TK104 23-Piece Ratchet Wrench Socket Set

Our 23-piece ratchet wrench socket set includes 8pc 1/4” sockets, 12pc 25mm bits,1pc 1/4” coupler, 1pc 2’ extension bar and 1pc ratchet wrench. This portable toolset can do the repair job wherever you’re in the car, boat, office, or an apartment.

  • Ratcheting wrench
  • Chrome vanadium bits
  • A full range of socket sizes
  • Clear and small case
  • Comfort grip handle

12pc 25mm bits:
8pc 1/4″ Dr. Sockets:
1pc 1/4″ Dr. coupler
1pc 50mm extension bar
1pc ratchet wrench

STE Ratchet Wrench Socket

This 23-piece ratchet wrench socket can provide you multi-purpose use when you’re in the truck, boat, or camper. It can repair the bicycle, make quick screw or nut adjustment.


Any requirement of ratchet wrench socket set, please let us know it.

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