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STE is a socket set manufacturer for 10 years and we produce a large number of socket sets in China.
We can custom any type of tool kit as per your request.

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STE has been manufacturing socket set for 10 years and has gathered hundreds of socket sets to offer you a variety of choices. All these socket sets are produced in high-quality, and they can meet most of your customer’s requirements.

STE has supplied our socket sets to many famous tool brand customers. We have a rich experience of developing new projects of socket sets efficiently and successfully. It will be pretty easy to work with STE and get your tools line built up quickly.

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STE – Your Best Socket Set Manufacturer in China

Since early April 2009, we started manufacturing mini socket sets for the Greatneck brand and our order quantity increased year by year. Now we have many different socket sets, including metric or SAE sockets, carton steel or CRV, ratchet wrench, screwdriver and etc. All our socket set quality can meet your market standard. We produce the best price of socket sets so that you can get a competitive cost from us and sell them pretty quickly.

STE has shipped a large number of toolsets every month. It requires us to have a good ability to production control. STE always offers on-time delivery.

If you are a distribution retailer and would like to find a supplier to help you wholesale toolsets, just send your inquiry.

STE can offer you the best prices.

  • Metric 1/4″ Drive Sockets: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm
  • 25mm bits: Slotted 3, 4, 5, 6; Phillips #0, #1, #2, #3; Pozi #1, #2, #3; Torx 10, 15, 20, 30; Hex 4, 5, 6
  • 1/4″ Drive Ratchet Wrench or Driver
  • Carry case

Socket Sets | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

According to a report, the global market value of hand tools is more than $ 22.2 bn and will increase a lot more in upcoming years. In hand tools, socket sets, bit sets, wrenches, and hammers are very famous among other items.

We at STE produce socket sets and bit sets in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and material quality. As one of the largest manufacturers of car accessories in China, we make our products not only of good quality but also at low factory prices in comparison to our competitors.

In this article, you will learn everything about socket sets and bit sets such as their sizes, material quality, costs, wrench kind, shape, and so on.

So, let us start right away!



✔ What is a socket set?
✔ What steel is used in socket sets?
✔ What are the applications of socket and bit sets?
✔ How do I choose a socket set?
✔ How much do socket sets cost?
✔ How long do socket and bit sets last?
✔ Are 6 point or 12 point sockets better?
✔ What is better Cr-V or Cr-Mo socket set?
✔ Will Torx bit work on triple square screw?
✔ Can I use a 12 point socket on a 6 point nut?
✔ Is chrome vanadium stronger than stainless steel?
✔ Can you use regular sockets with a torque wrench?
✔ Does our socket set include ratcheting or non-ratcheting wrench?
✔ What are the different types of socket sets?
✔ What do bit sets include?
✔ What is a spline socket set?
✔ What do socket sets include?
✔ What is a universal socket set?
✔ What is a pass through socket set?
✔ What are socket sets coated with?
✔ What is the warranty on socket sets?
✔ Can you change the design of socket sets?
✔ Can you add your own logo on socket sets?
✔ How do you get a free sample of a socket and bit sets?
✔ Why are our socket/bit set kits better than others?


What Is A Socket Set?

A socket is an instrument that fits over the fastener ( nuts, bolts, e.t.c.) so that the torque can be applied to it for tightening or loosening purposes.

In practical life, fasteners come in a lot of sizes and shapes, so for loosening and tightening them, different sizes and designs of sockets are needed. So, a large variety of sockets are put in a box along with a driver ( manual wrench, pneumatic impact wrench,  e.t.c. ), which is ultimately called a Socket set.

It is very important to note that not all socket set kits have the same size and shape of sockets, each kit has a specific size range and shape(s) of sockets in it.

In addition number and quality of items in a kit also vary. Plus, irrespective of their kind, you can see some sockets are deep, some shallow, some closed, some hollow, and so on.

In summary, you can say that Socket set kits come in all varieties to meet the different needs of customers.


What Steel Is Used In Socket Sets?

Depending upon the application, Socket sets are made from one of these steels;

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chromium Vanadium
  • Chromium-Molybdenum
  • More…


What Are The Applications Of A Socket And Bit Sets?

Socket sets are mainly used to grip, turn, fasten, or loosen nuts/bolts, e.t.c, while bit sets are used mainly on screws.

You will be amazed when you will realize how much you are surrounded by nuts, bolts, screws, and other kinds of fasteners.

For example, when you see the below items in your home and surroundings, there is a 99.999999% you will find at least a nut or a bolt, or a screw;

  • TV
  • AC’s
  • Fans
  • Toys
  • Doors
  • Lights
  • Stoves
  • Mobiles
  • Furniture
  • Airplanes
  • Computers
  • Automobile
  • Microwaves
  • Water Pipes
  • Washroom accessories
  • Almost every Electronics object
  • More…

How Do I Choose A Socket Set?

When buying a socket set you will need to consider the following aspects;

  • Size of kit: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Design of Sockets: Simple or Simple or E-Torx or e.t.c
  • Size of Sockets: Choose the sockets sizes range according to the sizes of nuts or bolts you want to work it.
  • Quality of Socket Sets: Standard Socket sets for daily life or Impact Socket Sets for intense work.
  • Drive size: 1⁄4 inch, 3⁄8 inch, 1⁄2 inch, 3⁄4 inch, or 1 inch ( smaller drive size is used for small nuts or bolts, while larger drive sizes are used for bigger nuts and bolts )
  • Finish of Socket Sets: Normally, Socket sets come with Chrome, Black oxide, Phosphate, or other coatings for better protection against rusting and daily wearing. Black color coatings ( Phosphate or Black oxide e.t.c. ) are better than chrome coating.
  • Points in a Socket: 6-Point or 12-Point Socket. For light-duty work both 6-Point and 12-point work best for most shapes of sockets. For Heavy-Duty work, if the nut/bolt has 6-faces or less than 6-faces, such as in hex, square, e.t.c. Then you better use a 6-Point socket, but if you have a 12 face nut/bolt then you better use a 12-Point nut. ( This is a thumb rule which will work in most situations. )
  • Cost of Socket Set: More items and better quality mean more price.
  • Accessories in a Socket Set: Extension bar, Universal Joint Adapter, e.t.c.
  • Bits in the set: Do you want bits in your set? And if you want, then decide do you want screwdriver bits or socket bits?
  • Warranty of Socket Set: Warranted socket sets are better than non-warranty ones.

Follow the above aspects to shortlist the best socket set for you. If your chosen socket set crosses your budget, select a socket set with lesser items or of standard quality, or both. But it is best to lower the items in a set than lower the quality to fit the socket set kit in your budget.

If you do not understand the above simple guide, then you can go to our detailed ” How Do I Choose A Socket Set – Buying Guide”  blog, for in-depth knowledge about socket sets and which are best for you.


How Much Do Socket Sets Cost?

The price of STE socket sets will mainly depend on the following factors;

  • Quality
  • Custom Logo
  • Design of Socket Set
  • Number of Items in kit
  • Warranty on Set

The price of STE Socket Sets ranges from $10 ~ $199.

How Long Do Socket And Bit Sets Last?

The lifespan of socket and bit sets will depend on 3 factors;

  • Quality
  • Daily Usage
  • Maintenance

If you have a normal quality set, you are using it on a personal level, then it will most likely last for decades, maybe even your whole life.

But if you use a normal quality set on a professional level, then it will wear a lot sooner than the above case. So, for professional use, always buy a high-quality impact set that will last at least for decades if not your whole life.

Plus, a set gets damaged a lot sooner than its average lifespan mainly because;

  • You use it over its rated limits, and now it gets cracked, bent, shattered, or e.t.c.
  • You store it in a high-moisture area, it gets rusted, now it is weakened and can get damaged at any moment.
  • You place it under the sun, which may damage its rubber parts ( if present ), cause discoloration, or do other bad things.

So, never use a socket/bit set for applications more than its capacity, and always store it in a shady and dry place if you want long life from your socket/bit set.

Are 6 Point Or 12 Point Sockets Better?

Both 6-Point and 12-Point Sockets are better according to their applications.

For a better understanding of 6-Point and 12-Point sockets, see the below chart;

         6-Point Socket       12-Point Socket
       Walls Thickness●      More●      Less
      Slipping Chances●      Less, unless used on 12-Point nut/bolt●      More, unless used on 12-point nut/bolt
           Applications●      Light work

●      Heavy-duty Work

●      Mostly only Light Work

●      If nut/bolt is 12-point and work is heavy duty, then 12-point socket will work better than 6 point



●      Can be used on all sizes of square, hex, and all other kinds of nuts/bolts.●      Can be used on all sizes of square, hex, and all other kinds of nuts/bolts.


What Is Better Cr-V Or Cr-Mo Socket Set?

Both Chromium Vanadium ( Cr-V ) and Chromium-Molybdenum ( Cr-Mo) are used in making Professional Grade Impact Socket Sets. Cr-Mo socket sets are considered better than Cr-V socket sets due to the following reasons;

Cr-Mo Socket SetsCr-V Socket Sets
Overall ThicknessMoreLess
Absorb ImpactBetter than Cr-V SocketsLess good than Cr-Mo Sockets
Safety LevelDo not shatter easily, so fewer chances of injuryShatter easily, so more chances of injury
Lifespan●      May stretch or deform over time●      Can give more lifespan than Cr-Mo sockets if used within limits

●      But if not used within limits, can shatter easily and will have less lifespan than Cr-Mo socket sets



Will Torx Bit Work On Triple Square Screw?

Yes, a Torx bit will work on a triple square screw, but it is not suggested because a Torx bit ( star-like with 6 edges ) will provide less torque than a triple square bit will, on a triple square screw ( have 12 grooves ) and hence work will become a little harder and chances of slipping will also increase.

Can I Use A 12 Point Socket On A 6 Point Nut?

Yes, you can use a 12-Point Socket on a 6-Point nut for light-duty work but it is not suggested, during heavy-duty work, because contact areas become less and chances of slipping increase.

It is best to precisely match the shape of a socket with the shape of a nut/bolt before work to get maximum torque without any chances for slipping. For example, use a 12-Point socket on a 12-Point Nut/bolt, a 6-Point socket on a 6-Point Nut/bolt, and so on.

Is Chrome Vanadium Stronger Than Stainless steel?

Chrome Vanadium or Chromium Vanadium ( Cr-V ) is stronger than standard stainless steel. Most high-quality tools are made from Chromium Vanadium.

Chromium Vanadium is also a kind of steel, in which chromium and vanadium are added to increase rust resistance, strength, toughness, hardness, and other mechanical properties.

So, you can say that Chromium ( Chrome ) Vanadium is better and also pricer than standard stainless steel.

Can You Use Regular Sockets With A Torque Wrench?

Yes and no. You can use regular sockets with a manual torque wrench but if you are using them with a machine-powered torque wrench, they will most likely break or crack and may result in possessions or personal damage.

So, it is best to use impact sockets with a machine-powered torque wrench and regular sockets with a manual torque wrench.

Does Our Socket Set Include Ratcheting Or Non-Ratcheting Wrench?

Our Socket sets can include any kind of wrench(es) you want; such as;

  • Ratcheting Socket Wrench
  • Non-Ratcheting Socket Wrench
  • Simple Non-Socket Wrench
  • More.

What Are The Different Types Of Socket Sets?

STE can produce all kinds of sockets, wrenches, and bit sets. We are one of the biggest Socket Set manufacturers in China, and our main kits are;

  • Normal Socket Sets
  • Spline Socket Sets
  • Universal Socket Sets
  • Pass-through Socket Sets
  • Bit Sets
  • More…

What Do Bit Sets Include?

As a wholesale Bit Sets Manufacturer, our STE kits can include Nut Drivers, Security Bits, Torx, Slotted, Phillips, Square, Pozi, Hex, Sockets, wood drill bits, metallic drill bits, and a lot more. We make all sizes of Bits sets, such as 45-piece, 50-piece, 109-piece, 218 -piece, 300-piece, e.t.c. for different customers’ needs. In most kits, you will find all of these, a magnetic bit holder, socket bit adaptor, and bit adaptor. Our kits are compatible with most drills, electric screwdrivers, and other tools.


What Is A Spline Socket Set?

We at STE offer;

  • Only Spline Socket Set Kits
  • Mix Spline + Normal Socket Sets Kits
  • Mix Spline Sockets + Normal Sockets + Bits kits
  • More.

We can provide you with any drive size(s) and any number of pieces of kits. Our most Spline socket sets can work on 30% rounded, E-Torx, 6 points, 12 points, square, and even on rounded fasteners. Our Universal kits have 4 mm ~ 18 mm sockets in them, but we can also include other size sockets if you want.


What Do Socket Sets Include?

We at STE provide our Socket sets in 6-Point and 12-Point. We manufacture both ” only Sockets Kits” and ” Sockets + Bits Mix Kits”. As one of the largest Socket Sets manufacturers, we offer all sizes kits, 12-Pcs, 25-Pcs, 45-Pcs, 94-Pcs, and others. Our Socket Set kits can include the following items;

  • Bits
  • Sockets
  • Hammer
  • Ratchet(s)
  • Hex Key(s)
  • Sliding T-Bar
  • Extension Bar
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Universal Joint(s)
  • Combination Pliers
  • Flexible Extension Bar
  • Screwdriver Bit Holder/ Simple Screwdriver(s)
  • More…

What Is A Universal Socket Set?

Universal Socket Set is the all-in solution for different sizes and shapes of fasteners. It has separately spring-actuated steel rods in it, and when you use it on some kind of fastener, for example on a hex nut, the rods on top of the nut will be pushed up, while the rods surrounding the nut will remain in place, and tightly grip it. In this way, the universal socket changes its size and shape to match the fastener size and shape.


You can use a universal socket manually as well as with a power tool. Most Universal Sockets can fit 11mm ~ 32 mm almost all shapes of fasteners, such as;

  • Hooks
  • Eyebolt
  • Hex nut
  • Wing Nuts
  • Square-nut
  • Tension screw
  • New or even rusted or damaged bolt heads
  • More.

What Is A Pass Through Socket Set?

Pass-Through Socket Sets have an open socket format, which means when you are moving a nut on a very long threaded rod, the rod can pass right through the socket and ratchet, and you can go down all the way to tighten or loosen a nut. But,

In Conventional Socket Sets, you can not go all the way down because, in these sets, a socket is closed from the ratchet side, and threaded rods can not pass through it.

In pass-through design,

  • Socket fits into the ratchet head, instead of on the ratchet head, as in normal ratchets. So, the overall length of the socket + Ratchet head will decrease, and the socket can go into narrow spaces easily.
  • In premium items kits, special sockets came that completely fit into a ratchet head, and it will look like you are only holding a ratchet in hand with no socket, which will be really useful when you are dealing with a nut/bolt that is in a place where no normal socket ratchet will fit.

Pass-through Sockets can deal with all shapes of fasteners, such as Square, Hex, 12-Point, E-Torx, Spline, e.t.c.

What Are Socket Sets Coated With?

We at STE can offer various kinds of finishes for Socket Sets, such as;

  • Black Oxide
  • Chrome Plating
  • Phosphate Finish
  • More.

What Is The Warranty On Socket Sets?

We at STE made our Socket sets from the best quality materials.

On Our Socket Sets, you will find at least 2 years of Warranty, and if you use them carefully they can last for a lifetime.

Can You Change The Design Of Socket Sets?

Yes, we at STE manufacture all sizes, shapes, and quality of socket sets. But if you have a special design for the socket set we can also make it.

Can You Add Your Own Logo On Socket Sets?

Yes, you can add your own logo on Sockets Sets.

You can emboss your logo on each item separately, or an item of your choice in the kit.

Plus, You can also add your logo to the box in any of the following ways;

  • Print Logo
  • Patch Logo
  • Emboss logo
  • Add Sticker Logo
  • More.

How Do You Get A Free Sample Of A Socket And Bit Sets?

Getting a free sample of our Socket & Bit Sets is very easy.

Just send us a message about;

  • Which design of kit(s) do you want?
  • How many kits do you want?

We will send you a free sample(s) as soon as possible.

Why Is Our Socket/Bit Set Kits Better Than Others?

We have 10+ years of experience as one of the Biggest Socket Sets Manufacturers in China. One of the main reasons why Socket Sets kits are better than others is we only sell what we claim, which means we do not sell you a standard socket set at a high price.

Plus, our Socket Sets have these features as compared to local ones;

  • Long Life
  • Are Tested
  • On-time delivery
  • Do not slip easily
  • Can add your logo
  • Lowest factory price
  • Come in many designs
  • At least 2-year warranty
  • A lot of colors are available
  • Faulty pieces are thrown out.
  • Can be cleaned easily after use
  • Different packings are available
  • Both Metric / SAE sizes are available
  • Are manufactured by skilled workers
  • Each item is marked clearly with the size
  • Both Standard and Impact Grade Sets available
  • Available in all shapes for all kinds of fasteners
  • BA, BSF, BSW, UNF, UNC special sizes sets are also available
  • Have fastest manufacturing speed, /- Socket Sets per month
  • Can be used for personal as well as for commercial purposes
  • Produced from best quality: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Cr-V / Cr-Mo / e.t.c.
  • Our Socket sets have Chrome/Black Oxide/Phosphate/e.t.c. coatings which make the corrosion and wear resistance


STE Socket Set

As a leading socket set manufacturer, STE has developed many different tool kits and we are producing a large number of socket sets every month.

A socket set includes metric/SAE sockets, bits, ratchet driver, wrench, pliers, screwdriver.

A socket set is a very important part of automotive tools. It has a large scale in the market, we have gained big quantity orders every month from our brand customers.

If you are a new distribution retailer who wants to sell socket sets, you can start with our current models.

You will have lots of tool kits to choose from. No worry about the quality, they’re all approved by the market.

If you are the socket set importer, you can send us an inquiry to see how much our cost is, and how long our lead time is. STE produces good quality socket tools at competitive prices. We have 2 production lines, and we can assembly 3,000-4,000 socket sets per day.

Custom Socket Set

STE can be your best socket set supplier because we can custom socket set for you.

We can produce the whole set with your Pantone color to make your socket set more professional and high-quality.

your Pantone color hand tool set

Add Your Logo

In mass production, we could add a customer’s logo for the socket set.

We can make a silk print logo, laser print logo, rubber logo patch, or embossed logo on the plastic.

Drop Test

Our socket sets are well organized in the case. Each part is fixed in the position, and it’s not allowed to fall out during transportation.

We can make a drop test to see if the carton of the socket set is good quality or not.


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