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STE could offer on-time delivery for snow brush orders as they’re seasonal products, and most customers will place the production schedule from March to July. We have 28 injection machines, 12 automotive flocking machines, 8 flowering machines to produce the largest volume among all the factories.

We have a 15-year of experience in manufacturing snow brushes for cars, SUVs, trucks, and now we become one of the largest manufacturers in China. If before you wholesale snow brushes from your local and it’s the first time import snow brushes, ice scrapers, or snow brooms from China, you will find we are just the original manufacturer for those famous brands.

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Extendable Snow Brush

Telescoping from 28” to 60”

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Head pivots 180 / 360 degree

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Easy ice and frost removal

Snow Broom

Foam pusher movies heavy snow

Snow Brush Kit

3 in 1 kit includes brush, shovel, scraper

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STE – Your Reliable Car Snow Brush Manufacturer

With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing snow brushes, STE is committed to providing high-quality snow brush and the newest technology in the market. We’re willing to work together with you to develop new design snow brushes, like a curved pole for easy reach, telescopic handles, swivel heads, build-in LED lights for dark use, twist-lock, quick-lock, scratch-free rubber. Once get an interesting idea of snow brush, we will help you make it in reality.

As STE is the snow brush supplier of many famous brands, we have the rich experience of helping you build up your own brand. We could offer you a comprehensive line of automotive snow brushes, snow scrapers in a short time with our professional guidance. Free samples of snow brush in your Pantone color can be offered for your evaluation. Please send us a quick inquiry about your snow brush purchasing project.

  • 15 years of experience of working with big customers
  • Custom any color of brush bristle and foam
  • Offers free sample in 7 days
  • Scratch-free durable material
  • On-time delivery warranty

STE Snow Brush

We are one of the largest snow brush manufacturers for the Russian, United States market. Since every March, we’re receiving the year around purchasing orders from the famous brands and keep manufacturing all kinds of snow brushes, snow brooms, snow shovels until October. Once you have the snow brush plan, please contact us in advance to get you more time to prepare for your winter project.

Snow Brush | The Complete FAQ Guide


Snow brushes are very famous products in areas where winter is very harsh, and snow covers all your vehicle roof, windows, mirrors, windshields, e.t.c.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about snow brushes, such as what they are, how to use them, their different kinds, do they scratch your car and many more.

Let us study every aspect of car snow brushes

What Are Snow Brushes?

Snow brushes are simply brushes that are used to clean the snow off any kind of vehicle quickly.

Snow brushes are manufactured from unique materials to avoid any scratching of your car paint or mirrors.

Snow brushes come in various sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and many more features to scrape, dice, and cut away snow from your vehicle.

Some snow brushes also come with extendable and pivot features to clean snow easily and quickly from your vehicle’s hard-to-reach places.


Are Snow Brushes Bad For Your Car?

No, it’s quite the opposite. Snow brushes are very good for your car. They can also save your vehicle from costly repairs resulting from damage due to snow.

If you use premium quality snow brushes, they can save your car from the following damages resulting from snow;

⦁ Save your vehicle from scratches on windows and paint
⦁ Save you from fines if you do not clear the snow from your car
⦁ Maintain vehicle balance by removing heavy snow from the body
⦁ Save you from an accident resulting from unclear frozen windshields
⦁ Snow brushes get the job done easily without any injuries or strain on the body
⦁ Save your vehicle body from rusting due to salt and various road chemicals mix in snow
⦁ Prevent the engine from dysfunctioning, especially belts from skipping off due to less friction from snow
⦁ Block exhaust can cause C02 release in the car; also snow can damage the exhaust system, which is very expensive to replace
⦁ Huge chunks of snow while driving can cause visibility issues and may cause problems to the vehicles behind you, which can be avoided by using snow brushes to clear snow

Can A Snow Brush Scratch Your Car?


No, premium quality snow brushed scratch neither the paint nor the glass windshields of your car.

Snow brushes come in various designs, such as bristles and foam heads to easily scrape away snow without damaging the car paint.

It is best to wipe away snow when it is still fresh. If you let the snow on your vehicle for days, it will harden and leave many scratches on your vehicle after cleaning.

STE snow brushes are manufactured with the best materials. They are gentle as well as aggressive at the same time to easily break and scrape away snow without leaving scratches on the vehicle paint.

Windshield glass is more scratch-resistant than soft body paint, so it is best to use a snow scraper to break away hardened ice on the windshield quickly.

What Is The Price Of Snow Brushes?

Snow brushes are budget-friendly when it comes to clearing snow away from your car without scratching it.

Removing snow can save your car from rusting and other damages, hence save a lot of repairing costs.

Snow brushes come in very handy to get the job done in less time and most minor strain to your hands and backbone.

STE snow brushes come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and additional features. All these factors affect the price.

STE snow clearing products range from $2 to $20.


How To Use A Snow Brush For A Vehicle?

The way you use your snow brush determines whether it will leave on your car or not. Also, using the right method will decrease strain on your body and get the job done in no time.

You can follow the following steps for getting rid of snow from your car;

⦁ Clear off the exhaust pipe
⦁ Turn on a defroster to melt snow
⦁ Adjust the head and length of a snow brush
⦁ Clear snow away from hood, roof, and truck
⦁ Clear snow from side windows
⦁ Clear snow from a windshield

Clear off the exhaust pipe: First of all, clear off the exhaust pipe before starting your car because blocked exhaust can release harmful carbon dioxide into the car.

Turn on a defroster to melt snow: Defroster can do half of your job by melting and softening hardened snow on your car, especially on windshields.


Adjust the head and length of a snow brush: If your snow brush has a pivot function, adjust the head horizontally for bristle brushes. For foam brushes, adjust the head vertically to scrape away snow. Also, if your snow brush has a length extension option, adjust it according to your needs when required.

Clear snow away from the hood, roof, and truck: When you are waiting for your defroster to do its job, you can clear away the snow from your vehicle roof, front hood, and trunk first. You can remove fluffy snow with a bristle snow brush, while for hardened snow, use a foam snow brush. Use push and pull strokes while using a snow brush. Using an ice scraper is the last option if you have not cleared the snow for days, and now it is a coat of ice on your car. Using a snow scraper on your soft car paint can leave scratches.

Clear snow from side windows: After clearing the hood, trunk, and roof, remove the snow from side windows first before clearing windshields. Side windows are easier to clean than windshields due to their steep angle. You can use snow scrapers on windows because they are more scratch-proof than soft paint. Do not forget to clear snow from small car parts such as headlights, side indicators, side mirrors, beam lights, e.t.c.

Clear snow from a windshield: Clean windshields at last when the defroster has softened the hardened snow. First, clear the soft snow with a snow brush, then hit the scraper vertically on the ice, and at last use vertical push and pull strokes to chip away the ice.

Do not use hot water to melt snow because the temperature difference can easily break your car’s windshields or windows.

When Should You Brush Snow Off Your Car?

Removing snow from your vehicle is a very time taking and straining process.

Most people only clean the windshields daily and leave the rest of the snow on the car. But doing this can damage your vehicle in various ways.

If you leave the snow on your car for days, it will harden and convert into ice which will be very hard to clean and leave many scratches on your car paint.

Also, snow from the road contains salt and other chemicals which cause rusting in the metal body, brakes, and many metal parts of your car.

Plus, snow on windshields lower visibility and result in accidents.

So, it is essential to scrape away the snow gently with snow brushes and scrapers after every snowfall. This will increase your car lifespan and save a lot of repairing costs.

How To Stop Your Snow Brush From Freezing?

Although bristle snow brushes are ice-free, sometimes the temperature is too low that it may cause the bristles of the snowbrush to freeze.

You can use the below guidelines to de-freeze your snowbrush;

⦁ Dry your snowbrush after using
⦁ Keep it at home near warmth in extreme temperatures
⦁ Strike the bristles of snowbrush on some hard surface to make ice fall away

What Are The Various Kinds Of Snow Brushes?

STE manufactures its snow brushes in various ergonomic designs to clean snow from different parts of your vehicle.

The most famous designs of snow clearing products are given below;

⦁ Snow Scraper
⦁ Swivel Snow Brush
⦁ 2-side Snow Brush
⦁ 2-side Snow Broom
⦁ Extendable Snow Brush

Snow Scraper: 2 in 1 ice breaker and frost remover Snow scraper is the only tool that can remove hard ice from your windshield without scratching or cracking it. STE snow scrapers have aggressive blades that can break the densest ice easily. In addition, built-in ice chippers can chip away ice while breaking it. It also has a firm grip for avoiding slipping from the hand. It can easily fit in the glove holder.


Swivel Snowbrush: STE swivel snowbrush has a revolving head consisting of bristles. It can revolve 180 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally to fit and clean different parts easily. When cleaning the car body, adjust the brush so that it will cover the maximum area horizontally. When cleaning snow between side mirrors, change it so the brush will go into the narrow space.

2-side Snow Brush: It has two heads, each consisting of bristles. One head is small, and the other one is large. Use the small head to fit narrow space and big head to clean places like hood, roof, e.t.c. Bristles head snow brush is very efficient in removing fluffy snow from a car without scratching it.

2-side Snow Broom: This design also has two heads, but they are made up of foam. Foam heads help remove heavy snow from your car. But be careful, do not rub them too hard, or they will leave scratches on car paint. The leverage position allows for more pressure while squeegeeing.

Extendable Snow Brush: 2 in 1 extendable and pivoting head snow brush. The steel telescopic handle can increase the length 100% from 28″ to 60″ to reach far areas easily. This design is handy in big vehicles. The cushioned grips on both ends provide stability while clearing the snow.


All STE snow brushes have an anti-freeze feature, and they can be used in the severest winters.

What Are HS Codes For Snow Brushes?

HS codes are very helpful in determining the import duties on your snow brushes in your specific country.

The import duties change from time to time and are different for each country.

Every STE snow brush or snow scraper comes with a 6 to 10 digit code which you can give to your government or agent to find out specific import duties.

We have sent our products to many countries, and we will help you to our best in determining import duties.

The HS Code for STE Snow clearing products is: 9603909090

Can You Customize Your Own Snow Brushes?

Yes, you can customize your own snow brushes and snow scrapers.

We have a huge factory to manufacture any design of snow brush, ice scraper, snow shovel, snow broom, and other products you have.

We have worked with many large brands, and we are the actual manufacturers of many brand’s products.

You can see the chart below for customization;

STE SpecificationsYour Requirements
Head Design
  • Bristles
  • Foam
  • Blade
  • More…
Let us Know
  • Your own Logo
Let us Know
Extendable Feature
  • Telescopic Steel or Aluminium handle
  • More.
Let us Know
  • Any color combination
Let us Know
Swivel Head
  • 180° / 360° Pivot Head
Let us Know
Locking mechanism
  •  Twist-Lock
  • Quick-Lock
  • More…
Let us Know
  •  3 in 1 Brush, Shovel, and Scraper
  • Shovel and Brush
  • Brush and Gloves
  • Scraper and Brush
  • More…
Let us Know
Additional Features
  • Led-Light
  • 2-side heads
  • Side additional head
  • Curved Handle
  • Gloves
  • More…
Let us Know


How Urgent Can We Deliver Snow Brushes For Your Emergency Orders?

We at STE have 28 injection molding machines, 12 automatic flocking machines, and 8 flowering machines to bring any design of snow brush or snow scraper to life.

As snow brushes, snow scrapers, snow shovels, snow brooms, e.t.c. are winter season products, we receive their order from march to July and keep manufacturing them until October.

We have the fastest production time and can produce 300,000 plus pieces of snow brushes or snow scrapers per month.

You can customize your snow brush into your own design, and we will send you a sample in 7 days for checking.

Then after that, the production time of your order depends on your order quantity.

Besides production time, it takes up to 30 days for shipment. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, shipping may take more time.

If you have an emergency order, tell us in advance, we can update our working hours to meet your deadline.

Why Choose STE Snow Brushes Over Other Local Ones?

STE car microfiber towels have the following features, which makes them one of the best in the market;

⦁ Durable
⦁ Waterproof
⦁ Light-weight
⦁ Budget-Friendly
⦁ Come in all colors
⦁ Have GS certificate
⦁ Can fit in the car easily
⦁ Come in ergonomic designs
⦁ Do not scratch vehicle paint
⦁ LED-light option for use in dark
⦁ Have no minimum order quantity
⦁ Bristle, blade, or foam head option
⦁ Are designed by the best engineers
⦁ Have cushioned grip for firm holding
⦁ Manufactured from best quality material
⦁ Are inspected after every step of production
⦁ Defected pieces are rejected during production
⦁ Are manufactured by 48 high standard machines
⦁ Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
⦁ Have quickest production period, 300,000 pieces/ month
⦁ Swivel ( Pivot ) head available 180° / 360° revolving option
⦁ We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need
⦁ Come in steel or aluminium handle with an adjustable length option

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