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What is STE Screw Manufacturer

STE has been in the screw and fastener industry for 15 years. We produce all kinds of screws from small to large sizes, in different materials or special treatment finishes. You can find any length of screws here and we can also help you custom uncommon screws at a reasonable price.

Product By Application

We have been manufacturing industrial screws for 15 years and have a full range of screws for different applications. STE can meet any special requirement about screws.

Machine Screw
Machine Screw

With more accurate threads, machine screws fasten two metal parts more precisely. Mainly used in the automotive industry and machinery.

Sheet Metal Screw
Sheet Metal Screw

The sharp pointer makes it easily tap into thin metal pieces. Used in construction industries to attach metal parts to plastic, plywood, and hard rubber.

Wood Screw
Wood Screw

Wooden screws are made of steel or brass material, their coarse threads can grip the wooden texture well. Designed for cabinet, deck, and furniture.

Set Screw

Also named grub screws, they don’t include a screw head for those headless applications like product engineering, and mechanical assemblies.

Concrete Screw
Concrete Screw

The strong anchor can attach heavy-duty metal sheets, boards, or pipes to concrete, solid block, or brick faster and easier.

Security Screw
Security Screw

The one-way screw head offers tamper proof, the removal of the screw is difficult so they’re widely used in any security application in public toilets, bathrooms, and car license plates.

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Product By Material

Since 2008 we start manufacturing many different materials of screws. We have rich experience in the customization of special materials for different applications.

Product By Treatment Finish

We have been manufacturing industrial screws for 15 years and have a wide selection of screws for different applications.

Product Feature Box

All Sizes Available
All Sizes Available

We offer from small diameter to large diameter.


All our screw materials are corrosion protection.

Never Rust
Never Rust

Quality approval, STE screws don’t get rust.

Custom Service
Cordless Function

Cover all your screw needs for any application.

All Types of Screws

STE has a wide selection of all types of screws for your choice, no matter what head type, or driver style. Here, you can find flat, oval, pan, round, truss, or hex screws. Of course, we can cover all sizes from small to large, #0 to #12. We’re the top-rated screw suppliers in China.

If you need special screws to be against specific conditions or weather, we have a wide selection of screw materials, including titanium, Monel, and aluminum alloy. Just send a quick inquiry.

All Types of Screws Supplier

High Standard Workshop - Professional Screw Supplier

As one leading screw manufacturer in China for 15 years, we own the most advanced workshop with high-level auto machines. Each tapping machine can produce 30,000 screws daily and we have 20 automatic tapping machines. We have a large production ability for your urgent orders.

We offer on-time delivery within 30 days no matter how big your order is or if you only have a small quantity. We can cover all these needs.

Your Trustworthy Screw Supplier in China

High Workshop Screw Supplier
Test Room Screw Supplier

STE has dived into the fastener & screw industry for over 15 years, we put quality priority over everything. So, you can have quality approval from us if you choose STE for your screw projects. We supply screws to the famous brand like 3M, Irwin

We import high-level auto machines from Germany, and Taiwan, and our engineers are with 20 years of experience. Every milling machine, tapping machine, head machine, and rolling machine is well maintained every month.

STE is not the largest screw manufacturer in China, but we promise we give the most competitive pricing for your screw orders. It’s easy to work with us, just send us a list of all kinds of screws you’re looking for. We have all the screws available here, no matter if they’re 2 inches long, or if you need stainless steel material. You can find machine screws, wood screws, or brass screws.

Just send us an inquiry about your screw project, we’re here to service you!

STE Custom Any Screw for Your Fastener Project

Length Size Diameter Screw Supplier
Length Size Diameter

We have a full range of screws to cover any length, size, and diameter. Besides, STE has 2 imported machines for extra-long screws up to 195mm

Head Style Drive Style Screw Supplier
Head Style Drive Style

Oval, Pan, Round, Truss, Button, and Flat head styles are available.

We have Phillips, Slotted, Socket, and one-way drive styles.

Package Styles
Lots of Package Styles

Nice looking packages for different screws. There’re poly bags, small plastic cases for small screws, and corrugated gift boxes for heavy-duty screws.

Application Screw Supplier
Meet Special Applications

We develop customized screws for different applications, like the industry as marine, automotive, consumer electronics and food, oil and gas, construction, etc.

Custom Screw Supplier
Custom Screws - Professional Screw Supplier

We have rich experience in OEM & ODM screw projects for 15 years.
We can customize any different screws to meet your personal use or industry functions.

More About STE Screws

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