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15 years of manufacturing PU toys & PU cup holders
The net weight of every trio cup holder is within ±5g

STE Trio Cup Holder PU Foam Machine

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We have been manufacturing PU foam products for 15 years, we own 2 auto foaming machines that can produce 2,000 pieces of PU cup holders daily. This triple cup holder is a perfect interior car accessory. If you have an urgent promotion order, STE is your NO. 1 Supplier that we can finish the production for 1×40’container in 10 days.

Also, you can trust the quality of our trio cup holders. We have marvelous foaming molds that produce good-looking PU foam cup holders.

Black Trio Cup Holder

Black PU material decorates your interior style

Gray Trio Cup Holder

Most popular gray color drink holder

PU Foam Cup Holder

Soft PU trio cup holder fits your car cup holder

Printed Logo Cup Holder

Print your logo on the cup holder

Good Package Cup Holder

Customized package for trio cup holder

Universal Fit Cup Holder

Expand one cup holder to three

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STE – Your Reliable Trio Cup Holder Manufacturer

Trio cup holders are very hot since 2019, it’s really a great tool for your car interior. The soft foam adaptor expands one car cup holder to three. It greatly improves your car space and you can put any snacks on it.

However, the 185x180x112mm is not a small size for a PU foam product. It has 3 large cup holders and a corrugated round base. You may see the mold from the STE video, the depth is as large as 12cm. We have tested many different PU material formulations and our skilled workers can produce the perfect PU foam cup holder. A new factory is not able to produce a good quality PU cup holder, there are many unexpected problems.

Now we have the most mature manufacturing process and skilled craftsmen, that’s the key that we can provide high-quality trio drink holders.

You can have our warranty, just send your inquiry of three cup holders right now!

  • Soft PU foam without any odor
  • Universal fits any vehicle
  • Phone support, coin, pen storage
  • Easy to install and washable material
  • 100% PU foam, optional colors

STE Trio Cup Holder

We have dived into the PU foam industry for 15 years, we are specialized in manufacturing trip car cup holders and export to many famous brands in the USA, European and Russian markets.

We have the stocks of grey color and black colors, and it’s pretty to ship a small quantity of car cup holders in 7 days.

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