to avoid dirt, moisture, corrosion, chemicals, e.t.c to get into the wire
⦁ Clamps can easily fit any position of battery terminals, such as terminals located on the side of the battery, top of the battery, e.t.c.
⦁ All clamps, connectors, harnesses, e.t.c have a firm grip to avoid electrical sparks, which may start a rapid fire if something flammable is near


What Happens If You Connect The Jumper Cables Wrong?

When you connect the jumper cables in the wrong way, many problems could happen, such as;

⦁ Blown Fuse or fuses
⦁ Electrical system damage
⦁ Jumper cables damage
⦁ Battery damage

Blown Fuse or fuses: A large spark will occur when you connect the cables in the wrong way. In order to protect the electrical system of the vehicle, a single fuse or many fuses will be blown off. The car-damaged system will not work unless you replace the blown-off fuse(s). Fuses are cheap, and they protect your car from expensive repairs.



Electrical system damage: Sometimes, the fuse system does not work, and a surge can damage your car’s electrical components such as radio, lights, even the whole computer system, e.t.c. In such cases, you need to do expensive repairs.

Jumper cables damage: If the jumpers cables remain connected in the wrong way for a long duration, they may melt due to extensive heat generated or may even catch fire. It usually happens if you are either using a low gauge or cheap jumper cables.

Battery damage: Connecting the cables in the wrong way generates a lot of heat. If the wrong connection remains on for a long duration, then the battery may heat up, or excessive gas generation may cause an explosion. In that case, run away from the vehicle at least 100ft away. This will not only happen to a dead battery but also to the helper’s working battery. So, do not give a jump start to a battery if it is cracked or leaking.

All of these above accidents happen due to the following reasons:

⦁ When you click both clamps together
⦁ When both vehicles touch each other
⦁ When someone connects the polarity of the cables in a wrong way
⦁ When you connect the black cable with the negative end of the dead car battery
⦁ When you attempt to jump-start a frozen battery ( unfroze battery first, then jump-start )

What Are The Manufacturing Kinds Of STE Jumper Cables?

STE jumper cables come in the below variations to satisfy different customers’ needs;

⦁ Clamp jumper cables
⦁ Led light jumper cable
⦁ Harness jumper cables
⦁ Connector jumper cables
⦁ Surge protected jumper cable

Clamp Jumper Cables: They are the most widely used jumper cables. You can use them for any vehicle because all vehicles have batteries with terminals. These have many connectivity options, such as a clamp to clamp, clamp to connectors, and clamp to harness connections.

Led Light Jumper Cables: These kinds of jumper cables have led lights fixed at their ends. You can easily use cables at night or in cars where the battery is in a deep dark place.

Harness jumper cables: These are more advanced kinds of jumper cables. It consists of two components, one component is permanently or temporarily attached to your car battery, and the other is attached to another working car battery when needed. Then you can connect both components with a male and female connector. This saves a lot of time.

Connector jumper cables: These kinds of jumper cables have eye lugs or clamps at one side and a connector at another end. These are used to connect your car battery to a battery charger when needed.

Surge-protected jumper cable: These kinds of jumper cables have a fuse box built-in to protect your car and another person’s vehicle from electrical components damage or battery damage, or worse, in case of wrong hook up of cables or other mishaps.

What Is The Difference Between A Jumper Cable And A Jump Starter?

The main differences between a jumper cable and a jump starter are given below:

Jumper CablesJump Starter
Purpose⦁ Jump-start battery
⦁ Battery Charging
⦁ Jump-start battery
⦁ Battery Charging
Working Mechanism⦁ Work with the external power source⦁ Built-in battery
Limitations⦁ Useless without an external power source⦁ Useless without recharging
Size⦁ Large⦁ Small and easily portable
Price⦁ Less⦁ More



What Are The HS Codes Of Jumper Cables?

All STE jumper cables come with a 6 to 10 digit HS code to determine the import duties on your specific jumper cables.

Import duties change from time to time and are different for each country.

That’s where HS codes come in handy. You can give your HS code to your government and find import duties on your product.

We have shipped our products worldwide, and we will help you find import duties on your specific jumper cables.

The HS Code for STE jumper cables are: 8544421100

Can You Customize Your Own Jumper Cables?

Yes, we at STE have 200 skilled workers and a lot of automated machines to produce your jumper cables according to your requirements.

You can see the chart below to customize your own jumper cables:

STE SpecificationsYour Requirements
Material⦁ 100% copper only ( wires )
⦁ Copper coated aluminum ( wires )
⦁ Stainless steel ( clamps )
⦁ Copper coated stainless steel ( clamps )
⦁ More…
Let us know
Length⦁ Work with external power sourceLet us know
Gauge⦁ 12 gauge to 3/0 gaugeLet us know
Ampere⦁ 150 A – 1000 A
⦁ More…
Let us know
Color⦁ Red
⦁ Blue
⦁ Black
⦁ Green
⦁ Yellow
⦁ More…
Let us know
Logo⦁ Printed logo on wire
⦁ Your logo on Packing
⦁ More…
Let us know
Connectivity⦁ Clamps
⦁ Eye lugs
⦁ Harnesses
⦁ Connectors
⦁ More…
Let us know
Packing⦁ Plastic bag
⦁ Nylon bag
⦁ Blow molded case
⦁ More…
Let us know
Additional Features⦁ Led-Light
⦁ Certificates
⦁ Surge Protector
⦁ Jumper Cable Whole Kit
⦁ More…
Let us know

What Is The Delivery Time Of STE Jumper Cables?

We at STE have automated machines in a 430,000 square feet area. In which 200 experienced workers are operating to manufacture any jumper cable design.

We have the quickest production time and can produce 300,000/- sets of vehicle jumper cables per month.

We also offer custom logo choices on the jacket and other parts of a jumper cable.

You can customize your booster cable into your desired length, gauge, ampere, e.t.c, and we will ship you a sample in 7 days for inspection.

Then after that, the production duration of your order depends on order size.

Besides the production period, it requires up to 30 days for freight. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the delivery may take longer.

If you have an emergency order, let us know beforehand, we can push our operation hours and satisfy your order deadline.


Why Choose STE Jumper Cables Over Other Local Ones?

STE jumper cables have the following benefits over other local ones;

⦁ Lightweight
⦁ Budget-Friendly
⦁ Corrosion-resistant
⦁ UV-resistant, fade resistant
⦁ Polarity based color coding
⦁ PVC abrasion resistant coating
⦁ Have UL, CS, TUV, e.t.c certificates
⦁ Have no minimum order quantity
⦁ Oil, gas, chemicals, acids, e.t.c resistant
⦁ Flexible even at extreme temperatures
⦁ Manufactured from best quality material
⦁ Come in customizable ergonomic designs
⦁ Are manufactured by 200 skilled workers
⦁ Clamps fit on any position battery terminal
⦁ Are inspected after every step of production
⦁ Defected pieces are rejected during production
⦁ Have quickest production period, 300,000 sets/month
⦁ Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
⦁ We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need
⦁ Can withstand extreme conditions, such as 105° C ( 221° F ) to -55° C ( -67° F )
⦁ Have many customizable options such as gauge, lengths, amperage, colors, e.t.c

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