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You will find all kinds of car window squeegee here. STE is a leading company who manufactures floor and window squeegees for 15 years. All our squeegees are made of durable plastic handles and thick aluminum or steel tubes. Every STE squeegee uses the premium silicon blade and high-density foam to bring our squeegees to a high-quality level.
With 10 injection machines that are working 24 / 7, STE provides a large volume production capacity. If you choose us as your squeegee supplier, no worry about the lead time of your urgent orders. We can provide you 100% on-time delivery service.


Handheld water wipe blade

Collapsible Window Squeegee

Handle extends to use and collapse to store

Silicone Squeegee

Soft “T-shaped” silicone blade

Telescopic Squeegee

Extends from 24” to 36”

Multi-purpose Squeegee

With water spray function

Mini Squeegee

Many colors for option

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STE – Your Reliable Car Window Squeegee Manufacturer

After 15 years of development in the car cleaning industry, STE becomes one of the largest manufacturers in China. We own an area of 12,000 square feet workshop, our 10 automatic injection machines manufacture the squeegee handle, squeegee head, rubber blade 24 hours per day. Based on the high production volume, the cost of the squeegee tool is lower than other factories. And we give the profit to the customer, to make their sale price the most competitive in their market. In return, we get more and more repeated orders of window squeegees, floor squeegees.

Besides, there’s a product design team and every year we present 5-8 new squeegees from foldable to multi-function.

STE is the right choice for your cleaning products line, especially for car window squeegees. Send your inquiry immediately.

  • Dries quick & easy in one wipe
  • Multi-purpose squeegees
  • Soft silicone blade-safe on all surfaces
  • Pass CE, RoHS, Ca65 certificate
  • Fast delivery time

STE Window Squeegee

There’s a lot of applications for a window squeegee, you must include this item in your car cleaning series of product. With the soft drying blade, it’s safe to wipe the windshield, hood, mirror of the vehicle, also it’s quick to clean the bathtub, counter, tile, and cooktop.

We are a professional squeegee manufacturer, we are able to produce any type of squeegee in any color. All our squeegee tools are durable for long time use, and the products are already proven by the market. We have all the certificates you need for the squeegee. Ask for an instant quote!

Car Window Squeegee | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

According to a report, the car cleaning products market was valued at 11.6 billion in 2020, and it will increase a lot more in upcoming years. Car window squeegees are a very important part of car cleaning products, and due to their usefulness, most car owners and almost every good gas station have a squeegee at all times.

We at STE manufacture car window squeegees in all kinds of designs, qualities, colors, and so on. As one of the largest manufacturers of car cleaning products in China, we can offer you squeegees at the lowest factory prices even in peak seasons.

In this article, you will learn everything about squeegees, such as their designs, colors, features, lifespan, prices, and so on.

So, let us start right away!



✔ What is a squeegee blade?
✔ What is a squeegee made of?
✔ How much do car squeegees cost?
✔ What are the applications of a squeegee?
✔ How do you use a squeegee on a car window?
✔ How does a squeegee work?
✔ How long do squeegees last?
✔ Can a squeegee scratch glass?
✔ Does squeegee damage car paint?
✔ How do you squeegee a big window?
✔ Can you use a squeegee with Windex?
✔ Why does my squeegee leave streaks?
✔ How do you replace squeegee rubber?
✔ Can you dry your car with a squeegee?
✔ Should I use a squeegee on car windows?
✔ Is silicone or rubber better for squeegee?
✔ When should I change my squeegee blade?
✔ What is the proper maintenance of squeegee?
✔ How do you stop a squeegee from squeaking?
✔ Can I use a window squeegee for screen printing?
✔ Can you use a normal glass cleaner on car windows?
✔ How many edges does a squeegee rubber blade have?
✔ What is the best thing to use to clean my car windows?
✔ Why is it important to keep windows wet when using a squeegee?
✔ What would cause the squeegee to skip or chatter across the window?
✔ What are the different types of STE squeegees?
✔ What colors are available in squeegees?
✔ Can you add your own logo on squeegees?
✔ Can you change the design of car squeegees?
✔ How do you get a free sample of a squeegee?
✔ Why is our car squeegees better than local ones?


What Is A Squeegee?

A squeegee is simply a device that is used to either remove liquid or control liquid flow on a flat surface.

A squeegee is mostly used for cleaning and printing purposes. Here we are talking about cleaning squeegees which are used to remove liquid from windows, car body parts, house floors, e.t.c, so surfaces can get dried quickly.

A cleaning squeegee is also known by many other names, such as window squeegees, drying blades, water blades, e.t.c.

What Is A Squeegee Made Of?

Mostly squeegees are made of two parts;

  • A blade head, which is mostly made of rubber or silicon
  • A handle made of plastic or metal or fiberglass or wood, which is sometimes covered with foam for easy handling

Additional features squeegees also have a sponge to the opposite side of the blade. A sponge is made mostly from foam and sometimes with rubber. Mostly premium foam sponges also have netting ( nylon, e.t.c. ) on them for extra durability.

How Much Do Car Squeegees Cost?

The cost mainly depends on the following factors of car squeegees;

  • Design
  • Custom logo adds cost
  • Additional features ( more features, more price )
  • Material quality ( more good quality means more price )

The price of STE car squeegees varies between $1 – $10


What Are The Applications Of A Squeegee?

You can use a car squeegee on many objects, such as;

  • Car windows
  • Car body parts
  • Vehicle mirrors
  • Building windows
  • Building Glass walls
  • Bathroom shower walls
  • Any other flat or uneven surface

How Do You Use A Squeegee On A Car Window?

There are two famous methods for cleaning car windows;

  • Straight strokes method
  • Fanning or swivel method

a) Straight Strokes Method

The straight strokes method is very easy.

First, apply the soap on the window either by spraying soapy water first and afterward scrubbing it or dipping the scrubber in the soapy water and rubbing it on the window. You can use a microfiber towel or built-in squeegee sponge, or any other soaking object for scrubbing purposes.

Now, when soap is applied, remove the water from the window by either horizontal or vertical strokes. That’s all. It is done. But using this method may leave streaks and missed spots on the window. So, a more advanced way, the” fan method,” is better to use for more neat cleaning.

b) Fanning or Swivel Method

Fan or swivel method is also easy.

First, apply the soapy water as mentioned in the previous ” straight stroke ” method.

For removing water, first, start at the upper side, rub the blade in a vertical position until it reaches the opposite end of the window, and then rotate it horizontally, rub it halfway down.

Now, turn the squeegee in a vertical position and go up. When you reach the opposite top side above the previous stroke, soapy water, turn blade horizontal again, and go halfway down.

Now rotate the blade vertically again, go up to the opposite side, above the last stroke, soapy water, and turn the blade horizontally and go down. Keep repeating the steps until you reach the bottom of the window, and all soapy water is removed.

Keep a squeegee blade always at a slight angle when moving it because it will prevent any water run lines on the window.


How Does A Squeegee Work?

The working of the squeegee is simple.

When you apply the soapy water to a window, it breaks and absorbs all the dirt.

Afterward, rubbing the blade draws the dirty liquid away and leaves a clean, dry surface.

How Long Do Squeegees Last?

Car squeegees can last for almost a year or more, depending upon the use and maintenance.

Follow the below steps to store squeegee correctly;

  • First, clean and dry a squeegee
  • Second, store a squeegee in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight because sunlight deteriorates the rubber.
  • Do not let the squeegee rest on the blade because blade rubber may bend or get abrase, which will decrease squeegee working efficiency and also cause the streaking problem.

Can A Squeegee Scratch Glass?

No, a premium quality squeegee will not scratch glass if used with the correct method.

Premium squeegees have anti-scratch soft rubber or silicone blades, which slides over the glass surface smoothly without doing any damage. Also, most ultra-quality has rubber edges to avoid scratching from plastic or metal or wood or fiberglass parts of the squeegee.

More importantly, soapy water acts as a lubricant, lowering friction between blade and surface, making scratches almost impossible during squeegee rubbing.

At last, do not apply overpressure and avoid contacting any part of the squeegee other than a blade and sponge with the surface during use to prevent scratches.


Does Squeegee Damage Car Paint?

No, using a high-quality squeegee on the car body will not damage the paint because;

  • Squeegees have an anti-scratch soft rubber or silicone blade.
  • The liquid between the blade and surface lowers friction, which will decrease the chances of any kind of scratches.

But paint may get scratched due to one of the following mistakes on your behalf;

  • Use a dirty squeegee
  • If apply overpressure
  • Use a worn-out blade or sponge
  • Using a squeegee on an over dirty surface
  • Contact parts of squeegee other than blade and sponge with the body
  • Other…


How Do You Squeegee A Big Window?

Cleaning a large window with a squeegee is the same as cleaning a small window.

Some people use a ladder, while others use extendable squeegees to reach the top side of a large window, but using an extendable squeegee is much less costly and easier.

You can follow the below steps to clean a large window with an extendable squeegee;

  • First, dip the squeegee sponge in the soapy water, then extend the pole, and rub the squeegee on the window surface from top to bottom.
  • Now, start at the top right corner and rub the blade down until it reaches your eye level.
  • Always keep a squeegee at a slight angle to the direction of movement to avoid leaving run lines marks.
  • Get the blade up from a window. Now, put the blade on the next surface in a way it overlaps the last stroke by 1.5 inches and again rub all the way down to eye level.
  • Repeat the above step until all the topside is covered.
  • Now, de-extend the squeegee pole.
  • For cleaning the low side, put the blade on the left side in a vertical position, rub it to the right side, and turn the squeegee in a horizontal position, and rub it down to the bottom right corner.
  • Now, get the squeegee away from the window and put it again on the left side, just below the last stroke, and rub it to the right side until it reaches the previous stroke area and turns the blade and rub it all the way down.
  • Keep on repeating the above steps until all the window low-side is covered.
  • Always remember to overlap the strokes a bit to avoid leaving any areas uncleaned.


Can You Use A Squeegee With Windex?

Yes, you can use STE squeegees with any kind of cleaner, including Windex. Our Squeegees are made of the best kind of material and can withstand the strongest of solutions.

Although normal, Windex is an ammonia-based cleaning solution, which is toxic and harmful to children and pets. So, always keep it out of reach of kids and animals because you know they have a habit of licking everything.

It is best to use natural solutions like 1:1 water and vinegar solution to clean windows ( especially inside ) instead of artificial solutions like Windex because they will be much safer and less costly.

Why Does My Squeegee Leave Streaks?

Streaks are left on windows after you clean them squeegee due to one or more of the following reasons;

  • Your squeegee is rubber is worn out
  • You are not using the right method for wiping
  • Sun dries the cleaning liquid even before you wipe it off by squeegee.
  • Some cheap commercial cleaning solutions left a residue that causes streaks.
  • More.

So, if you want to avoid streaks, follow the below guidelines;

  • Check squeegee condition before cleaning. If it is worn out, buy a new rubber ( if your squeegee has a blade change option ) or buy a new squeegee.
  • Prepare a homemade cleaning solution of 1:1 distilled vinegar and hot water in a spray bottle.
  • Wash the window with water if it is very dirty; otherwise, go to the next step.
  • Now, spray the solution, and wipe a window using the blade by following a ” fan or straight stroke method,” as mentioned in question 5.
  • Always keep a squeegee at a slight angle to the direction of motion for better results.
  • Dry with a newspaper or microfiber towel to eliminate any leftover streaks.

If streaks are still present, then prepare a more excellent solution of 2 cups of water, half teaspoon of dish detergent, and ¼ cup of vinegar and use the procedure mentioned above again. Hopefully, all streaks will be eliminated now.


How Do You Replace Squeegee Rubber?

The two famous kinds of replaceable rubber option squeegees in the market are;

  • Clipless squeegees
  • Clipped Squeegees

a) Clipless squeegees

In order to change rubber in clipped squeegees, all you need to do is push on the lever, which is on the handle, and the rubber will get free from lever jaws. Now change a rubber side or put in a new one, and release the lever so jaws will secure a rubber firmly.

b) Clipped Squeegees

In clipped squeegees, changing rubber is a little more difficult than in clipless squeegees. In order to change rubber, follow the below steps;

  • Pull the rubber from any side of a channel.
  • Remove the brass clip.
  • Now, pull the rubber from the opposite side and remove the brass clip.
  • Change the rubber side or put a new one in a channel.
  • See if the rubber is at least 0.3 cm out from both sides, which is ok. If it is too long, cut it out in a way that 0.3 cm rubber will still be out of edges when you place it in a channel.
  • Now, pull the rubber out a bit and place the clip it, just a bit away from the rubber edge.
  • Now, do the above step same with the other side.
  • Make sure clips are fully inside a channel. Otherwise, they will cause scratches during wiping.


Can You Dry Your Car With A Squeegee?

Yes, you can dry off with a squeegee, but it is best to use squeegees specially made for car paint, which are known as water blades.

Most Water blades have long blades made of flexible, high-quality silicone instead of normal hard rubber, which can easily slide over uneven car surfaces while drawing away almost all water.

In order to dry a car with a Water squeegee ( water blade ), follow the below steps;

  • Clean a blade and car completely before use because if a dirt particle is left over, it will be dragged during wiping and will cause scratches.
  • Start drying from the top of a car to avoid pushing water down on an already dry area.
  • Wipe horizontal surfaces, such as a hood, roof, e.t.c. from one side to the other.
  • Wipe vertical surfaces, such as doors, side windows, e.t.c. from top to bottom.
  • After wiping, dry a car off with a microfiber towel to eliminate all streaks.

Should I Use A Squeegee On Car Windows?

Yes, it would be best if you use a squeegee on car windows because

  • Squeegee is much easier to use.
  • Using a squeegee instead of a microfiber towel makes cleaning very quick.
  • A microfiber towel will most likely leave streaks, while a squeegee blade will not.

Using a squeegee to clean car windows is completely safe as long as follow the below steps;

  • Never apply overpressure
  • Never use a worn-out squeegee
  • Always clean squeegee before use
  • If a window is very dirty, wash it first with water.
  • Use a correct method as mentioned in question 5

Is Silicone Or Rubber Better For Squeegee?

Will silicone or rubber be better for a squeegee blade will depend on where you want to use it. Both rubber squeegees and silicone squeegees have their own uses.

You can see the chart below to compare between them;

          Rubber Squeegees          Silicone Squeegees
       Flexibility●      Less flexible●      More Flexible
       Durability●      Less durable●      More durable

        Use Area

●      Best for Flat surfaces, such as windows, e.t.c.●      Best for uneven surfaces, such as car bodies, e.t.c.

●      Can also be used for flat surfaces, such as windows, e.t.c.

           Price●      Less●      More
           Usage●      More Common●      Less famous


When Should I Change My Squeegee Blade?

If you have a squeegee with a replaceable blade option, then how often you change it will depend on how much you use it every day.

The thumb rule is to change the squeegee blade after 15 hours or when the rubber starts to worn-out and leave streaks on the window.

You must be wondering 15 hours is not a lot of use, but if you are using it personally to clean your car windows, it will take 13 months to complete a 15-hour expiry limit because cleaning car windows only takes 3 minutes top, which means you are only consuming 1.5 hours of expiry limit every month.

But if you are using a squeegee for commercial use, then consuming a 15-hour expiry limit will only take a day or 2 max.

In summary, you can say that if you are buying a squeegee for only your car use, a rubber blade can last for a whole year, but for commercial use, you will most likely need to change the blade every day.

What Is The Proper Maintenance Of Squeegee?

A properly maintained squeegee will not only give better cleaning results but also will last longer.

You can follow the below steps to care for your squeegee rightly;

  • Turn the rubber side when your front side is worn-out.
  • Clean and dry squeegee after every use.
  • Store in a cool, dark place because sun heat deteriorates the rubber.
  • Never store squeegee on its rubber end because the rubber may bend or get abrase and will not wipe a window properly next time.

How Do You Stop A Squeegee From Squeaking?

If your squeegee starts squeaking after some time, it is most likely that it is worn out, and you need to change the blade ( if your squeegee has a blade changing option ) or buy a new squeegee.

Applying a sealer to the window glass will also lower squeaking a lot and make the sliding of squeegee easier on the window. But a sealer is worn out with time and needs to reapply every 3~6 months.

Can I Use A Window Squeegee For Screen Printing?

Well, technically, yes, you can use a squeegee for screen printing. Both screen printing squeegees and cleaning squeegees are basically squeegees, which means their main function is to draw something by pressing on the surface.

Besides window squeegees, for screen printing, you can use any other rubber-based straight object, such as a car mudguard, which is made of rubber, but you need to cut it in a straight line for use.

Can You Use A Normal Glass Cleaner On Car Windows?

No, it is best not to use normal glass cleaner on car windows because it contain ammonia, which may cause the following issues;

  • Leave streaks
  • Degrade the tint on windows
  • Can damage the rubber and plastic areas of your car
  • Can discolor the leather areas of your car if it fell on them
  • More.

How Many Edges Does A Squeegee Rubber Blade Have?

Most squeegees have two useable rubber blade edges. When one edge is worn-out, you can use the other one.

In fix rubber blade squeegees, you can only use both edges if flipping of a squeegee is possible. Otherwise, you will need to buy a new squeegee if one edge is worn-out.

In changeable rubber blade squeegees, when one side is worn-out, you can get the blade out, turn it over, place it back again in the channel, and now a non-used backside of a blade is at a front and ready to use.

What Is The Best Thing To Use To Clean My Car Windows?

It is best to use a car-specified cleaning liquid for cleaning car windows, but if you do not have a car-specified window cleaner, then you can make many cleaning solutions using everyday household items.

Follow the below steps to make homemade cleaning solutions;

Solution no 1:

Mix water with dish detergent or car wash liquid in a container.


Solution no 2:

Mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 cup of hot water in a spray bottle.


Solution no 3:

Mix 2 cups of hot water with half a teaspoon of dish detergent and ¼ cup of vinegar in a spray bottle and shake well. This solution is better than the 2nd one.

Solution no 4:

Get a spray bottle, first put one cup of distilled water, then mix one cup of isopropyl alcohol, and at last mix two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar in it. Ultimately, shake the bottle well.


Never use normal glass cleaner for cleaning car windows because it may leave streaks, degrade tint, and cause other problems.

Why Is It Important To Keep Windows Wet When Using A Squeegee?

It is very important to keep the window wet while using a squeegee because;

  • Keeping a window sufficiently wet makes wiping quicker and easier.
  • The liquid between blade and surface acts as a lubricant, lowering friction, which decreases the chances of scratching.
  • If a liquid solution dries out before you wipe it with a squeegee, then a lot of streaks will appear on a surface as well as window will stay dirty.

What Would Cause The Squeegee To Skip Or Chatter Across The Window?

If your squeegee is jumping or bouncing across a window a lot, it may be due to one or more following reasons;

  • A window is not wet enough.
  • A Squeegee blade is worn-out.
  • You are moving a squeegee a lot more on an already dried area, never overlap the squeegee more than 3 cm with a precious stroke.

What Are The Different Types Of STE Squeegees?

STE manufacture its squeegees in the following designs;

  • Mini squeegee
  • Telescopic squeegee
  • Silicone Water Blade
  • Collapsible squeegee
  • Handheld Water Wiper Blade
  • 3 in 1 Multi-functional squeegee

a) Mini squeegee

As the name suggests, mini squeegees are small and compact in size. You can easily store them in your car. They are the simplest and cheapest of all other squeegees.


b) Telescopic Squeegee

As the name suggests, telescopic squeegees have a pole that can almost extend double or more its length. These squeegees are designed so you can cover all the car roof and windshield without straining your back or changing your position. Telescopic squeegees also help in cleaning large building windows without using a ladder.


c) Silicone Water Blade

Silicone water blades are the most flexible of all other squeegees kinds and are especially used to wipe the water off a car body. These squeegees have the longest blade, which can easily bend over on uneven surfaces without scratching the paint. You can also a water blade on windows, headlights, and all other flat and uneven surfaces.


d) Collapsible Squeegee

These squeegees look like a rectangle. A collapsible squeegee’s handle can rotate and move into the squeegee when not in use, making the storing space need much less. A rubber blade is present on one side of a squeegee, while on the opposite side, a sponge is fixed. A sponge is covered with netting for a longer lifespan. These squeegees work best on flat surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, e.t.c.


e) Handheld Water Wiper Blade

Handheld water wiper blades are used to draw water away from car body parts after washing. These squeegees have mostly flexible silicone blades, which are ideal for clearing water from uneven surfaces without scratching car paint. Handheld water wiper blades are also ideal for windshields, side mirrors, building windows, e.t.c.


f) 3 in 1 Multi-functional squeegee

As the name suggests, 3 in 1 squeegee have a rubber blade, sponge, and a built-in spray bottle. By using these squeegees, you do not need to worry about finding a solution spray bottle or preparing a solution in a bucket. You can use the squeegee whenever or wherever wanted. The built-in spray bottle is refillable and can last for a lot of cleanings.


What Colors Are Available In Squeegees?

We at STE produces squeegees in all colors, such as;

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • More.

We can also manufacture window squeegees in any other color or color combination of your liking. Just send us a picture.

Can You Add Your Own Logo On Squeegees?

Yes, one of the benefits of buying from us is that you can print your logo not only on squeegees but also on packings.

You can add your logo on squeegee in the following options;

  • Sticker logo
  • Printed logo
  • Embossed logo

On packing, you can add a logo in many ways depending on the material. For example, if it is cardboard packing, you can only print or emboss a logo, but if it is cloth packing, you can sew or patch or print your logo.

Can You Change The Design Of Car Squeegees?

Yes, we can also make custom design squeegees.

A Procedure for making your own design squeegee is below;

  • Send us a picture.
  • We will make a 3D functional model.
  • Then we will make a handmade prototype and send it to you within 7 days.
  • When you receive the prototype, you can inspect it and make changes if wanted.
  • After confirmation, you will need to pay for the mold.
  • We will make as many pieces as you want at a low factory price.
  • If your order reaches 100k pieces, we will return the mold fee.

How Do You Get A Free Sample Of A Squeegee?

Getting a free sample of a squeegee is very simple. Just send us a message and a squeegee(s) design that you want to buy in bulk. We will send you a sample asap. All you need to do is pay a shipping fee.

Why Are Our Car Squeegees Better Than Local Ones?

STE squeegees are better than other local ones due to the following reasons;

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Have a firm grip
  • On-time delivery
  • Can add your logo
  • Do not leave streaks
  • Lowest factory price
  • Come in many colors
  • Do not cause scratches
  • Come in various designs
  • Can be cleaned easily after use
  • Have no minimum order quantity
  • Wipe water away without any effort
  • Are produced by experienced workers
  • Different packing materials are available
  • Manufactured from best quality material
  • Are inspected after every step of production
  • Faulty pieces are rejected during production.
  • Have 15+ years of manufacturing experience
  • Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
  • Can be used for personal as well as for commercial purposes
  • We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need
  • Have fastest manufacturing period, 200,000/- squeegees per month

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