9 Reasons Why You Should Use Microfiber Towels?

Scratches, less dust-catching, and water stains are some problems with poor-quality towels; if you are tired of such issues and looking for something that works, then microfibers are for you. In this blog, we will explain each benefit of microfibers in detail, including price, structure, absorption, reusability, and much more. So, keep reading about the advantages of microfiber!

Figure no Benefits of Microfiber Towels
Figure Benefits of Microfiber Towels

9 Benefits of Microfiber Towels


Microfiber towels can be used repeatedly, as their microscopic fibres quickly shed dirt, even with a little shower, and look like new. Moreover, their colour doesn’t fade ( even in sunlight ) soon because they are made with high-quality dyes that make towels look fresh, neat, and clean for an extended period. That’s why they are the famous choice for spill handling in offices, hospitals, house care routines, etc.

Figure no 1 reusable microfiber towel
Figure No 1 Reusable Microfiber Towel

Microfiber towels don’t wrinkle after washing because their fibres are robust (don’t shed even after using them several times), so if you take care of these towels, they will stay with you for years; you don’t need to buy them again and again which will ultimately save you money.

As you know, some parts of automobiles have grease on their surfaces, so make sure that you are using separate towels for greasy parts. Otherwise, it will affect the other shining parts of the car or any other vehicle. Moreover, try to wash microfiber towels separately from other clothes because they are charged and catch dust, lint, and hair from other laundry. These measures will help increase the reusability of these towels.

Itself Drys Faster

One of the unique benefits of Microfiber cloths is that they can dry very quickly after washing because synthetic fibres are present in large numbers, and each one has its own surface area ( evaporation speed depends on surface area = more area, more speed ), so the water evaporates very quickly from the towel within minutes even in low sunlight. So, if you are always traveling and want something that dries faster, then these microfibers are for you.

These microfiber towels’ 7x absorbent feature is very helpful in drying body and hair after a shower. Moreover, these are also used in barber shops because they can catch more efficiently and prevent the hair from falling on customers, which may irritate them.

Figure no 2 microfiber itself drys faster
Figure no 2 Microfiber Itself Drys Faster



It is evident that whenever you use a cotton towel, you will rub it with the surface, and as a result, it will create friction and frizz. However, you can avoid these problems by using a microfiber towel because the charged heads of its fibres are not sharp but soft and frictionless. So, the stuff you are trying to clean will get no scratches, and the smoothness of your items will remain the same.

Figure no 3 frictionless microfiber towels
Figure no 3 Frictionless Microfiber Towels

Moreover, these towels’ frictionless ( scratchless ) feature is also beneficial for automobile shops, as it allows them to maintain the shine of window glasses and the polish of vehicles.



Microfiber cloths are affordable because they contain excess synthetic raw materials (polyamide, polyester, modal, etc.), which makes them cheap and hence lowers the production cost of microfiber towels. This is the main reason why they are used everywhere, from residential to commercial places.

Figure no 4 Inexpensive microfiber towels
Figure no 4 Inexpensive Microfiber Towels


It Is Breathable

  “Breathability is a property of a material to allow air to pass through it.”

Microfiber towels have extraordinary breathability as compared to other beach towels because they have a special open weave pattern (several tiny holes in texture), so they are best for summer activities like swimming, surfing, and sunbathing.

Moreover, microfiber has less chance of infection & allergies because its high breathability doesn’t let bacteria and other germs collect in it, so it is the best hygienic towel on the market, especially for skin-sensitive persons.

Figure no 5 Breathable microfiber towels
Figure no 5 Breathable Microfiber Towels

Furthermore, microfiber towels don’t produce an unpleasant smell ( which can happen due to being wet for too long ) because breathability dries them faster, so these are suitable if you live in a close space ( less sunlight areas).


Widely Available

Another benefit of these towels is their high public demand, so Chinese manufacturers are working on a good supply of these adorable towels, i.e. GSM, shapes, sizes, and colours, so you can buy them according to your needs.

1 Figure no 6 Microfiber Towels Widely Available
Figure no 6 Microfiber Towels Widely Available

These towels are used in almost all areas of life, such as;

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants 
  • Car wash stations
  • And much more


Catches Stuff More Efficiently

Microfibers can absorb 7x water than their weight and catch many times more stuff than regular clothes for 2 main reasons;

i) Fibers per square inch: If we look at a microfiber towel under a microscope, we will see thousands of finger-like strands in a tiny area ( 200,000 sq inch ). Each of these strands works separately to trap particles and absorb liquids, hence giving them their superior properties.

Figure no 7 microfiber catches stuff more efficiently
Figure no 7 Microfiber Catches Stuff More Efficiently

ii) Fiber structure: Each microfiber strand has dump areas inside it, made by splits in its structure ( as seen in the picture below ), so when you swap an area, the fibres allow the dust to enter the dump areas between slits, but not let it out quickly. In contrast, standard cloth fibres are round with no dumping area inside them. Hence, the debris only hangs on the surface ( loosely temporarily ).

iii) Composition: Microfiber towels are made up of polyester and polyamide; 

  • Polyesters are good scrubbing agents because their fibers are relatively rigid as compared to other types of plastic, so they can easily remove stubborn stains which is its main task.
  • Polyamides are suitable absorbents ( they absorb almost seven times more water than their original weight) because they have an amide group (-CONH-) in their structure that is capable of forming hydrogen bonding between its molecules and also with the molecules of water (water has oxygen and hydrogen atoms that has polar ends due to which they actively participate in hydrogen bonding) so, due to this electrostatic force of attraction, more water will attach with the polyamide fibres.


Environmental Friendly

Microfiber towel structure allows them to absorb 7 times their water, so you have to buy just one towel instead of seven, and when used, only one towel gets disposed of instead of 7. Secondly, compared to regular towels, they last much longer, producing a lot less waste and pollution. 

We know that these towels are made of plastic fibres, which take centuries to decompose, but their particular structure produces less pollution than other plastic fibre towels. So, in the long term, they are less harmful to the environment.

Figure no 8 environmental friendly microfiber towels
Figure no 8 Environmental Friendly Microfiber Towels


Resistant Towards Pilling

Clothes made of microfiber don’t get pills quickly ( Pills are small fluffy balls that can form on the surface of fabrics due to the breakage of synthetic fibres ). It has also been seen that pills are more likely to occur on fabric that is loosely knitted and has short fibres, but microfibers are longer and are packed closely with each other, which will prevent your towel from pilling.

Figure no 9 Pilling resistant microfiber towels
Figure no 9 Pilling Resistant Microfiber Towels


Moreover, you can also consider some safety measures to prevent the pilling process, like gentle washing, not using harsh chemicals, and drying them carefully so that their finishing may not mess up and your microfiber towel will stay as new as it was on the first day.

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