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Founded in 1997, now STE tire inflator manufacturer has developed No. 1 in the tire inflator industry. With a 45, 00 square meters production facility, there’re 600 employees to produce all kinds of tire inflators, plastic or metal housing, 12V corded or cordless, 12V DC input or 110C AC, etc.

You can totally trust our quality since we own the best quality management system, most advanced testing equipment and the most experience of solving problems.

Mini Air Compressor

For car, motorcycle tires, inflatable toys

12V Standard Tire Inflator

Dial pressure gauge

Digital Tire Inflator

Auto shut-off digital pressure gauge

Cordless Tire Inflator

Rechargeable Li-ion battery

Heavy Duty Tire Inflator

Two cylinders for rapid inflation

CV109 2-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner Tire Inflator

Extra vacuum function

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STE – Top Rated Car Tire Inflator Manufacturer

Our tire inflator manufacturer is located in Ningbo, where most car air compressor manufacturers are concentrated. You couldn’t miss us since we are the largest factory here.

We cover an area of 45,000 square meters, there’re 20 injection machines and 8 assembly product lines. We have the factory audit of ISO9001 and BSCI, we also accept third-party inspection.

Our tire inflators are exported all over the world, with CE, TUV/GS certificate approval. Every STE tire inflator has passed our internal quality inspection system. It’s quite easy to start the sales if you choose us as your supplier. Quality warranty and no product complaint.

Send your inquiry and let’s start a business.

  • Inflates standard car tires in 3-10 minutes
  • Different size of cylinders: 16mm, 19mm, 30mm
  • Max working time 48 minutes
  • Premium 12V cigarette lighter
  • Customize body color and logo

STE Tire Inflator

With the rapid development of battery technology, we also start to develop cordless tire inflators. It’s mini size, lightweight, easy to carry. You can use it anywhere at any time.

That’s definitely a great improvement for a tire inflator, that will make this product more and more popular.

Also, we are keeping running tests to improve the performance of the internal structure. We improve the sealing performance of the cylinder, the lifetime of the piston, stability of connecting rod.

You can see there’s a small fan behind the motor, which is cooling the motor during inflation. All these detailed improvements can make our tire inflator work as many as 100 cycles from 0 to 30 PSI.


Tire Inflator | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

The market for tire inflators is worth more than 1015.7 million and will increase a lot more in upcoming years. Tire inflators are so important that manufacturers are giving free tire inflators with their new vehicles.

In this article, you will learn everything you want to know about tire inflators, such as how to use them, choose them, their price, kinds, and a lot more.

In this article, you will also learn why tire inflators are necessary for your vehicle.

So, let us learn about tire inflators or car air compressors in detail;

What Is A Tire Inflator?

A tire inflator, also known as a “car air compressor,” is a device that can fill your vehicle’s flat tire(s) with air.

A tire inflator is very easy to use. It comes in both cord and cordless options.

Most tire inflators are small and lightweight so that they can be portable.

Tire inflators come in many sizes and power options according to person-to-person requirements.

They may also have additional features like auto-stop when a tire is full, auto switch off when overheated, and many more.


Is It Worth Buying A Tire Inflator?

Suppose you are in an area away from the population or simply your home. Your car tires get punctured and are flat now. The nearest tire pressure station is either some meters away or miles away.

You think you can drive your car to the station, which maybe you can if it is some meters away, but what happens if it is miles away.

Theoretically, one can drive a car with a flat tire, but there are consequences such as

  • Driving a vehicle with flat tire(s) damages the tire permanently
  • Secondly, driving a flat tire(s) vehicle results in highly unbalanced steering, which may result in a severe accident.

So, buying a tire inflator not only saves your money from costly tire repairs but can also save you from life-threatening accidents resulting from flat tires. Plus, driving a vehicle with low pressure or flat tire(s) affects its fuel economy and comfortability level.

You can use a tire inflator on the below objects;

  • Athletic balls
  • Vehicle tires
  • Mattress
  • Rafts
  • More


How Do You Use A Tire Inflator?

Tire inflators are very easy to use. They can fill your flat tire(s) in minutes.

It is recommended to switch on the engine before filling and, if possible, fill tires in the morning when the atmosphere is cold for best results.

You can use a tire inflator in the following steps;

  • Check the air pressure in all tires
  • Get the tire inflator and unpack it
  • Plug the inflator into a power supply
  • Connect the nose to the flat tire
  • Fill the air

a) Check the air pressure in all tires:

It is best to check the pressure in all vehicle tires with a tire pressure gauge to know which tires need refilling. Unscrew the valve stem caps but the gauge on-air value, and read the readings on the gauge meter. Carefully place the valves aside or put them in your pocket because they are very easy to lose if you do not have a pressure gauge; click here to buy at a very affordable price.

b) Get the tire inflator and unpack it:

Now, get the tire inflator out of your vehicle and unwind the cord ( if available ) and the air pipe.

c) Plug the inflator into a power supply:

Portable tire inflators mostly come with cordless and cord options. In the case of cordless tire inflators, connect the wire to the 12 V cigarette port or directly to the battery ( if clamps are available ). You can also connect a 110V AC tire inflator directly into the compatible power plug. For cordless tire inflators, make sure they are charged before use.

d) Connect the nozzle to the flat tire

Now, unscrew the valve stem caps. Then connect the nozzle of the tire inflator on the air valve tightly either with a screw mechanism or buckle mechanism, whichever is available.

e) Fill the air

Fill the air into the tire by switching on the button. Some tire inflators are manual, while others are automatic. In the case of manual tire inflators, you need to check the pressure on the gauge frequently, while in the case of automatic tire inflators, you just need to set the value and sit back until a set pressure is reached. Unscrew the nozzle and screw back the valve stem cap on the air valve tightly.

Repeat the same steps (d) and (e) if you want to fill more tires

How To Choose A Tire Inflator?

Many kinds of tire inflators are present in the market. Some are so small that they can fit in hand, while others are large but still small enough to pick by hand easily.

You can see the below chart to choose the tire inflator best fit for your needs;

       Size  Inflation


  Features   Vehicle   


Mini Tire Inflator●      Fit in hand●      Very Slow● Analog and Manual● ATVs and UTVs

●      Mini cars

●      Large cars

●      Lowest
12 V Standard Tire Inflator●      Regular●      Average● Analog and manual●ATVs and UTVs

●      Mini cars

●      Large cars

●      SUVs

● Pick-up trucks

●      Low
Digital Regular Tire Inflator●      Regular●      Average●      Digital and automatic● ATVs and UTVs

●      Mini cars

●      Large cars

●      SUVs

●Pick-up trucks

●      Medium
Tire Inflator and Vacuum cleaner●      Regular●      Average●      Analog and manual

●      Built-in Vacuum cleaner

● ATVs and UTVs

●      Mini cars

●      Large cars

●      Medium
Heavy-duty Tire Inflator●      Big but portable●      Very Fast●      Digital and automatic● ATVs and UTVs

●      Mini cars

●      Large cars

●      SUVs

● Pick-up trucks

● Large vehicles

●      High
Cordless Tire Inflator●      Fit in Hand●      Average●      Digital and automatic

●      Built-in, rechargeable battery

● ATVs and UTVs

●      Mini cars

●      Large cars

●      SUVs

● Pick-up trucks

●      High

If you want a cheap but slow tire inflator, choose a mini tire inflator but if you want an average tire inflator both in price and speed, then select a standard tire inflator.

Heavy-duty tire inflators are very fast, but they are costly too. Cordless tire inflators save time and work, but you need to recharge them.

Always choose digital tire inflators if you want your tires automatically filled in without looking at the meter constantly.

Besides mini tire inflators, all other kinds are fit for almost all vehicle sizes.

What Is The Price Of A Tire Inflator?

The price of tire inflators depends on four factors;

  • Size
  • Material
  • Cord or Cordless
  • Manual or Automatic

a) Size

Mini-size tire inflators are of less price than large-size tire inflators because large-size tire inflators fill tires faster and are more durable than mini-tire inflators.

b) Material

Usually, tire inflators that consist of plastic parts such as plastic housing, plastic nozzle, e.t.c are less costly than inflators with metal components. STE tire inflators have mostly brass nozzles for firm connection and longer lifespan.

c) Cord or Cordless

The built-in battery is the main cause of a price increase in the cordless tire inflator. Plus, cordless tire inflators must have the most updated features such as digital meter, smooth design, small size, efficient motors, and other parts to ensure portability and durability. That is why cordless tire inflators are always more costly than corded tire inflators.

d) Manual or Automatic

Analog tire inflators are mostly manual means you need to check the meter while filling the air to ensure the right pressure, which can sometimes be really irritating, especially when you are on the road with ongoing traffic.

While in most digital meter tire inflators, there is an automatic mechanism that can fill the air automatically. Just set the pressure value and sit back until the work is done. But automatic mechanisms also add more price to the overall cost of any tire inflator. In contrast, manual tire inflators are simple and less costly.

The average value of STE tire inflators is: $3 – $50


How Much psi Do I Need To Fill My Tires?

Most vehicle tire inflators come with meters that measure the value of pressure in psi, bar, and sometimes also in kPa.

Pound per square inch ( psi ), Bar, KiloPascal ( kPa ), e.t.c are all units of pressure.

While filling a tire with air, you need to reach a specific value to ensure the tire is neither over-pressurized nor under-pressurized.

The optimum pressure value for a vehicle tire(s) depends upon its size.

You can see the chart below to know the value of psi or kPa for your vehicle;

   Pound Per Square Inch

                     ( psi )

    KiloPascal ( Kpa )
                 ATV ●      4 psi to 8 psi●      27.6 kPa to 55.2 kPa
                 UTV●      12 psi to 18 psi●      82.7 kPa to 124.1 kPa
           Motorbike●      28 psi to 40 psi●      193.1 kPa to 275.8 kPa
                 Cars●      25 psi to 32 psi●      172.4 kPa to 220.7 kPa
       Pick up Trucks●      35 psi to 40 psi●      241.3 kPa to 275.8 kPa
            SUVs, e.t.c●      30 psi to 58 psi●      206.8 kPa to 399.9 kPa
        Large Vehicles●      Depend on size●      Depend on size

Does The Tire Inflator Drain The Battery?

Yes, all systems in this universe run on power. Tire inflators also draw power from the vehicle battery.

It is necessary to switch on the vehicle engine before using the tire inflator, or your battery may get fully drained.

You can operate our most tire inflators for 48 minutes before they get overheated. In this working period, no damage will occur to the battery.

Overall, it is safe to use a tire inflator on a vehicle battery.


How Much Time Is Required To Fill A Tire?

The time needed to fill a tire depends upon the following factors:

  • Tire size
  • Tire Inflator speed

In order to fill a medium-size tire from 0 psi to 30 psi, it usually takes 3-12 minutes.

You can see the chart below to know in how much time different kinds of tire inflators fill a medium-sized flat tire to 30 psi;

                       Time Needed
Mini Tire Inflator●      10 min to 12 min
2 in 1 Tire Inflator and Vacuum cleaner●      8 min to 10 min
Standard Tire Inflators●      5 min to 8 min
Cordless Tire Inflator●      3 min to 8 min
Heavy Duty Tire Inflator●      3 min

What Are The Various Kinds Of STE Tire Inflators?

STE vehicle tire inflators come in many sizes, shapes, colors, powers, and other options to meet client requirements.

We at STE usually manufacture the following kinds of tire inflators;

  • Mini Tire Inflator
  • 12V Standard Tire Inflator
  • 12V Digital Tire Inflator
  • Cordless Tire Inflator
  • Heavy-Duty Tire Inflator
  • 2 in 1 Tire Inflator and Vacuum Cleaner
  • Tire Inflator whole emergency kit

a) Mini Tire Inflator

This is our smallest tire inflator with the lowest price tag. Mini tire inflators can fit in hand. It is the lightest. Mini tire inflators are powered by a 12V DC cigarette plug.


b) 12 V Standard Tire Inflator

The 12V standard tire inflator is bigger than a mini tire inflator but still light in weight and portable. It has an analog meter. It has a durable brass nozzle.


c) Digital Tire Inflator

In this tire inflator, an automatic digital meter is present, which can automatically fill the tire’s air. You just have to put the pressure value and sit back while the work is done. It comes in both 12V DC and 110V AC power supplies. It is light in weight and portable.


d) Cordless Tire Inflators

In cordless tire inflators, a built-in battery is present. You can simply fill the air in the tire without any worry of connecting it to any power supply. But you need to recharge when drained. Our STE cordless tire inflator has an ergonomic gun-like grip and air pressure. It is fitted with a digital meter, which can fill the air in the tire automatically. It can fill 4 to 8 tires per recharge. In case of an empty battery, you can also plug it into a 12V DC supply.


e) Heavy-Duty Tire Inflator

Heavy duty tire inflator is the STE fastest tire inflator. It has two cylinders for quick functioning. It comes with clamps to connect it with the battery directly. 110V AC socket can also be added to this model. It is also fitted with an automatic digital meter for easy functioning. It can fill a flat tire to 30 psi in less than 3 mins.


f) 2 in 1 Tire Inflator and Vacuum Cleaner

It is a kind of tire inflator that you can also use as a vacuum cleaner. It is less in price and can fill a vehicle tire in 10 to 12 mins. 2 in 1 tire inflator is powered by a 12V DC cigarette plug. It comes with many accessories such as flex-hose, nozzles, brush, sports needle, and many more.


g) Tire Inflator whole emergency kit

This kit includes the tire inflator, liquid sealant, and tire pressure gauge along with the emergency accessories such as:


What Are The HS Codes Of Tyre Inflators?

All STE tire Inflators come with a 6 to 10 digit HS code to learn the import duties on your particular kind of tire Inflators.

Import duties shift from time to time and are different for every nation.

That’s where HS codes come in. You can give your HS code to your state and discover import duties on your tire Inflators.

We have exported our products globally, and we will assist you in finding import duties on your particular tire Inflators.

The HS Code for STE tire Inflators is;  8414809090

Can You Customize Your Own Tire Inflators?

Yes, we at STE have a 45,000 square meters area in which 600 workers are working on eight assembly lines and 20 injection molding machines to manufacture different kinds of tire inflators.

You can see the chart below to customize your own tire inflator;

STE Specifications Your Requirements
                   Logo●      Put your logo              Let us Know
                  Color●      Any color              Let us Know
                 Meter●      Analog

●      Digital


Let us Know


           Cord Length

●      6 feet

●      9 feet

●      10 feet

●      More..



Let us Know



          Power Supply

●      Cordless

●      110 V AC plug

●      Battery Clamps

●      12V DC Cigarette plug




Let us Know



●      Mini

●      Regular

●      Heavy-Duty large

●      More..



Let us Know


       Nozzle Material

●      Plastic

●      Metal such as brass, e.t.c.


Let us Know




●      Sports Ball adaptor

●      Raft and Mattress adapter

●      Presta valve ( Bike valve ) adaptor



Let us Know




   Additional Features

●      Built-in flashlight

●      Built-in led display

●      Overheat protection

●      Built-in vacuum cleaner

●      More..





Let us Know

What Is The Delivery Time Of STE Tire Inflators?

We at STE  have 20 injection molding machines and 8 assembly lines on which 600 skilled personnel are working to make every design of tire inflators. We have the factory audit of ISO9001 and BSCI.

We have the fastest manufacturing time and can create 50,000/- mini and 5,000/- heavy-duty tire inflators per month.

If you want to start your business, we also offer custom logo options on tire inflators.

You can customize your tire inflators into your wanted cord length, meter kind, color, e.t.c, and we will send you a sample in 7 days for review.

Then after that, the manufacturing duration of your order depends on order quantity.

Besides the manufacturing period, it needs up to 30 days for delivery. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the shipment may take longer.

If you have an emergency order, let us know in advance, we can increase our work hours in order to complete your order on the given date.

Why Choose STE Tire Inflators Over Other Local Ones?

STE tire inflators have the following benefits over other local ones;


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Fill tire in 3-10 mins
  • Come in various sizes
  • 6 feet – 10 feet cord length
  • Mostly brass durable nozzle
  • Have no minimum order quantity
  • Come in overheat protection option
  • Customizable logo and colors option
  • Are produced by 600 skilled workers
  • Oil, gas, chemicals, acids, e.t.c resistant
  • Flexible even at extreme temperatures
  • Come in manual and automatic options
  • Come in both cord and cordless options
  • Come in built-in led and vacuum options
  • Manufactured from best quality material
  • Are inspected after every step of production
  • Defected pieces are rejected during production
  • Built-in display for clear vision even during nights
  • Have CE, and TUV/GS, ISO9001, and BSCI certificate
  • Can be shipped worldwide, even to America and Canada
  • Have quickest production period, 5000 – 50,000 per month
  • We have a 24/7 helpline to assist our customers in hours of need
  • Have many customizable options such as meter kind, cord lengths, power, e.t.c


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