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It’s not easy to find a work light supplier with high quality and good price, STE LED warning light manufacturer is just here for you.

Having been dived in the warning light industry for 15 years, we win a lot of customers through our competitive cost and stable quality. We keep improving our warning light quality and optimize the light cost.

Just send your inquiry about LED warning lights, STE can offer you a one-stop solution service efficiently. Also, we can get you’re the most competitive prices.

LED Warning Light

12pc super bright LED delivers a 360-degree illumination. There’re 7 different flashing patterns to choose from. Your car will be easily seen even in bad condition
Powered by batteries or equipped with a 12V cigarette lighter.

12V / 24V Warning Light

Includes a long spring cable to easily connect with your vehicle. 2 kinds of installation: 1-strong magnet to mount on top of your car. Won’t scratch the car paint. 2-screw it onto the car top against wind or bad weather.

Multi-color LED Warning Light

You will have a smart remote controller. 7 different colors: red, green, blue, orange, yellow, cyan, purple. Different flash patterns: strobe, blink, flash, shade. This smart LED warning light will get you out of an emergency situation quickly.

Roadside LED Warning Light

A detachable stand makes you a safe road warning light quickly. The high visible LED array reflects the light from the car in the opposite direction. Also used as rescue beacon light or traffic control light.

Triangle LED Warning Light

Convenient to store the triangle warning light in your car and be prepared for any emergency roadside situation. Easy to stick onto the vehicle by the strong magnet. Never scratch your car paint with the soft rubber case.

Waterproof LED Warning Light

Ensures a bright illumination in the rain. The compact design and premium rubber case get you an IP54 waterproof and dustproof function. No worry that the crushproof warning light will fall down and be damaged by the wheel. It can withstand the weight of a car.

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STE – Your Qualified LED Warning Light Manufacturer

STE has 15 years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of working lights, especially we have a great advantage on the LED warning lights, car emergency work lights.

Our warning light manufacturer has passed the BSCI factory audit, Walmart factory audit. We can accept other 3rd party factory audit before you place the order of your warning light projects.

There’re 15 automated injection machines to manufacture the PC light cases, 7,500~ 9,000 units per day. We can meet your demand to ship large quantities of LED warning lights in a short time. Also, STE has the flexibility of producing small orders.

We put the quality control on the first top position. We only manufacture high-quality car emergency warning lights, you can trust our quality. Because we understand the quality brings us more orders of warning work lights than the cheaper cost.

STE has over 20 long-term customers from all over the world, we grow and develop together. Hope you can join us, to be the best-LED warning light supplier.

Any questions about LED warning lights, please feel free to contact us.

  • Super bright LED & high visibility
  • Auto rotating head offers a 360° illumination
  • Strong magnet in the bottom of light
  • Powered by battery or 12V cigarette lighter
  • Amber, blue, yellow for options

LED Warning Light – The Complete FAQ Guide

If you are looking for something very reliable that can help you to alert people during any danger on the road.

Or you want some guidance about the LED warning lights, this article is the right spot for you.

We will guide you about cost, quality, features, specifications and much more related to car LED warning lights.

LED Warning Lights
LED Warning Lights

What Are LED Warning Lights?

The LED warning light is the latest and most useful technology.

It helps people to be aware of any danger or alert that is happening in a certain area or environment.

An LED warning light on a car helps the car to be visible especially when there is an emergency or danger.

The reason that LED warning lights are most suitable as emergency lightings, is that they are reliable, durable, and low-energy consumers.

The small size of the LED warning lights makes them flexible to use as an emergency light for cars.

LED warning lights are mostly used on the upper surface of cars.

What Is LED Warning Light
What Is LED Warning Light

What Is Needed To Wire LED Warning Lights Up To A Car?

Wiring your LED warning lights to a car is not a very complex process.

You just have to follow a simple procedure by taking a few precautions.

First of all, you need to disconnect the battery of your car, because you are dealing with electrical connections so disconnecting the battery will provide safety.

Secondly, you need to mark with a pencil where you are intending to fit your LED warning light.

The next step is to drill holes at places where you marked with a pencil.

The next step is to place special screws into the drills that you made on pencil marks.

Now connect the wires to your LED warning lights.

Then, connect the wires to the control box

The positive wire will be connected to the inline fuse and then you will connect the fuse to the positive terminal.

The next step is to connect the ground wires and negative wires to the battery.

Now, you have to reconnect the battery and everything is fine now.

What Color Of LED Warning Lights Are Legal In Different States?

There are different colors used for an LED warning lights in different countries but most of the time, the colors are very common.

For example, most countries prohibit using red or blue lights in vehicles because these colors are only reserved for emergency situations.

The red color is the most common color which is used as a warning color in most countries.

LED warning lights with red color are the most used LED warning lights.

Other colors such as yellow, amber, and white are also used in most of the states.

While buying an LED warning light, you should make sure that you are using a warning light that is legal in your state.

You should also make sure that you consult the supplier regarding the color choice of your LED warning lights.

How Long Can You Have An LED Warning Lights on?

You can leave the LED warning light on for about 4 to 5 hours.

You should make sure that turning on LED warning lights for a longer time period doesn’t lower the battery to an extent where you couldn’t run your car.

You will have only 60 to 90 minutes if your headlights as well as LED warning lights, both are on, you will not be able to start your car after that.

It is because your car battery will be reduced due to the LED warning light as well as headlights.

STE LED Warning Lights
STE LED Warning Lights

Do LED Warning Lights Are IP Rated?

LED warning lights are manufactured in a way so that when a customer turns it on during rain, it doesn’t get damaged due to water.

This property can be figured out through IP rating.

IP rating means ingress protection rating.

IP rating determines the protection level of any object against the water as well as dust.

The higher the IP rating, the higher will be the rate of protection against water and dust.

LED warning lights are IP rated.

Only good quality and manufactured by expert manufacturers LED warning lights are IP rated.

What Are The Benefits Of LED Warning Lights?

LED warning lights are highly beneficial when you are stuck in any serious or dangerous condition.

LED warning lights are very helpful when you need someone’s help but your car is damaged in the mid of the road.

LED warning light alerts the people in surrounding and helps you to deal with problems easily.

LED warning lights have the ability to withstand any kind of rough environment.

What Are The Features Of LED Warning Lights?

Features of LED warning lights are very interesting and beneficial.

The most common features of your LED warning lights are listed as under :

⦁ IP67 Waterproof
⦁ Reliable
⦁ Low Energy consumption
⦁ Durable
⦁ Small-sized
⦁ Flexible
⦁ Anti-collision
⦁ Anti rain
⦁ Anti pressure

If you want to order a package of LED warning lights, it will include a six-pack of LED warning lights.

What Is The Most Used Color Of An LED Warning Light?

The most commonly used color for an LED warning lights is red color.

Red color has its own psychology that makes it most suitable for emergency situations.

The red color is referred to as a dangerous color that alerts the people in the surrounding.

People are more attracted to red color during any emergency as compared to any other color.

This is why LED warning lights are mostly made of red color LEDs.

According to recent research, the red color is scattered the least by various air molecules in the environment.

This is why red color travels the longest distance through fog or rain etc.

This makes red the most visible color during any situation of danger.

The most commonly used red color instantly grabs the attention of people in the surroundings.

Color Of LED Warning Lights
Color Of LED Warning Lights

What Is The Purpose Of An LED Warning Light?

The purpose of an LED warning light is to alert the people in the surrounding places.

If your car is damaged during bad weather or you faced an accident, you will immediately turn on the LED warning lights to alert the people.

In this way, so many people can come for your help.

LED warning lights are also used by ambulances and fire brigadiers when they get an emergency.

LED warning lights are actually designed to warn people about the danger happening around the place.

Your LED warning light is actually a multi-purpose warning light that can be used as a rescue beacon, traffic control warning light, cycling, camping boating, and hiking.

LED Warning Lights
LED Warning Lights

What Are The Specifications Of A LED Warning Lights?

Specifications of your LED warning lights are listed as under :

⦁ Shock resistant
⦁ Nine different flashing patterns
⦁ Water-resistant
⦁ Magnetic
⦁ Universal charger

Best STE Warning Lights
Best STE Warning Lights

What Makes a Good LED Warning Light?

A good LED warning light is the that is manufactured by an expert and skilled manufacturer.

You can find LED warning lights with thousands of different specifications and features in the market.

In the case of STE LED warning lights, you can find amazing quality with amazing features and specifications.

A good LED warning light possesses the following features :

⦁ Durable
⦁ Resistant to water
⦁ Resistant to dust
⦁ Longer run time.
⦁ Easily rechargeable
⦁ Max brightness
⦁ Low energy consumption
⦁ Lightweight
⦁ Small size

What Is The Cost To Buy A LED Warning Light?

The average cost of your LED warning light lies in the range of $5 to $30.

We also accept ODM orders with less tooling cost.

Cost Of LED Warning Lights
Cost Of LED Warning Lights

Why Should I Choose STE LED Warning Lights?

STE LED warning lights are manufactured by highly professional and skilled engineers.

STE LED warning lights actually give you the guarantee of reliability so that you are satisfied with their services.

STE always ensures the high quality of their products with a warranty of three years.

The best thing about STE products is that they test their products before selling those products to their customers.

Can STE Customize Their LED Warning Lights?

Customized LED Warning Lights
Customized LED Warning Lights

Yes. STE can customize according to your demand and choice.

STE can customize their LED warning lights in terms of the following components :

⦁ Color
⦁ Brightness
⦁ IP rating
⦁ Material
⦁ Weight

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